Aether Paradise Walkthrough

Aether Paradise Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Aether Paradise Revisited: Gladion believes that Lillie may be on Aether Paradise, and he is trying to find her, but you can’t be sure if she’s there.

Search for Lillie. Hop off the boat, and head towards the first Aether Foundation Employee for a quick battle. Walk towards the elevator and battle the Aether Foundation Employee standing next to it.

You can find Rare Candy near the north wall in the elevator lobby. Go to the southwest corner and fight three more Aether Foundation Employees. There is two X Sp at this location.

Get that item you just dropped off in the elevator from the southwest corner of the area to the second Floor, and head to the elevator.

Faba will open the door and run out of it when the elevator stops. You’ll then encounter him in the lobby.

Sneaking around in the Secret Labs – Aether Paradise Walkthrough







Sneaking into the Secret Labs is a great way to earn points, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Hau will ask you and Gladion to check out the furthest lab at the end of the hall, which is labelled ‘Secret Lab B’. Once you’re in there, you’ll need to get a Max Revive from Hau before you can talk to the guards.

These three employees will want to battle you at once, so brace yourself! Once you have defeated them, continue walking towards the secret labs. You’ll soon run into another pair of Aether Foundation Employees, but fortunately, Hau is prepared to help you in this multi battle.

When you defeat the employees at Aether Foundation, they run away, leaving the lab empty for your perusal. Your Pokémon have been healed after the battle, and you can read about Aether Foundation’s information on Cosmo and then report to Gladion.

Faba’s been following you since the elevator, so he’ll appear after a short time. After you beat him, a scene plays out where two Aether Foundation Employees, who’ve been following you since you left the building, appear.

You’ll see two Aether Foundation Employees (Mamoru and Gladion) when you’re starting. Wicke is with them, but she appears only after the battle. With some luck, you’ll see the President, but it’s possible you won’t see her yet. Keep moving, and you’ll soon find that there are more Aether Foundation Employees around. They’ll give you some advice as you move along the path.

Faba is still determined to destroy you, even though you’ve beaten all his employees, and he’s been defeated by you. This time you and Hau will be able to test your skills against the Aether Foundation’s newest creation — the Aether Machine. After you’ve defeated the Aether Machine and defeated every one of the Aether Foundation’s employees, you’ll be able to head back into the main mansion.

You encounter a pair of Team Skull Grunts and a familiar face, Team Skull Boss Guzma.

Team Skull Boss Guzma

TEAM SKULL BOSS GUZMA is a member of the Team Skull Boss guild, and his nickname is Golisopod. He’s level 41, and he has the ability Emergency Exit. He’s holding no items, but he does have the moves Swords Dance – Razor Shell – First Impression Ariados, Fell Stinger – Sucker Punch – Shadow Sneak Masquerain, Air Slash – Bug Buzz, Double Hit – Brick Break – X-Scissor.

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President Lusamine’s Mansion

President Lusamine’s mansion. After accepting defeat, Guzma is forced to step aside and let you in. In the first room, you’ll find a Zygarde Cell.

Turning into the next room, you’ll find Lillie arguing with Lusamine. She’s waiting for you in the trophy room. However, there is no sign of Nebby.

President Lusamine will appear momentarily. It seems you’ll have to battle her again.

President Lusamine

President Celestia. Clefable| Lv.51 | Ability: Magic Guard | Item: None | Moves: Moon Blast – Cosmic Power – Metronome Bewear| Lv.51 | Ability: Fluffy | Item: None | Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes – Hammer Arm – Take Down Milotic| Lv.51 | Ability: Marvel Scale | Item: None | Moves: Hydro Pump – Safeguard – Flail Lilligant| Lv.51 | Ability: Own Tempo | Item: None | Moves:

Aether Foundation Employee¶

Aether Foundation Employee: two standard types. It shapeshifts into a Kecleon, with Slash and Shadow Claw for its movesets.

Stoutland is the same as the Ride Pokémon. It can use Work Up to boost its Attack or Retaliate to get revenge for Kecleon. North from here is a narrow corridor lined with crates, where an employee is patrolling up and down.

This is an odd but effective way to defend against a sniper or terrorist.

When your cat suddenly turns back to face you, hug the crate to the east and slowly run north. You can get as far as the northeast corner, and she won’t be able to see you.

Once you start moving away, that’s your cue to go into your final approach, which will get you close enough to the runway to touch down in front of her.


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Tips and Tricks – Aether Paradise Walkthrough

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Story Route

A Story Route. The Basement. 1st Floor Battle with Faba. Battle with Faba. 2nd Floor. 1st Floor (Revisited) Getting Mansion Key and getting Mansion Key.

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