Cuphead Walkthrough

Cuphead Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Cuphead walkthrough. by Eli McLean. Published Sept 29,

Updated Oct 10,

A must-have for all Twin Stick fans! My second most exciting game of 2017, Cuphead, is finally out!

I’ll be updating this walkthrough as I make my way through the game. Check back often for updates!

Cuphead Walkthrough Step By Step Guide

Cuphead is a charming run ‘n gun indie game for single or co-op play. It’s loaded with tough bosses in three worlds with a branching level sequence. It’s a hand-drawn cel animation cartoon with a 1930s feel.

Cuphead has fun watercolor backgrounds and some challenging boss battles. You’ll be able to play through each level by listening to original jazz tunes. The game is quite challenging, and you might die a few times during your quest.

When you start with three lives, you can buy upgrades like more health and more powerful bullets at the store. You’ll also find gold coins scattered around the levels so you can spend them on buying better weapons and abilities.

Cuphead and Mugman must find all of the world’s lost souls and defeat them in battle, or the Devil will steal their souls.

Cuphead Walkthrough Game

Cuphead World 1: Inkwell Isle 1: Clip Joint Calamity Ruse of an Ooze Threatening Zeppelin: Floral Fury: Forest Follies Treetop Trouble: Mausoleum 1.

World 2: Inkwell Isle 2 Sugarless Shimmy Pyramid Peril Carnival Kerfuffle Aviary Action Fiery Frolic Funfair Fever Funhouse Frazzle Mausoleum 2. World 3:

Inkwell Hell is all bets are off one hell of a time. [Usefulness of the measurement of plasma volume for determining the efficacy of fibrinolysis in thromboembolic diseases]. 

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Cuphead Walkthrough Full Guide

Cuphead Tips. You must have some experience playing Cuphead before playing the more significant difficulties of the game. When playing the Tutorial section, learn the controls before taking on the challenges.

Jump – You can jump onto ledges by tapping the jump button. Shoot – Press the shoot button to fire. You can have two different weapons in your inventory at any one time. Descend – You can also descend from ledges by holding down and pressing the jump button.

Ex Move: Attacks that occur randomly when you attack cards build up next to your hearts. Once you’ve built up a full card, press the Super button to trigger the attack.

If you see something pink in the game, you can hit it as hard as possible! You can also dodge slapping your partner to revive them. When you successfully parry slap something, you’ll gain a card.

The team developed Cuphead at StudioMDHR for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and it was first announced at a Microsoft E3 press conference in 2014. When it first debuted, it was praised for its unique artistic style. I was in the middle of writing my post when this happened:

After Cuphead was released on Steam, the game producers saw how successful it had been and decided to produce even more games like it in the future.

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Cuphead Walkthrough

Cuphead Walkthrough Complete

Hey folks, I’m Enricofairme, and this is my first article for Indie PC! The Cuphead walkthrough is complete. Thanks to all who have stuck with us over these last few months as we worked to make this guide happen.

Eli created a website for a friend that specializes in video games. His goal has been to be able to create content about video games for the past five years. Follow him on Twitter @enricofairme.Q.


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GameSpot’s collection of Cuphead guides offers a helpful introduction and plenty of strategies and techniques to master the challenging platforming game. You’ll find everything from help with the mausoleums to tips to make the controls easier to use and plenty of tips to keep you alive through each run.

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