Broken Age Walkthrough

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Broken Age Walkthrough:

  1. Play the “The Forest Is Your Friend” Gameplay Video.
  2. Click on the forest to start.
  3. Move through the levels by clicking the tree trunk icons.

Talk to Grandpa and find out where Mom’s knife is. “I’m a warrior at heart. Why’d you stop being a warrior?” “That’s a question I don’t have an answer to.” “We’ve been living peacefully in these woods for years. What do we fight over now?” “When did the Mogs become more of a threat?” “What’s your point?” “I can’t imagine what happened to change our relationship with them.” “But you still don’t seem very happy about this Maidens Feast.” “So, why do you hate the Maidens Feast?” “Where is Mom’s knife?” “You’re gonna get it, okay?” “If I don’t, then maybe we won’t.” “It’s probably under one of the mattresses. It’ll be behind that wall.” “It’s behind this wall.” “I bet that’s where they keep her knife.

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Reunite a mother and child. Leave an isolated town. Feed two different people a healthy snack. Endure a tight situation as long as you can. You just defeated Mog Chothra.

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Broken Age Story Broken Age Walkthrough – Act 1: Shay

3. Broken Age Story Walkthrough – Act 1: Shay, click on the Orb to go to the next screen after taking off her disguise. Talk to the Computer and then click on the TV to watch a cutscene.

There are 12 questions in total, and they end with SPLARGH. If you have refused SPLARGH, the Computer will force Shay to have a bowl of this cereal anyway. Make a Spoon Sweat, and examine all breakfast options.

This may sound harsh, but Gary won’t take this opportunity to grab some lunch. He needs to take control of the boom arms. A powerful entity has taken control of the boom arms and won’t let them return to their rightful owner. He has to travel to a forbidden location.

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Broken Age Walkthrough

Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

1. Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough By Shabana Arif published 28 February

2. A Game of Two Halves. Comments. Page

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