Call Of The Sea Walkthrough

Call Of The Sea Walkthrough

The Call of the Rings Call of the Sea guide and Call Of The Sea Walkthrough contains Beginner’s Guide, Achievement Guide, complete walkthrough, and best tips and locations for all puzzles, notes, diary entries, secrets, and wall paintings.

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The last update on the Call of the Sea Guide now contains a detailed campaign walkthrough and tips on how to complete the main missions. The new version also includes an extended walkthrough of each assignment.

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Our guide has descriptions of all the additional items found during the exploration. This will help you better understand what you’re looking for as you peruse our offerings.

Call Of The Sea Walkthrough: Quick Beginner’s Guide

Go back to the locations you’ve already visited – you can go back to them at any time. This way, you can find all the items and secrets in one place, so you don’t have to keep going back.

In “exploration,” we want the player to feel immersed in the story and world.

Some contain essential information about the island, Harry, or help solve puzzles.

Most items in this game hide important information. You can rotate them to see what it is. Some things have a code to open; others have a hint to read.

Read Norah’s Diary. It contains much important information, from trivia about the island to solutions to the plot-related puzzles.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

A Family Heirloom

After you’re done with your first quest, you should be close to Level 30. With your new skills and experience, you’re ready to start your next search. First, go north and find the boat. Now you can take a ferry out to a nearby island.

Enter the underwater palace. Go down the stairs and through the wooden door on the left to reach a submerged room with three chests, two levers, and a locked gate. Use the lever on the left to open a cupboard and the lever on the right to open the second chest.

The next room contains a puzzle on aboard. Open the box to see the instructions.

Open the container to find it contains a key. This key can be used to open the next container. In that container, interact with the page to find several different items. Then head back to the first container to find the key again.

There are two ways to go around. First, you can go straight, or you can loop.

74 miles East of Otaheité

The complete walkthrough for this chapter with all of the miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

Head to the house ahead on the right. Interact with the tiki totem to the right of the steps. Look up above the degrees and interact with the shield. Head to the left house and interact with the tiki totem to the left of the steps.

1. Go straight ahead to the first hut and interact with the note inside the box on the right (Log 1/

2.. Go straight on to the second hut and interact with the tiki totem outside of it (Note 4/

This step was a good idea. You can now see the logs on the desk in the next room.

Behind the huts to the right is a stone grave. In front of the one on the right is another tiki totem to interact with. Go behind the cabins, interact with the tombstone, head inside the hut on the right, and turn around to see the back of the headstone.

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You looked that up in a guide!

You know what, that one’s done. Let’s move on to something new and different – the slideshow.

Press the black button on the table next to it to turn it on, then look on top of the projector to see two buttons. Press the left button repeatedly until you get to the final slide of a cartoon character.

You can achieve the first achievement by interacting with the slide. However, to unlock the second achievement, you will need to click the open button at the end of the drop.

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Chapter 4. An impressive sight

At the bottom of the tent, you need to press the left one, but the stone structure is destroyed, and lies on the ground turned in the other direction, so Nora will need to use the upper rhombus.

At the stairs, press the first one. We direct the second on the wall. Use the third at the top. In the middle of the ceiling, press on the middle circle.

Turn left-center to the right. Point the right-center down. We lower the right Extreme down.

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