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The Bard’s Tale is an action RPG created and distributed by inXile Entertainment in 2004 and was circulated by Vivendi Universal Games in North America and Ubisoft in Europe (The game was initially going to be disseminated by Acclaim Entertainment there until they declared financial insolvency). The game was promoted as an amusing parody of imagination pretending computer games.

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Bard’s Tale Walkthrough – Part 1

Skara Brae

The new Bard’s Tale remake is full of the same classic turn-based RPG gameplay while adding modern improvements, like a brand new interface. It’s got an amazing story, lots of awesome dialogue, and the same awesome humor from the original.

You begin with your character creation screen. When you first start the game, you are placed in the Adventurers’ Guild. Your guild master tells you a few things and gives you the choice to create new characters or change the characters already in your party.

This is the same as the first game but you’re allowed to have a maximum of seven members, and you get another character after level 7, giving you eight in total. I’d also suggest you go through your party and give them gifts that are appropriate for their level because they might not have gotten the gift you gave them before.

For more party advice, click here for a full guide. Getting out. As your party continues to advance through the game, you’ll want to get out and explore the towns of Skara Brae. This screenshot shows some of what’s available in one town.

1. Key locations in Skara Brae are: The Adventurers’ Guild (N15 E)

2. Create and remove party members, rest for the night at Garth’s Equipment Shop (N18 E)

3. Buy, sell, and identify equipment The Review Board (N20 E

4. Go here when your characters are ready to progress a level or buy new spells Roscoe’s Energy Emporium (N21 E)

5. Have your mages’ spell points restored for just 10 gold per point Temples (multiple locations)

The inn is where you begin your quest The Scarlet Bard. The inn is your starting point and leads to the first set of dungeons. Go here to find the Wine, a drink not offered at any other establishment in Skara Brae.

Its gate is guarded by creatures fierce enough to keep you away until you are good and ready. Kylearean’s Tower (N27 E27.: The way to Kylearean’s Tower is blocked until you’ve passed through the castle.

The final set of dungeons and end boss encounters are here. Try to take your time and explore the town. In the meantime, just fight the roaming monsters.

Once a member of the party is ready to go up a level, a helpful arrow will appear. Both the Review Board and Garth’s will not open at night for any reason. Once darkness falls, it is time for you to head over to the Adventurer’s Guild and spend the night.

Once you get the Dawnwatch enchantment, the game will instantly move to dawn, costing you any active spells or bardic tunes. When you get to level 3 and have a few more spells, it’s time to visit the Scarlet Bard and ask about that wine.

You’ll need to defeat the statue of the Scarlet Bard three times if you want to become a bard yourself. You may also encounter other statues during your travels throughout the island, but they only count towards your total.

For now, a level 1 party should be enough. The fire horn blast will easily destroy the samurai, but to get into your first dungeon you need to level up first.

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Clue Book

This official clue book tells you about the history of the town, what to expect at the end of the game, and what happens if you die or if Mangar kills you.

One man is responsible for the downfall of the nation. Lord Garrick, the viscount of our sister city Hamelon, was imprisoned by Mangar’s evil spell of winter. He failed and in his failure lays the path to thy victory.

Sir Robert K. L. is neither aware of the journal’s existence, nor believes it to have perished along with the obnoxious viscount. But the tome did survive and found itself in my possession.

I respect your courage and your scholarship and hope you will join me on this quest, for only the very brave would seek out the path ahead. Turn to these pages for further assistance and guidance.

The path to safety is fraught with peril. Go, and bring back with you the journal of a brave knight, and the prayers of an old man.

This is an ideal location for a vampire bar or any other business venture. The setting is quite dark and there are a lot of places to hide, as well as lots of other creatures. You’ll have to do your research and take precautions.

Our party lost one of our knights. As sad as this is, we will avenge him, and this is why you have descended into the dungeon and followed me down here, Mangar! Go there, and take the stairs you see in the southwest section of the cellar.

A famous magician performed a magic trick. He said the walls would speak to us, revealing where we were in a labyrinth. We rested, and prepared for the morrow.

The Sewer

In an Undertale Adventure, we enter into a dark and damp underground world that stinks of the filthiest of sewage. There, we learn about and interact with the very animals that dwell here, which provides us with some additional resources as we struggle to survive.

Once we’ve explored this foul hole, we’ll have to go back to record everything on the walls and make sure to note any odd occurrences that happen while we’re there. This sewer abounds with sorcerer’s tricks.

After we entered the foul place, some of us were teleported to different locations and spun about in utter chaos. The wizard that we are told is our last of the great sage-sorcerors, he can determine our location at all times, and he’s even provided us with rough maps of each wretched dungeon as we enter it.

We are in the midst of a battle against the Devil, and he is using the darkest and foulest of spells and evil flames to cast us down into the deepest and most sinister of pits.

Sewer – Level 2

Cunning and deadly traps have claimed the lives of 2 gallant paladins. We’ve been under attack since our entrance to this noxious pit, and have endured many injuries.

Corfield op Orfin, our noble bard, stepped into a ray of light, burning both of his hands and one side of his body. He was able to read the inscription, but it means nothing to him. 1.

We had to wait until nightfall, and then we entered the fortress with the protection of two warriors. The cord will be retired from the dungeon, and then he will seek aid for his injuries.

This is the entrance to the lair of Tarjan, a man who’s thought by many to be insane. In the middle of nowhere lies a small hut, where we found a set of disembodied lips that speaks to us these words: “Know this, that a man named Tarjan, thought by many to be insane, has through sorcery powers claimed he is a god.

I was told that magic was being used by the Magister for the first time. It was this stone in the shape of a person, and when this being was destroyed, so was the magician. To reach it, we must use a portal that reeks of sorcery. The magician will transport our party through the portal.

Sewer – Level 3

There are more inscriptions: “The hand of time writes and cannot erase.” “Seek the snare from behind the scenes.” There’s a place of evil in the center of the east wall we must avoid.

Men walk into walls and disappear, sometimes for years. The magicians Ghaklah and the prince Zulkir are trying to find something. Ghaklah is scrying the scene as they head upwards into a maze of passages and up more stairs. They look very tired now, and I’m sure they can’t continue much further. The last time we visited Skara Brae, it was dark and dank.

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The Temple Of The Mad God

We got lucky today. We found a clue in the sewers that gave us the name of a location that holds an important key for us, and now we need to find the temple so we can get the reallocation of the key.

I was surprised to learn that the author wrote about me. You spoke just a moment ago. We could see dark and twisted tunnels that looked labyrinth-like they were made of hardened entrails and human bones reaching out from the ground like the fingers of a ghastly. The book of shadows tells us there are more dangers to come, but they are for later. In the meantime, hope is trickling out of us like blood from a wound that refuses to heal.

We found a stairway leading down. Three men in panic bolted from it. Their minds were made of dread and their senses were blind. They left eight of us behind – me, Cofid the Bard, Ghaklah the magician, Isli the paladin, Soriac the archmage, and three serf warriors. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.

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