Control Walkthrough

Control Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Control: All main missions

Control Walkthrough Below you can find the list of all main missions in the game. You unlock them one after another. All main missions have dedicated walkthroughs in our guide.

Control also has and endgame phase you can do the optional activities after completing the main story (including The Foundation and AWE story DLCs).

Control: AWE DLC – missions and secrets

Jesse visits the Investigations Sector and tires to find a mysterious creature kept there. Players can investigate new AWE paranormal activities, including the one from Bright Falls, a town know from Alan Wake.


Side quests & optional missions


Control: Most difficult puzzles

During your time with Control, you will come across more challenging puzzles like, e. g. avoiding a specific enemy or interacting with elements of the environment. The more complicated puzzles are described both in the walkthrough and the Puzzles chapter:

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Control: Realities of game -Control Walkthrough

The main character of Control is Jesse Faden. When she was young, she had a traumatic event her brother went missing. Trying to deal with the demons of the past, the woman goes to New York where Federal Bureau of Control has their headquarters. This institution is responsible for the traumatic events that took place in Jesse’s past.

However, the woman won’t be able to search for truth in peace. During Jesse’s visit to the Federal Bureau of Control, the Hiss decide to invade the world. During this invasion, the director of the institution dies. It is now up to Jesse to defend this place. Due to the unusual rituals, she is elected the next director.

Control takes place entirely in one building The Oldest House. After entering it, you will spend the entire game in that place.

Control: Platinum trophy – is it difficult to unlock?

The platinum trophy in Control isn’t difficult. However, you will have to spend 30 or more hours with the game. The most challenging part can be defeating a few tough bosses encountered in the side quests. However, you will be able to use cheats here. You can also go back to these fights after gaining new powers and weapons.

You don’t need to find 100% secrets to get the platinum trophy, although you still have to find the majority of them. Luckily, the game has two things that make this easier you can do all side activities after you are finished with the main storyline, and none of the trophies can be missed. You can get all the trophies during a single playthrough. More information about the trophies/achievements in our trophy guide.

More About Control

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Control Walkthrough
Control Walkthrough

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