Being a Dik Walkthrough

Being a Dik Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings. Stay quiet. Act like a girl. Agree. Try to leave. Get involved (Requires 2 points in the relationship, 1 more for being a dick). Leave. Joke around.

Tease her, don’t tease her; stop calling her out. Laugh, get annoyed.

It’s a new era for Dikwalk – I’ve teamed up with my friend Miguel Sancho. We’re bringing you all the tips, choices, and tricks to reach the highest levels in all the relationships available in the game, the secret to unlocking all the available scenes.

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings has been an incredibly addicting, thrilling experience for me to play through. I hope you enjoyed it too! It’s hard to believe that there are only eight episodes left. I’ll be honest; I didn’t think I’d get this far. A: The 8th episode is when you face off against Isabella at the Brawler’s Guild. Four different endings depending on which you choose: B:

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Episode 1 to 8

If you’re new to the Being a DIK walkthrough, you should know that this is not a guide to playing the game or how to get a high score but an in-depth review of the relationships available in the game. These are all tips and tricks to help you get to the end of every possible scene.

These are a few commands you can use on the console. You’ll learn how to use them, when to use them, and how to save your progress so you can come back to it later. C: These commands can be helpful when trying to finish the game promptly. You’ll also learn when to use them and what each command does.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Intro

DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Intro. The game is about choices, so what you answer will have consequences. But you’ll find +1 Relationship Points with every character, no matter what choices you make.

Dik/chick meter. You’ll decide who is a chick or dik and earn relationship points based on that decision. Each choice will increase one of your chick or dik points. You’ll need enough chick or dik points for certain scenes and relationships. We’ll underline the dik point and write the chick point in italics.

You will need to visit different places to open various doors throughout the game. These areas are called “Vaults.” Here is the complete list of Vaults.

Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Episode 1 or 0.1

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced artist, drawing Dicks will help you improve your drawing. This course is designed to help you start right with Dicks.

I hate it (Relationship Points Jodi –1. Check out her ass / Check out her boobs / Hit on him / Touch him. Reject him / Give him money / Get paid to say no / Be rude about money. No, please stay.

If it’s true, what is it/it’s not true? Are you serious? / I didn’t say that. We are just friends. We are not dating.

Being a Dik Walkthrough


1st free roam

1st free roam. Talk to dad. First render: Click on the guitar in the MC room. Second render: Open the magazine and pick your opponent. Click on the bathroom door and click on the bed. Third render: Click on the table. Click on the phone and talk to Josy.

It’s time to get dressed.

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

I can’t continue without talking about what happens when a duke attacks Josy. He was so sure that she would marry him, but now he feels like he has no choice.

1. Check me out (Relationship Points Maya +

2. / Don’t push your luck. I feel excited. Thank her / Just leave. Be confident. Be friendly. Be rude / Be friendly. Sure. Check her panties (Relationship Points Maya –

3. / Check her out (Relationship Points Maya –

1. Really / Tell a joke (Relationship Points Maya +

2.. Cool / Compliment her (Relationship Points Maya +

3.. Hug her (Relationship Points Maya +

4. (requires type below

5. / Bye. Introduce yourself / Say Nothing.

If you want to get close to someone, you have to know your relationship points. If you interfere or get too close to someone, you might get into trouble.

Your relationships are essential to you, and it’s worth making some effort to find out why. This might help you work through the issues that hold you back and give you the confidence to start making new friendships.

Check her out! / Don’t push your luck. That’s my type. I’m more into milfs like Cathy (dream scenes > titjobs with Jade first option or a femdom with Cathy second option). Get mad at him (Relationship Points: Derek -1.. / Ignore him.

She’s pretty!

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English class

English class. C: It doesn’t matter. D: The most crucial thing in this world is not which country you live in or your position. The most important thing is what you give. E: It’s the best thing you can do right now! F: What’s that you say?

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

If you keep this interaction going, you’ll receive Relationship Points. If you leave this conversation or if he asks you to calm down, you’ll receive Relationship Points.

I bought this notebook for Jill for her birthday because she loves to take notes for the nerds.

Ask a girl for a kiss. Say I’d love to go to the beach (Think a nice thought) / Ask a boy to go to the beach.

2nd free roam – Dream Ending

2nd free roam – Dream Ending. Call Josy. Why are you calling and I miss you?

I don’t want my boyfriend to see me with this guy. And I want to go to the bathroom. Maybe he’ll leave before I get out.

Have fun with Derek High Five! Don’t play around with him. Go back to your room and study math—5th render table.

Do you have to tell me if it’s fine or doesn’t? Yes or no (Relationship Points Sage +1 if type > 0. / No.

How is it going to benefit me? / I can’t believe it! / I don’t think so.

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Math Minigame

Math Minigame. Answers: b, d, a, c, c,

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

Be sure to continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings, indoors / outdoors, cuddling with a blanket/bubble bath. At a party / at home. Pay for her meal (Relationship Points Maya +1. / Don’t pay for her meal.

He gets it from his dad.

The people who love him know he’s a d-bag. C: “I was just joking!” / “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that, but the guy in the back row is a dick.

3rd free roam

The third free roam three unique renders. It takes place in a house with a big bathroom, a room with a card box, and a panty. You have to collect a lot of money at the start, and it’s pretty easy to finish.

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

Play the “Acting like a Girl Walkthrough.” Be nice to her / Ignore her. Be shy. Try to touch her. Play a game. Be a tease. Make fun of her. Do a good job. Be a friend. Be a boyfriend. Act like a girlfriend.

Stop calling me boy / Don’t call her out. Laugh (Relationship Points Maya +1. / Don’t get annoyed.

4th free roam

You’re standing in the closet, looking for something. A box is on the floor in the back of the closet. On the left wall, there’s a door with a sign reading “Left Side of the Closet.” Click that. On the right wall, there’s a sliding shelf with two slots.

Sleep. Do your best.

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8th free roam

8th free roam. You have to click the left twice before you can walk, which will enable you to explore and eventually find out that Derek has left his room unlocked. This unlocks an exploration of the mansion, and you’ll have to discover that Derek’s bedroom is where all of Jill’s magazines are kept.

Mouse Minigame

Mouse Minigame. The cursor always stays within the path’s borders, 3 times = special render. Do it (Relationship Points Dicks +1. / Pass.

You’re in the library. You want to read a book. But there are people all around. There’s a table with books, but only one seat. You don’t know where to sit.

1. Go to him / Go home (1st choice -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side). Hug him / Kiss on the cheek (Relationship Points Josy +

2.. Thank him for his help / Tell him you appreciate his help (Relationship Points Josy +

Ask about your parents. Yes / No.

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings

Continue the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings. Pick Accept if you chose ‘Not like this, or accept if you picked ‘Accept.’ Compliment her (Relationship Points Josy +1 if type < 1., and then don’t push your luck.Q:

Yeah, it does / Not really. Joke / Ask why. Check her cleavage / Don’t check her cleavage.

Stay and fight / Runaway (1st choice -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd -1 cell from the DIK side). Alphas / Cute outfit. Check her out (you only get this option if you type > 0. / Don’t risk it.

(Relationship Points Dawe -1 if type > 0. / Mock Dawe. Stop. Let the rest of the gang / Talk him out of it. Sympathize. / Yes. / No. / Talk to Chad more about Dawe.

Hi Bella. Isabella, hi. I know you just got back from a trip to Brazil. You look tan. Are you working out?

Look closer. Yes. Say hello. Ignore her. Say yes. Let me answer. Me neither (Relationship Points Jill +1. / Who do you like? Compliment her. Thank her.

11th free roam

12th free roam. Open phone. Chat with Josy (2nd and 1st), Derek (1st), Sage (1st) (requires teaching her guitar). rooster app:

1. pic with ‘Mina,’ picking the one at the top gives (+

2., the other (Relationship Points Mina +

3.. with ‘Jill,’ picking the one at the top gives (Relationship Points Jill +

4., the other (Relationship Points Preps –

5. (picking the latter will get your post flagged as harassment).

With Riona, I made the picture with the shoes. The picture is not finished yet. A picture with Riona is a special render, and I do not have the time to make it. You will have to wait until next time. In the meantime, you can study maths.

Click on Maya.

12th free roam

Click on the middle table to unlock the “special render.” Click on the left arrow twice and then click on the center table. Once you have clicked on the middle table, click on the left blue sofa. The next time you open the map, click on Jacob. He’ll give you money. Click on Brandi. Watch her dance. Lap dance. Su*ck on her toes. Just watch her dance. Q: Why does ‘a’+’b’ not yield a+b? I just came across this behavior of JavaScript, and I wonder why. My initial assumption was that it is related to variable hoisting in JS, but as far as I know, it is hoisted in JS after all.

1. “Envy” Derek’s joke! (Relationship Points Derek +

2. / Get rid of Derek; I want you to do it. I have a question for you. It will require a bit of money (

3.. Do you know how to make an entrance (Private Dance)? If you do, please come to me.

Jamie Watches her dance, lap dance, or can’t afford it. Leave if you chose “Watch her dance,” put a finger in her, and squeeze her ass. Requires “Ass.

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13th free roam

13th free roams, up to villa through, open window, kitchen, left of the sink, twice right to left, twice right to the window—double doors, on the left.

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