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Hitman: Codename 47 is a third-individual covertness game created by IO Interactive and was delivered in the United States of America on November nineteenth, 2000 for PC through Eidos Interactive. Codename 47 fills in as both the principal portion of the Hitman establishment, as well as IO-Interactive’s introduction in the gaming business, trailed by its continuation in 2002, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

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Go through the first door and change clothes. You have to open the doors to go through them. If you walk straight ahead, you can climb over the rail and onto the ladder. If you follow the catwalk around, you can jump to the next section. Climb up the ladder and exit through the door after dropping down to the recess.

To enter the elevator, enter the Close Combat Training Ground, and practice using the wire and knives on the dummy. Then move on to the Pistol Shooting Range and practice shooting with the pistols. Next, you get to use sub-machineguns.

Now, you’ll see a “maze.” Walk slowly through it and fire the red targets as they appear. At the end of this section, you’ll be able to play the sniper rifle. This is a good time to check your aiming skills because after you complete the level, you will get a score.

Now that we’ve already got the elevator to ourselves, why don’t we just use the elevator to get the hell out of this building? Take on all challengers, then head into the second area. There’s one more person you’ll need to beat up before you can complete the mission.

Kowloon Triads in Gang War

Kowloon triads in gang war. You should leave your car and start running to the statue area. Go to any of the tall buildings that have a service elevator and enter it. When inside press the button to go to the roof. Then select your sniper rifle’s case and assemble it.

Step into the elevator and turn to face the statue. You will see a car arrive and people dressed in blue get out. A second car will arrive and the leader will be dressed in black. As he walks towards the statue, move to your left so you can shoot him when he passes in front of the statue.

If you feel skillful, you might want to practice this. When you see a guy with a sniper rifle, drop the weapon and run back to the elevator. Go to the ground and keep running.

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

There is an ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant. To get to the middle of the map, run to the sewer. If you wait here, the driver of the car that arrives will come and relieve himself. If you want to kill him, take his clothes and Beretta, and drag his body into the sewer.

Set a booby trap for the enemy car. When it drives up, the trap will be set off. Head over and see if anyone was hurt. If you don’t kill all four blue guys with the explosion, kill any remaining ones with the Beretta, and then drive away.

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The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

The massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant. Enter the restaurant, talk to the bartender, drop your Beretta, and now climb out the window. Drop your Beretta in the sewer, and go through the north-most sewer entrance. Wait there.

You’ll start by tracking the target to the nearby sewers. Then follow him inside and slash him when he’s not expecting it. Take his clothes and amulet before putting him in the sewers and then report back to the restaurant.

Climb inside the house and talk to the police chief. Then go into the bathroom and grab the Beretta. Open the door and shoot the police chief. Then jump out the window and drive away.

The Lee Hong Assassination

The Lee Hong Assassination. It’s probably wise to start with a Kevlar vest, some pistol ammo, and a holster for all weapons. Enter the large building and head north.

Go straight to the bar and have a conversation with the bartender. You can get a credit flyer from him if you talk to him again about the CIA agent in the basement. You can talk to the guard in the hallway down the stairs.

If you’re in a hurry to get the guy, you could try shooting him in the head from behind as he’s walking away from the hotel. Otherwise, if you want to make it easy, just grab him by the collar and drag him back inside. Then go through all the check-in counters and steal everything in sight.

The madam of the brothel will tell you that Lei Ling is a client who comes in now and again. Go up the ladder and follow Lei Ling up the stairs. Once inside her room, talk to her, then talk to her some more. She will tell you the safe combination, and she will leave.

Go back to the fat guard, then go left into the basement. There will be two guards here. Follow one of them around until he goes into a little office with some boxes. Kill the guard and steal his clothing, then sneak past the other guard when he comes in.

Holster the weapon and drag the body into the room, then talk to the CIA agent to learn the location of the safe. The agent will tell you it’s in the room to the right. Dyadic social support mediates the effects of relationship satisfaction and partner mental health on depression among couples with HIV.

Go up to the first floor and head to the safe. Kill the guard and hide his body somewhere, then open the safe and grab the figurine, closing the safe afterward. Go to the north-most room on this floor to find a herbalist.

Talk to him, and he will exchange the figurine for a flask of poison. Take the flask, then run back to the restrooms. Wait for a waiter to come through, then kill him and drag his body to the ladies’ room and steal his clothes.

Go North and find the chef to ask for soup. Then, use the poison on the soup, put everything back, and put the soup out on the table for Lee Hong to drink.

This taste tester will die, and Lee Hong will soon return to his headquarters. Once you’ve changed into the guard’s uniform, head to the restrooms and remove the guards’ costume.

1. Head downstairs again, and walk through the secret passage to the first floor. Then take the lift up to Level

2. Keep going to Level

When you first enter this room, be sure to note his path. Wait in the room with the desk. You must wait until the last second to pull out your wire and kill him silently.

As you look at the letters in Ronaldo’s body, read them and then go back up the stairs and down in the lift. In the next room, you’ll find him talking to his family. Talk to him and he’ll tell you to go through the lattice door to the left.

Find the U’wa Tribe

Find the U’wa tribe. You don’t get to shop between these missions, so stock up with binoculars, compass, Kevlar vest, wire, knife, and an M16 and one clip of ammo for it. After you’re dropped off, head north and toward the crash site.

Identify a pair of patrolling Colombians using your binoculars. Take them out with your rifle (which is reasonably quiet and will not draw attention to you). Switch your weapon for one of their AK-47s, so you can blend in.

The plane is about to crash. Run to the crash site and look for the guards. There are three here – one on the wing, one near the door, and one standing a short distance away. You need to silently kill the guy near the door, and quickly drag his body into the plane.

Steal his clothes, gun, and the idol. Now head northeast to get more ammo, then go north to find an M-60. Go back south and slightly east to the village, and give it to the people. There are references to products from one or more of the advertisers in this post. When you click on the links, we will get compensation. Sneaker News’ original editorial content is included in the opinions and information provided on this site.

If you go to the south part of the village, you will be able to locate the brother of the chief. Follow the river to reach the bridge. Climb the ladder of the watchtower, and sneak up to the guy there, killing him with the knife (if you’re lucky, the guys on the ground won’t see you, and even if they do, they seem to forget after a little while).

First, take his clothes. Then grab the sniper rifle and ammo. Next, take out the guards at the opposite watchtower, then the three in the middle of the bridge, and finally the three at the foot of the bridge. This will be easier if you use a high-powered scope on your rifle. The villager will then escape by himself. Head back to the village and talk to the chief again.

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The Setup

The setup. You’ll start with the vest only. Head into the lab, ignore the receptionist’s directions and make a right through the double doors. Once inside the lab, you’ll have to pick up the gun on your way to the next room.

You can’t do what you want to do when the other guy holds all the cards. This time, you have to hit him before he hits you. Go back up to the top of the stairs and go straight across through the operating theatre. It looks like a SWAT raid has been called for. Go quickly to the opposite side of the office and wait for the SWAT team to arrive. Get the key from the wall and grab the weapons and ammo.

When they’re all gone, head north and find a teddy bear and a children’s book. Give these to patients who ask for them, in exchange for more information on the location of weapons, the TV room, and the antidote. Talk to the patient in the chair in the TV room. Go into the room next door, and pick up the syringe of antidote.

Give the patient the medicine, then follow him as he goes through a door, opens another, and climbs down a stairway. You’ll have to follow him down the stairs.

Meet Your Brother

This is Brother. You’re gonna shoot him first. If that doesn’t work, then you’re gonna steal his wallet, which has a bunch of money in it and buy yourself a fancy new gun.

Take your time, but follow the instructions as written. You can’t miss this next room, because it’s right in front of you. As long as you don’t stop following these instructions, you should end up at the next checkpoint.

There is a minigun in a nearby room. You’ll need this to take care of the clones. Once they’re all dead, drag one into the cloning room. While you are still holding it, step onto the footprints. The final door will open – go through it to meet the Professor.

There are two ways to finish the game and get the trophy: you can either kill him, or you can listen to what he says and the game will start again.

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