12 Minutes Walkthrough

12 Minutes Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Leon Hurley published 20 August 21 how to complete 12 Twinkles and get every ending or achievement. Commentary. A 12 Twinkles walkthrough will help explain this frustratingly blunt mystification game and all the consummations or achievements you can get. 

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The all-star cast may seem like a good fit at first. You may have watched the trailers and thought you would love what the game has to offer. What’s not to love? There is a great cast, tons of gameplay, a story told with humor, and maybe even a different ending!

This guide will cover all you need to do to move the story along and ultimately break the loop. This guide bar the things you have to do, spoiler-free up to loop 7.

This book is designed to be read in the order that it has been written to help you get a better understanding of the subject. I do that by making sure that certain concepts are explained before others. But even then, some things cannot be discussed until a later chapter. In that case, the book is intentionally vague to give you the background you need to understand those topics.

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12 Minutes Loop 1 – 12 Minutes Walkthrough

You can trigger the end of the Twelve Minutes right at the start. You can also listen to the complete version of the Twelve Minutes in its entirety.

You are now in a cycle of continuing until either the police catch you or your wife catches on to what you are doing. Every time you feel tempted to cheat, you are reminded to think about what happens if your wife gets caught.

It’s useful for one end, which we’ll cover when we get to it.

12 Minutes Walkthrough

12 Minutes Loop 4

The watch looks like a very ordinary Timex. It must have come from the old lady’s bedroom. But how did it end up here?

I’d like you to look through the windows to ensure the kids didn’t see the toy I hid in the vent. I just put it there because the dog wouldn’t leave it alone. Do you mind looking? It’s just a watch.

Now prove you are in a time circle again, and she should admit to everything that happed in the history and ultimately tell you the story behind the Polaroid on the fridge. At this point, you can let the circle play out or reset by leaving the apartment. 

12 Minutes Loop 6

You’re about to do a fair bit of work now. It might take you a few minutes to get through the loop, but you should soon find that you’ve progressed significantly in the first 12 Minutes of Coward achievement. Once you’ve made the loop, jump to the 12 Minutes Coward achievement.

Be warned, and it’s probably the worst thing to do in the game. As soon as you start & then grab the Polaroid and the two mugs.

The next time someone gets the idea to add a “deadly” prank to a party, give them a glass of water with some pills in it, tell them not to drink it, and then leave the room.

Get in the closet, close the door and wait. When the cops arrive, they’ll search the flat. You don’t know if they’ll find your wife in bed, so be careful not to leave any incriminating evidence lying around. If they do find her, then they’ll call an ambulance, and you’ll have to take off without a trace.

The police want to know what happened to the cop who was shot. The first thing they do is search the house for clues. But in this case, they have an even bigger problem: the attacker is still at large and in hiding!

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand the complete walkthrough.

Have dessert with your wife

You’re sitting in your apartment thinking about how to fix it up. As you look around the room, you see the lamp, and the table is in good shape. You pick up the light, turn it on, and set it back down on the floor.

Grab the mugs from the table by the couch and the counter by the sink. Drag each of them to the sink to fill them. Go to the fridge and open it.

Grab both plates. Set both plates and both mugs on the table. Tell your wife it’s a good time for dessert.

Take your seat at the table. Click on your plate to enjoy your dessert. When she gives you your present, please pick it up and click on it again to open it. You’ll find the baby clothes inside.

“Ask her what she’d like to eat. Play it out. I promise she won’t be mad.

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Playing Innocent – 12 Minutes Walkthrough

When your evening restarts, head straight to the restroom and snare all the particulars, you collected in the last circle. This time, still, contains the capsules too. 

 Add the capsules to the glass of water and give it to your woman. The woman will also leave you and enter the bedroom to nap 

. Follow her and look in the bedroom and try turning on the lights.

As soon as the officer enters the bedroom, the light in the closet will shine on his face. The officer will see a man in the closet, and the closet door will slam shut.

You have been charged with theft and possession of an illegal firearm. If convicted, you face a minimum of seven years in prison. Do you plead guilty?

Before he wakes up, you’ll need to handcuff him. Go into the inventory and choose the correct handcuffs. For any future dialogue choices, choose whichever choice he makes for you.

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Surprise Surprise!

Of all the loops, things will take a significant turn in this one. While your wife is sleeping, use the pills and water in the bathroom to knock her out again. Then, wait in the closet for the cop to show up. Before that, grab the present from the bedroom drawer.

When your husband’s neighbour’s dog barks during the night and your husband goes over to investigate, tell your neighbour, “I think the dog is trying to let you know something about your brother-in-law.

The story of a man who fails to remember his wife’s name and finds her in bed with another man. When he confronts her, she offers to give him some money to forget the event and go on with their lives.


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