Death's Door Walkthrough

Death’s Door Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Death’s Door is the 5th Main Story Quest in Horizon Forbidden West. In this quest, you’ll meet Death herself, the first main boss in the game. This Death’s Door Walkthrough will take you on your journey to defeat her, and it will help you with the challenges and objectives along the way.

The quest givers are some of the most valuable and entertaining features of the game. In addition to their regular missions, the givers sometimes hand out special quests. One such quest giver is a character called the Ambassador, who is always located in the same place in the game’s central hub, the embassy. You’ll automatically be awarded +5000 experience if you complete your mission, and two Skill Points will be granted.

Styles are traveling through a desert – a place not unlike the modern world we live in. But she’s not like any of the people here – no one knows what her motives are, and they don’t seem to know much about her at all. The only thing they know is that she’s coming from the future.

Objectives: Recover the coordinates of the Spire

Examine the Device. Watch the Hologram. Follow the Orb’s Trail – Investigate Sylens’ Workshop. Examine the Orb. Enter the Facility. Gather Resources for the Igniter – Gather a Leaplasher Spark Coil.

General Tips – Death’s Door Walkthrough

This is the official Redemption Cemetery guide. It will not mention each time you have to zoom in on a location; the screenshots will show each zoom scene.

Hidden-object puzzles (HOPs) are referred to as “hidden-object” puzzles or hidden-object games (HOGs). In this guide, I will not include pictures of the HOPs, but I will mention when a HOP is available and the inventory item you’ll collect from it.

This guide will provide a step-by-step solution for all of the puzzles in the game. However, please pay attention to the instructions in the game for each puzzle.

Chapter 1: Archie and Elisa

Try to walk forward. Move the PLANK until it comes off; look through the gap (A). Use the PLANK to receive a LANTERN (B). Take RUNE 1/3 (C); hang the LANTERN and pull it down (D).

Look at the tomb. Inspect it, take it. Take the CHAIN. Take the BROKEN LADDER. Access the BROKEN LADDER and place the PLANK. Take the LADDER.

Take the sword. Walk down. Place the ladder. Use the sword. Move the bones. Take skeleton arms 1/2 and the rope.

Moving the ladder (M) is the first step of a ladder. To do this, take the COIN (N) and then move forward.

Look through the window; take the HOOK with the COIN (O). Access the ROPE and place and attach the HOOK; take the ROPE WITH HOOK (P). Walk down and look left.

Death's Door Walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Hermit in the Tower

It would help if you tried to move forward. Use the knife to cut through the cardboard. Then, place the cardboard on the table and hit the hop.

You receive a TORCH (light bulb). Take the STONE SCROLL (stone tablet, tablet of stone, or inscribed stone) (I).

Take the CASTLE PART and STONE SCROLL and place them together; then take the EMPTY STAFF.

The game of Tic-Tac-Toe was invented in 1952 by Professor Ernst von Glasersfeld. It has three features: a set of three lines, one marked off with a circle, one with a cross, and a third with a square, a player can play a game of three moves against a computer opponent.

Go right. Take the Floral Symbol (O) and then the Inscription and Topaz 3/3 with Knife (P).

Chapter 3: Derek and Charlie

Try to go to the chapel. Talk to the Keeper and ask him for the ORACLE (I). You get the ORACLE BASE (J). The HOP is also a great way to get some quick ORACLES.

When you want to access the database, you must use the “Oracle” command. The “base” stands for the file’s name where the data is stored. It’s located on your hard disk. So you would type the following:

Take the DEMON STATUETTE (N), and then take the SKULL LEVER (O). Then, place and turn the CORK KEY (M) to reveal the DEMON STATUETTE.

Play the game by following the steps above. You will find the game under “Games,” click on it and then play the mini-game.

Take MEDI-KEY 1/2 and place the DEMON STATUETTE and ANGEL STATUETTE. Go forward.

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Chapter 4: The Mines

Use Derek’s Ring and the Lighter and Barrel Seal. Then take the Plank. Walk down and place the Lighter and Barrel Seal, open the barrel and take the Lever.

Play the HOP (C). You receive a long rope. Take a shortcut to the lighter. Open it (D). Light the rope.

Lighter and hotter! Take the long rope, place the Lever, attach the hot kettle, and go down and forward!

Move the rope – Talk to Charlie – Make him jump.

A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle with two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back. A typical use of a tricycle is to provide a means of transportation for children or invalids.

Chapter 5: Emma and Jimmy – Death’s Door Walkthrough

The Demid is a new way to play Hopscotch! You interact with one of four characters (A-D) to get them to jump over various shapes on the screen. Once they land, they return a new body to you. It’s fun to jump over all of the different colors of shapes while figuring out what form each character lands on. It’s just as fun to watch your friends enjoy themselves too.

Put the PACE in the M; take the MUSIC BOX in the N; walk down three times. Place the FLOWER HEART in the O; take the STONE DOVE of PEACE and MELODY in the P.

Take the Treble Clef #1 and play the E string; then take the Treble Clef #2 and play the C string. Place the STONE DOVE of Peace on the third line, take the Melody notes and play them in that order. Now put the first Clef back, play the B string, and play the first melody note. Then play the second Clef, play the A string, and play the second melody note.

Click on “S” and click the red circle in the center of the symbol. A candle appears. Click the candle, and it will turn to “T.” Then click “T” to add the rune to your collection.

Go downstairs three times.

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