assembloid walkthrough

Assembloid Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

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assembloid walkthrough

Instructions – Assembloid Walkthrough

Press “E” to throw your head, press “Z” to throw your blaster, and press “X” to shoot. Throw your head to look around, throw your blaster to shoot at people, and shoot to shoot!

In this case, if you got stuck, you could press Z again to recall your body to your head or X to recall your blaster. And also You can destroy blue blocks by shooting them.

In a factory, the human body is used to perform work. In the process, the body parts are used to press buttons and switches, and these are used to control the work process. Once the task is done, the body part is used to move on. So, to find the most helpful body parts in the factory, we need to see the bigger picture of what the body is used for.

Use the Arrow keys to the move and press SPACE to jump. Press Z to throw your head, press X to the throw your blaster, and press & C to shoot. When you throw your head also , it can still move, and it can still shoot when you throw your blaster.

Press Z to move your body back up the screen. Then, use your blaster to shoot at the right-hand side of the factory floor.

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