America's Most Eligible Walkthrough

America’s Most Eligible Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

America’s Most Eligible Walkthrough This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their life. You’ll learn what makes a good salesperson, how to get your foot in the door, and when to apply the right strategy for each situation.

Chapter Eighteen: Before the Storm Chapter Nineteen: Here for the right reasons Chapter Twenty: And the winner is…

In America’s Most Eligible: Season 10, you’ll have choices that will affect the course of events.

It will help improve or decrease their relationships with the characters. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make the right choice for the game. Good luck and happy playing! Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet.

Here’s a quiz. You’ll have to answer questions based on a text. Your answers will determine how the quiz is graded. Please help us improve this page by answering some of the questions.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

America’s Most Eligible Walkthrough: Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty: And The Winner Is… WINNER: To win, you need to have at least five Allies, or Ivy will win. Either way, you will go on to the All-Stars season. You: Ivy will never learn- But you are in so much trouble now.

Carson-1-Ivy, did you lose the Flirting Challenge on purpose? Ivy, did you throw yourself overboard on your first date?

A: Ivy -1-Plan your showmance with Derek? Ivy -1 You: Did you…-Tell Lina I was sleeping with the crew? Ivy -1-Steal our outfits on the runway? Ivy -1-Team up with Carson before the show? Ivy -1 Ivy -1.

…you miss her cute face?…she asked you to come?… Piper asked you to come?…snub them both.…herself, Piper +1, Enem -1…Snub her both. Piper -1, Enem -1…You: You’re with Lina.

Lina +1, Han -1-I’m with Han. Lina -1, Han +1 You: …-What do you think about that? Zeke, +1-You is right! That is a good point, especially because the two of you had a huge argument and broke up and haven’t spoken since!

Derek, I’m impressed that you know about my sister, Mackenzie. We’re so proud of both of you! Han, I want to give you a gift for winning my tournament. Here’s some money. Please do whatever you want with it. I think you’ll do great things in life! You: Thank you, Han, you’re the best! You:

-Zeke +2 You: That’s easy!-Physical attraction. +Ryder +2, Lina -2-Shared interests. +Ryder -2, Lina +2 You: Definitely…-Empathy. +Teagan +2, Bianca -2-Confidence.

Derek-2-Going with my gut! Derek +2 You: Probably…-My family.Mackenzie+2-My friends. Mackenzie -2 You: Only if…-There’s something in it for me. Adam -2-It’s true love. Adam +2-It’s a calculated risk.

All I have to say is…You: You were the first person to be voted off the show, and you did an amazing job! I’m sure you’ll land on your feet in the next round. Han, Lina, Teagan, and Bianca- We had the biggest and most unexpected vote-off this week.

Han -2, Adam+2, Lina +2-I have always remained focused on my goals, no matter what obstacles get in the way. Zeke +2, Enemy -2, Han +2-I know I’m loved and won’t take it for granted.

Han +2, Mackenzie +1, Enemy -2-I’ll be forever grateful. Ryder +3, Teagan +2, Zeke +2-Free drinks for the whole cast! Lina +2, Ryder +1, Zeke -2 You: Ivy…-We both know that contestant is me.

I’ll Sneak away with Mackenzie! I’ll Sneak away with Ivy! I’ll Sneak away with Ryder! I’ll Sneak away with Jen! I’ll Sneak away with Derek! I’ll Sneak away with Adam!

You: This victory is for…-Everyone who wanted to win this time.Ivy, my little girl, me, myself, and I! -Ivy, my little girl. -Our beautiful country, New Zealand.-The audience’s favorite contestant.

Adam has taken over. He’s going to go with Mackenzie and Derek this time, and we’re all going to be jealous.

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America's Most Eligible Walkthrough

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