Concrete Genie Walkthrough

Concrete Genie Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Concrete Genie Walkthrough. This is the Concrete Genie Trophy Guide! You can play this game for free here. In Concrete Genie, you play Ash, a young boy passionate about doodling in his sketchbook. A group of bullies steals his book and removes the pages, leaving him with no way to draw. You’ll travel through the world, solving puzzles and challenges on your way to get back to Ash and the notebook.

By doing this, he discovers a magic paintbrush with the power of cleansing the corrupted city of Denša from the darkness that has overrun it. As for treasures, we’re looking at a pretty straightforward and easy list.

None of the trophies are tied to the difficulty modes, and none are missable. Most trophies, except for the story-related ones, are locked behind collectibles, either requiring you to find certain collectible types or to collect specific pages to unlock a new design, feature, or genie, which will then be used to unlock the trophy that needs said page.

A new collectible guide is available. You can now refer to it to find all the collectibles listed by chapter. You only need to play the Free Paint levels in the game to get the secret.

It’s a great, fast-running course.

Concrete Genie Walkthrough Guide

Concrete Genie Trophy Guide. Automatic story-related unlock. This trophy can glitch for some players, and if this happens, you need to replay the game a second time. If the save above doesn’t work for you, it is possible to unlock all trophies (and all achievements) through the console.

You can find a way to unlock this trophy at any point during or after the story. Go to the first area of Denska with the yellow cart and talk to the Genie on the wall.

As soon as your Genie reaches the wall, he will want to play with you. Now, approach the lights to have him sing. He’ll sing a song that’s part of your level, but the trophy doesn’t need to be awarded. If you complete the story, you’ll unlock this trophy.

You will find a blue Genie next to a box near a waterway. If you peekaboo it, you’ll unlock the trophy.

Go to the Waterways area, find the blue billboard and call the genie up (if needed). Wait for Ash to say, “Oh, you wanna play?”. Now press to hide behind the pillar near the billboard and when the prompt appears again, press it again to peekaboo the Genie.


Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

 Concrete Genie Walkthrough Trophies

Genie Creation Trophies. You can create a genie by pressing from any Genie Doodle spot in the game, which will allow you to earn many of these trophies if you have the right parts for it. However, you can also edit existing genies by calling them over and pressing when the “Edit Genie Features” prompt appears on the screen.

If the Genie isn’t happy with something, it will show tiny heart shapes. These shapes emanate from its little heart and show how it feels about whatever it thinks of as inappropriate.

A concrete genie is a magical tool that allows you to make wishes and get what you want. With the genie’s help, you can paint, feed, and play with the things you want to make.

Concrete Genie Walkthrough Interaction

Get ready for more fun! With over 200 trophies, this is one of the best interactive games for children.

This may help, but it’s easy to find them so that you can set them up in about 5 minutes.

Whether you want to increase the chances of the interaction, make sure to have two or three genies close by.

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Concrete Genie Walkthrough

Concrete Genie Walkthrough Game

If you think lighting up unlit bulbs in Concrete Genie is a hassle, it’s time to get to know the unlit bulbs. They’re your best friend in the game, so you must learn what they are, how they work, and how to light them up. Once you have done this, you will have no problem lighting up every game page.

After lighting up every zone, you can advance to the next area proper on this wild ride. You can find unlit bulbs by just exploring the town of Denska that Concrete Genie takes place in.

Whether you want to find unlit bulbs in the streets or inside your home, you’ll need the Concrete Genie. Press the options button on your controller to open the map, then scroll down to the light tab by pressing down on the d-pad.

Any unlit bulbs will appear as white, while any lit bulbs will be marked as yellow on the map. Once you’ve done this, it’s simply a case of running over to the locations of the white light bulbs on your map and lighting them up.

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Concrete Genie Walkthrough Wind

Dark Wind Genies are the most challenging variant of enemies in Concrete Genie. They’re fast and strong enough to break through the thickest concrete walls, but you can outrun them easily.

These animals are the most difficult to capture and tame in the world. Fortunately, you can use a straightforward strategy to defeat them all without fail.

The best time to launch an attack is when your opponent is off-balance and in a vulnerable position.




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