Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Tombs of the Fallen Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an open-world adventure game organized around a few principle story curves and various discretionary side-missions, called “World Events”. The player assumes the job of Eivor Varinsdottir a Viking looter, as they lead their kindred Vikings against the Anglo-Saxon realms.

The player has the decision of playing Eivor as one or the other female or male (voiced by Cecilie Stenspil and Magnus Bruun individually) or letting the game switch back and forth between the two at key minutes in the story (with the female symbol portraying Eivor’s life and the male symbol portraying the actual appearance of the Isu Odin, because of his association with Eivor). The player is likewise ready to tweak Eivor’s hair, facial hair, war paint, dress, defensive layer, and tattoos.

The assortment of weapons accessible to the player has been extended to incorporate weapons like thrashes and greatswords. Battle has been changed to permit double using of practically any weapon, including safeguards, and each piece of stuff that the player gathers is exceptional

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Tombs of the Fallen Walkthrough

The new update brings four tombs, spread across England. This guide shows the location of all four tombs and a walkthrough of the four Tombs. The tombs can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. Once you’ve reached England and unlocked Ravensthorpe Settlement, head over to the docks in the settlement.

The shipyard is just near the shipyard, run past the lady where you can customize your ship. Some people can be seen in the picture below. You need to talk to them before the movie starts. The first tomb will appear after the movie is over.

There’s no entrance to the tomb, but there are plenty of puzzles to solve inside. At the end of the tomb, you’ll find one of the pieces of the Fallen Hero armor. In the tombs, you’ll find a Relic.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Manius’s Sanctum – Tomb 1

You can access the first tomb via the Northwest Settlement entrance or by following the signs north of the Ravensthorpe Settlement. It’s possible to find the first tomb by crossing the river from Ravensthorpe. You can find the entrance on the hilltop path. You need to go up the path there and climb to the top. If your bird helps you out, then keep it around and use it whenever you need it.

Cassivellaunus Tomb – Tomb 2

Cassivellaunus Tomb is located on the northwest portion of the map at the location shown below. Inside the tomb, you will find an artifact and a Fallen Hero Breastplate. If you’re looking for more detailed information about the Cassivellaunus tomb, please check out our complete walkthrough.

Boudicca Tomb – Tomb 3

Boudicca Tomb. Boudicca Tomb is at the highlighted location in East Anglia. There are three artifacts in this tomb, and one of them is a Fallen Hero Greaves and Bracer. Tomb 3 is also on some rocks. Go in, but watch for the traps. You’ll find a small crack in a wall with a basket protecting it. If you look away, there’s another treasure. To reach the next level of your Amazon business, you’ll need to break through the basket and climb through to get something for later.

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Venutius Tomb – Tomb 4

Venutius Tomb. This tomb is near the Anlaf’s Lookout fast travel point in Eurvicscire as shown in the picture below. In this tomb, you will find a fallen hero helmet, a relic artifact, and a few other items. The Venutius tomb is a pretty cool place for a first-time visitor. The entrance is just to the west of the base of the tower (at the bottom of the mountain). There’s a landing point where you can teleport to the top of the castle. Check back soon for more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guides.

Pressure Plate 1

The rock should be moved to the front of the wooden cart by the picture below. After jumping down the trench behind the cart, follow it until the end as shown in the pictures below. You can get to a small room with a lever by going to the trench.

Interact with the level to get the Object. There is a pressure plate on the upper level and you need to carry this object there. Once you have the object, go back to the wooden cart by following the trench path from which you came. There are some stairs here to get to the platform. To get to the top, you’ll have to jump over the moving wooden block, jump over the rope, and then climb the wooden columns.

After you jump down the ramp from the roof, walk forward to the platform ahead. On the far right is a platform. Get on it and jump up to the top. You will see the door leading to the location shown below. Open it and climb down the ladder. Put the object on the pressure plate to activate the pressure plate.

Pressure Plate 2

The pressure plate is found on the upper level. The drawbridge that can be broken is shown in the picture below. Break the supports to lower the drawbridge.

Jump on the bridge, go to the right side and enter the room. Turn right and jump through the window. Follow the path and you’ll find a barred door. Go right from the barred door and you’ll find a hole in the wall. Slide through the hole in the wall.

Go on ahead to the right and jump through the window. Then, jump onto the ledge on the right, and use it to climb up to reach the hanging platform. Then, jump onto the hanging platform in the front, and shoot the door hatch to unlock it.

Go to the left side and back out through the door that you just unlocked. From there, go to the left, then turn right, and then slide through the hole in the wall. Inside, you will find a movable structure.

Slide the movable structure ahead until you find the path blocked by a hanging iron cage as shown below. Go through the door on the right. On the left side of this room, you will find a wooden cart as shown below.

Climb the fence and then jump to the bars in front. Use the iron bar to climb to the platform on the right. Slide the movable rock to the top of the iron cage in the front as shown below.

Slide the big iron gate that was blocking your path. Now go back to the previous section and you will see a ladder on the left side. Climb up the ladder to get out of the iron cage and go back to the main screen.

You need to rotate the ladder to get to the upper level. This turns the big wheel to activate the pressure plate. Now move the movable structure to activate the plate.

Pressure Plate 3

The pressure plate can be activated by sliding the movable structure on top of it.

Pressure Plate 4

Press the red button on the right side of the top level to activate the pressure plate. It should take two or three shots before the drawbridge drops, so keep shooting until the bridge is destroyed and you can pass over.

Next, jump onto the bridge and go to the right-hand guiding. As soon as you step into the building, you’ll see lots of ice walls. Once you break all of them, look on the right wall for an explosive. You’ll find it there.

You’ll find a locked door with a small hole on the wall near the door. Go through the hole and then slide to the next room. The next room has a door on the right side. Go through the door and you’ll find a room with many ice walls.

Break the Ice Wall at the center of the room, to reveal a hole on the floor. Jump down the hole, and find the key (see the second picture below). Now go back up, and trace your steps to reach the locked gate.

Use the key to open the gate. Take the explosive and carry it into the room. Break the wall with the explosive. It’s behind that.

To activate the motion sensor, move the sliding structure away from where you came to take it and place it onto the pressure plate on top of the sensor.

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Venutius Tomb Artifact

A very important and rare artifact is the Venutius Tomb Artifact. After you open the chest, you’ll have to go through a zipline and then drop into the pit to get the artifact. Squeeze through the gap to the next room. In this room, there is an Artifact lying on the ground on the left side.

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