Alice House Walkthrough 6

Alice House Walkthrough 6

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Escape Alice House Level 6 Walkthrough

Escape Alice House Level 6 Walkthrough. Escape Alice House Level 6 Walkthrough, Answers, Solutions, and Tips. Escape Alice House is a game from FUNKYLAND and is available from the Google Play Store. Let’s find 5 Alice characters! The popular FUNKYLAND game of escaping rooms themed like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by finding characters is now available as an App!

This is a bit more difficult than “Candy Rooms” and “Fruit Kitchens,” the sister games. Please try the game and let us know if there’s something wrong with the levels. We want to make it perfect! A new study has revealed that the use of marijuana during pregnancy can affect a baby’s IQ score up to seven years later.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video


General Tips -Alice House Walkthrough 6

General Tips. This is the official guide for Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection. Each time you have to zoom into a location, it won’t mention that screenshots will show each zoom scene. Hidden-object puzzles are referred to as HOPs.

This guide is designed to help people complete their in-game puzzles. You’ll identify where the inventory item acquired from the HOP was located and how it should have been moved. You’ll also find solutions for non-random puzzles. Please read the in-game instructions for each puzzle.

In this game, you’ll sometimes have to select the new scene to trigger dialog, cut-scenes, or tasks before interacting with the scene.

Alice House Walkthrough 6


Chapter 1: Alice’s Room

Chapter 2: Alice’s Room: Move pillows; open drawer; take RIBBON. Take RIBBON; open drawer; take HAIRPIN. Take HAIRPIN. Place poster; take BROKEN KEY. Restore BROKEN KEY; add RIBBON.

Use KEY; turn handle (E). Go forward. Play HOP; earn PARTS KIT (G). Select PARTS KIT; select 1-14 (H); earn BEE. Select (I). Place BEE (J).

Match these sentences together to create a complete sentence.

Walk down 4x. Take 1-4 (G). Solution: (C). Take HINT (A).

Hint; Solution (H):

  1. Go forward.
  2. Move rocks; take first HORSESHOE (I).
  3. Take brick (J).
  4. Take the second HORSESHOE; use brick (K).
  5. Take rake, horseshoe, and hammer (L).

1. You must place a HORSESHOE (

2. and then a HORSESHOE (

3. before you can select nails (B). The number of nails you select for each horseshoe (B) depends on which horseshoe (A) you place first.

When you first want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to register and set up your storefront, list items, add inventory and accept payments. C:

Walk down, forward. Use MEDALLION and move diary and GATE HANDLE to their final position. Place both gate handles. Select them both.

Use the left arrow. Fine clay. Then select the bear figurine. Then go left. Finally, take the first bear figurine.

Open tied-up package; take second bear figurine and rag. Use lubricant; open latch; take ski and shoe (I). Use ski; take mousetrap (J). Go left. Place second bear figurine; take stain remover (K). Walk down.

There are several types of tools that you should be familiar with if you’re a woodworker.

Take 1/10 WOOD (A). Go down. Take 2/10 WOOD (B). Go right. Take 3/10 wood (C). Go right. Remove moss. Take 4/10 WOOD (D). Go right—use (E-F). Earn 5/10 WOOD.

When you’re playing The Sims 3 Pets & Training, your pets have a special bond with you that they’re only able to develop over time. In this chapter, you’ll learn what actions are needed to make them feel a connection with you and create a lasting bond.

You have 10 WOOD. Go forward.

Chapter 5: Gorgon’s Crypt -Alice House Walkthrough 6

Chapter 5: Gorgon’s Crypt Take 1/6 FANGS; place CLAY KEY (A). Take PRESSURE GAUGE (B).

HOP (L): Hop. Take a figure of an eagle head; use a mug. Earn a mug with boiling water.



Remove sword; note code (N). Walk down, go right. Use MUG WITH BOILING WATER; note code (A). Select (B).

Mini-game 2 solutions. Take BOOK ABOUT GORGON. Go to Spiral Staircase. Select (J).

Visit Town Hall. Click on the EAGLE HEAD FIGURINE. Select the letters A-G-E-F-G-Cx2-G-B

Go right; use SAW (L). Move items; take SKELETON PAW (M).

Use (Q-R); take 3/5 and 4/5 CHIPS. Take SLINGSHOT (S). Take CLIPPERS (T).

This brush set with the colors needed to make any skincare routine look fresh and healthy.

I recommend the Anchor With Chain Honey Spoon for the task. Start Honey Spoon, earn Honey Spoon, and take 5/5 Multicolored Chips.

Solution CFx2-E-Fx7-D-Fx4-C-Fx7-A-Fx8. Go forward. Use SPO

Go forward 2x. Select (I). Place FANGS; select 1-9 (J). Take SPEAR (K). Select (L).

Go to Spiral Staircase. You’ll earn the SPECIAL SWORD. Enter MIRRARRIUM (Q). Then go to the Secret Lab.

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