Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

You’ll learn all about this popular video game, Darksiders 2 Walkthrough, including how to get started, complete the campaign and unlock all of the secret features.

This guide includes detailed tips on exploring all available locations, techniques for successfully eliminating the enemies you encounter on the way to the boss, and step-by-step solutions to the often difficult logic puzzles.

The walkthrough is a great way to get important items and secrets, and side quests available at a given moment.

Darksiders II Walkthrough 

Darksiders II is a hack and slash action-adventure game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3 in November 2010. It is the second installment of the Darksiders series.

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Darksiders 2 The Shattered Forge Dungeon

Darksiders II The Shattered Forge Dungeon. Find Valus’ Hammer here, so it’s worth spending some time with.

Dive in the water when you enter Water Cavern I. You’ll get a Coin Chest after you leave, but first, move into the east room.

You’re diving into the deep water in this cave, and you’re headed north, diving into the underwater hole. Keep swimming through the fluid Passage to reach the next area.

To scale the eastern wall, find and climb the ladder on the left. At the top, eliminate the nearby Savage Prowlers and continue.

Corruption is blocking the door, so get over to the west wall and pass through. Hop across the shattered walls and leap between them to stretch your run.

If you fall, go south and climb the cliff’s vertical face. Once you’re on top, dive headfirst into the water at the southern end of the ledge. As you descend into the water, swim in a southerly direction. Soon you’ll reach the ledge with the Passage, where you can safely climb up.

Upper Shattered Passage South, wall-run across two pegs. Look to the south, and you’ll see a Shadowbomb pod. Death-grip it to send it into the blockade (yellow crystals) to clear the path.

Check out the Omega Blades in the Passage if you’re looking for them. They’re considered a legendary weapon, and you can get them as a secondary item. Before advancing, collect another Shadowbomb and go back to the previous Passage.

A Corruption crystal is at the end of the path to the west. Please pick it up and drop it to the ground to destroy it. Climb out of the Passage and follow the Passage east, past the first nest of Crystals you destroyed.

Corruption Junction—Up on the ledge, pull the nearby lever to cause pegs and handholds to appear around the room.

In this challenge, the best wall run uses the shadow bomb to destroy the corruption crystals below and then drop down to the ledge and defeat the savage stalker who ambushes you.

The north entrance leads to another chamber with a few more chests to find. Construct warriors will appear throughout the room, which requires you to fight them off. Eventually, you’ll come to an area where two giant Construct Warriors are fighting. After dispatching them, you’ll find several chests nearby.

You’ll be able to climb the wall in this room using handholds, which will allow you to reach the narrow at the end. Climb the wall until you reach the eastern Passage, then follow it until you reach the pool.

Swim to the southwest hole and keep going until you reach the end. Then go up the wall to the next level.

Locked Door Chamber—Lower Ledges You’ll come out near a Shadowbomb pod. Throw it at the west ledge’s Corruption crystals, grab another bomb and drop it to the chamber’s main floor.

Blow the bomb into the northwest crystal to break it free to clear the room. The room has two handholds, so use them to climb up and grab the east ledge. Raid its chest and run around the room, going north and then looping to the south to reach the east ledge.

Enter the east door. You’ll find a chest by the wall running along the room’s outer wall towards its northeast corner. It holds a special item – Sentinel Ambush, an item that lets you summon a Construct Sentinel to aid you in a fight against Tainted Construct Warriors, a Construct Champion, and a Construct Sentinel.

You’re here for redemption and to end all this madness. Use the Redemption gun to take out the Sentinel first and then move on to taking out the Warriors.

The game’s final boss is the Construct Champion, and all he does is stand in place and cast his Sentry spell. He will only move when you hit him, so you’ll need to time your attacks perfectly if you’re going to take him down.

After the fight, smash all the vases in the room’s northwest corner. Then, go through the west door to return to the previous area.

The book says that going back to the upper ledges: You emerge on a ledge with an ornate chest that contains a Skeleton Key. Push the nearby switch to drop the ledge’s gate, and then drop to the chamber’s main floor.

Open the locked southern door and go through. Go back to the cavern. You’ve come full circle, finding yourself back in the chamber with the tantalizing chest. Just cross the walkway and open the chest to obtain Splinter-Bone—the prized hammer Values lost long ago. Package com. a plus.WebSocket; import org.slf4j.

It’s time to return Valus’s precious hammer and claim your reward. You don’t have to worry about not obtaining the reward because the Splinter Bone is a part of The Hammer’s Forge side quest. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, it will eventually appear in your quests.

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Guide indicators Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

There are four guide indicators; two in Brown and two in blue. The brown ones represent the areas that have been explored, while the blue ones represent those that have not.

A green arrow indicates that the NPC or monster is not a random encounter, a normal creature of the main quest, or a boss; an orange arrow means it is one of the NPCs who can be found during a side quest; a bold name is the name of the NPC or monster.


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