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Carto Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Carto Walkthrough is a mapping software tool designed to visualize geographic information on the Internet, which allows users to plot geographic points in two or three dimensions with the option of overlaying maps, graphs or

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Part

In the previous chapters, we explored how Carto can be used to create maps and visualizations from data.

Carto Walkthrough is a great tool to learn about how to create maps.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for Carto. This is a puzzle-focused guide to complete the story, and it does not cover extras or hidden collectibles.

Carto Walkthrough A Step-by-Step Guide

The best way to learn something new is to get your hands dirty with it and try to use it in a real-world setting. It’s a great way to make sure you’re not just learning about the subject but using it every day.

Share. Tweet. Reddit. Save. Post. Carto is a very tricky game to complete, so here is a walkthrough that’ll help you if you ever get stuck in this cute journey.

Before we begin, let me clarify that if you ever hit a wall, get stuck, or go about things in a not-so-sensible way, pause the game and load from the last checkpoint.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.


Carto Walkthrough Chapter 1

A chart consists of penstocks. These penstocks are grouped into sections, and each section represents a region of the chart. You can move a chart section around and rearrange the sections in numerous different ways, as long as you move all the pieces within that section.

Please pick up a chart piece, place it, go to it, pick up a piece by water, place it coming to the timber, go to it, and collect another piece. Place this piece, talk to the man, move and rotate it, so it’s east of the house, and pick up the piece near the new house.

Arrange the chart, so the new piece connects to the other two timber penstocks. Go to the boy near the timber, and two new chart pieces will appear. Place the new pieces to form a large timber, go inside the new house, and check the shells on the wall to admit a chart piece.

Connect the new pipe to form a small lake, talk to the girl to gain Shianan’s Bag, walk along the grassy seacoast, and interact with a pile of dirt to collect some soil.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 2

This excellent puzzle game allows you to go west and east, talk to the sleeping boy, talk to Auntie Tuyaa, collect some Honey Fruit, and give it to the three Sheep.

Talk to the boy again, tell him the bushes need to surround an empty tile, enter the new area, and return the Sheep he found on his last visit.

The game’s goal is to find the hidden treasure and get to Granny before she gets to the exit. To do so, players must first interact with the Sheep by clicking on them.

Create a new path by connecting two existing tiles in a straight line. Head to the bridge to find a chum who will lead you to another part of the world.

Head to the bridge, get a map piece, place it on the other end of the forked road, move the other curved tile to extend the path, and enter the hut that appears.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 3

Pick up the Ghost Lily Remains, walk east, talk to the owl, run inside a river curve, and arrange your map, so a circular river surrounds you.

Talk to Chirp, arrange your map to reach the new tile, snag two pieces there, talk to the men, and move the new tiles to extend the path you’re on. Please enter the first new tile, locate the tree with a ribbon tied around it, place the other foggy tile next to the ribbon, move past the next tile, and repeat this process until you discover two map pieces.

Connect the piece with the path and pick up two new pieces, then talk to the man and his bear. Place a foggy piece next to the path, enter it, and do the same as you did in step 3, except this time, keep going in the direction that the dead tree is pointing.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is collect the two map pieces at the end of the level. The next step is to place one of those pieces in the middle of the map. The third step is to pick up two more map pieces there. The final step is to talk to the people.

In the game of Paper Airplane, players collect tiles to build structures and connect them to create a larger, more complex structure. This example shows the player collecting the Wriggling Worm tile.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 4

The house was initially built as a chalet in 1900 but now is known as the “Lodge” at the Stony Creek Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The house is open for tours during the year and has been featured in magazines and TV shows.

Go downstairs, read The Little Cartographer, exit, go east across the river, and interact with the sign.

Take a moment to locate the Sheep in the center of the map, as shown in the image below. Then take a walk in the forest and meet the shepherd in the middle of some bushes.

Map the map so that three curved paths form a circle and collect the Dozing Daisies from the middle. The same can be done but moving three yellow bushes to form a square. Collect the Slumber Stalk from the middle.

Place the water tile near the existing one and place the grass tile nearby. One of the two will remain empty for you to fill in later. You’ll also be able to hear the water and grass tile’s whispers.

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Carto Walkthrough

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 5

Start at the top left of the map, go south one tile, and pick up the desert piece. Then move northwest two tiles, and pick up the second desert piece.

Place the new tiles above you, interact with the chest, open your map, pick up the tile you’re on, rotate it right, left x2, right x3, left x3, right, put it down, and snag the Gold Coin.

Unearth the signs, read them, follow the path, and gather the pieces. When they are all gathered, a map will show. If it isn’t in the correct location, follow it again and collect more maps. Eventually, you’ll get the right one.

Head to the new tile, collect the map piece, talk to the Seekers, and interact with the tree until you obtain a Coconut Shell. Arrange the three dark sand tiles, so the cactus clusters are in the middle, head to the new tile that emerges, and read the carving.

Please make sure the ruined walls are on top of dark sand tiles so they can be easily destroyed by sand. Arrange them into a U-shape with a space in the middle but try to stay on one tile at a time. They can shift around if there is wind.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 6

Move the Chalet over and enter it, read the book, go upstairs, and read another book. Rearrange your map, so the room with five lines is at the bottom and above it, stack the cactus, then ruins the room, read the books in the new rooms, and talk to Shanan. Q:

Move the door room to underneath the ruins room, go downstairs, read the book, exit, move the tunnel tile over, and enter it.

Talk to the fox guy, move your current tile to connect to the large tile with the grey X, and talk to the bird guy. Go to the northeast until you see a map piece in the trees. Then click it to get Chirb’s Doodle.

To access the trees of the forest, you need to click on the tree and then scroll through it. The tree will flash to indicate the position of the camera. You’ll have to click and drag its tile to move the tree.

Move the campfire tile close to the bear and talk to it then you will be taken directly into the cave. If you arrange the map so you can access the black hole, head down it, light all the torches, and then place the torch back.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 7

They climb down the ladder, talk to the two people, exit, walk over to the volcano, and see how it burns birds that fly over it. Once a bird gets burned, move the other piece to keep flying, and once it enters that tile, move and rotate it, so it gets burned again, and repeat until it’s done.

Go down the ladder, take the map piece and Ash-Smoked Bird, give it to the cook, and sit at the table.

Place the new tile north of the west tile, rotate it 180°, go down the ladder, exit via the new room, and use another elevator. Go down the ladder, and collect the map piece.

Place this piece in the corner, rotate it 90° clockwise, climb the ladder, talk to the man on the second floor, head south, go up the ladder, go down the ladder, go up the ladder at the other end, and take the elevator back to the Grand Lobby.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 8

Once you move the tiles in and place them correctly, start your quest to find the story! You’ll need to move a few tiles to the right, move the boxes to the right mat, and talk to the Storytender in each area. After that, start your quest to find the story!

You’ll see a large pile of boxes on the left, swap the two bottom corners of your map, then talk to Storytender. Talk to Shanan on the right, read all the books, exit the Chalet, walk to the pier, and talk again. Look at the worm in your inventory, then tell Shianan to go in the direction it’s pointing and then the letter that it’s shaping.

Select sail toward 11 o’clock! Then All of the above! Go to the boat, talk to Shanan, arrange your map, so it looks like this screenshot, and talk to the boy along the south shore. Arrange your map four times, and each time, make it resemble a different fish drawing from your inventory, catch each fish by interacting with the lake, tap the button when your bobber moves, and talk to the head guy when done to finish.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 9

Walk southwest to get a map piece and talk to the person for a Winter Scarf. Head to the northeast area and talk to the man about a Winter Scarf. Move that piece so you can reach the man, talk to him, move the piece back, and grab his Backpack from the top of his Backpack.

The first step is to provide the user with a backpack to carry the items they need on their journey. The Backpack can be carried as you travel. As the user travels, they should reach a bridge connecting two town areas. It would help if you crossed it to reach the other side when you are close to the bridge. Once you are on the other side of the bridge, you will be able to find a map piece that you can place on the board. The map piece should be placed as you see it in the screenshot.

Cross the northeast bridge, recreate this screenshot, pick up the Snowball to the northeast, make the map look like this, and enter the ice patch. Rotate the square piece 180°, move it, so its nice patch is to the west of you, slide left, arrange your map like this screenshot, slide down, recreate this screenshot, and then slide to the exit with the man.

This is the process that helps create the maps used to guide players through this fantastic game. A map piece is collected from an event, such as a battle and placed on the map. To help the player, a screenshot of the map with all pieces is recreated.

Recreate this screenshot, walk to the older man, rotate the piece you’re on 180°, cross the bridge and carefully grab the Backpack (you can keep rotating the piece to align yourself better). Then place the Backpack into the older man’s hands and talk to the people. You should find a map in his bag that can be placed three times to work your way to the next piece.

Carto Walkthrough Chapter 10

Enter the Chalet, read the book in the middle room for a Scroll of Paper, and arrange the map to look like this screenshot.

Move to and enter the door that appears, interact with the lever, enter the tree, and talk to Shanan. Finally, connect all of the pieces on all of the maps – you can replicate these solutions if you’re stuck: When you’re done, place the piece with the airship next to the one you’re on to finish the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Carto walkthrough. Did you learn something new? If so, please let me know by leaving a comment. Do you think I could be doing anything better? Do you have any questions?

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Are you stuck in Carto Walkthrough

Carto Walkthrough: Chapter

Carto Walkthrough: Chapter

Carto Walkthrough: Chapter

You can create maps from virtually any data with the right tools and techniques. There are five chapters in this tutorial, each building on the previous.

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Part

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Part

Carto Walkthrough – Chapter

Carto is a fantastic online map service. It’s so easy to use and provides fantastic features. This is the Carto walkthrough for Chapter 10.

This is a puzzle-based game in the town of New Salem.

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