Deponia Walkthrough

Deponia Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Deponia Walkthrough is one of those classic point&click adventures games that have been released for quite some time. It has been around since 2005 and is still going strong today. A classic game with new challenges, Deponia is sure to be a great experience for gamers. The below guide provides a complete walkthrough of Deponia, a game created by Daedalic Entertainment. This game is a classic point&click adventurer, which requires clear facts and situations in which his character will find himself.

While the game itself is free, a paid version of the game also includes these extra features.

Our guide is compatible with Deponia The Complete Journey.

Deponia Walkthrough

Deponia Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Tutorial: Tips for a start: Part 1 – Kuvaq: Pack the suitcase. Prepare the pod. Organons’ Cruiser.

Find goal:

  1. Find coffee powder ingredients.
  2. Find coffee water ingredients.
  3. Make an espresso.
  4. Contact Cletus.

The first part of the journey involves going to the Upper Ascension Station to fix the mine cart, then the second half of the journey is where you’re going to explore the Lower Ascension Station.

Cletus is a platform where anyone can create their deals. The first thing you need to do before creating a deal is to make sure the mosaic table is empty. You may think that it’s good to put deals into the mosaic table, but sometimes these deals just aren’t meant to be.

Fix your goal, then save Elysium!

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Pack the suitcase | Part 1 – Kuvaq Deponia Guide

Rufus can’t wait to reach Elysium finally. He’s had a plan to escape the wasteland for a while now, and he’s been trying to fulfill that Plan for the longest time. There was just one problem: he had never left the wasteland before.

Your task is to pack the suitcase for your journey. But first, you have to find a list of needed items, which is lost somewhere here. Open the suitcase lying on the bed, finding the List.

You have to collect a Pair of Socks, a Toothbrush, Provisions, and a Bolt Cutter. Take a look at the Cushion on the bed. Pick it up, and you’ll find a Green Sock under it. Look at Old Escape Plans and the Trunk on the right.

“You’ll learn that your father left you some time ago, leaving him just this trunk. Rufus doesn’t open it, not to have yet another disappointment. Take an Oil Can and the Torch from a cabinet under the window.

Head to Living Area. Take Chafing Chit on Bathroom Door. Try to pick up the Toothbrush from the sink. Hopefully, it won’t escape to the Dark Corner. Then, if it does, it can be easily removed by using a pair of scissors.

History of Deponia

Inform yourself explicitly about Deponia. Missable! You will find three mosaics in Act III – one in the Lobby and two in the Concourse. In front of each is a hatch to put the glowing phosphor cotton candy. Use the phosphor cotton candy with the lamp in the Concourse to make it glow.

Once the mosaic is lit, have Rufus look at it to describe an event in Deponia history. The first person who unlocks it does not necessarily win a trophy, as they only get to choose which mosaic to light and do not get to see all three at once. However, if anyone has the key at a given point in time, they will access any unlocked mosaic then.

The game begins with your character lying in a dark, claustrophobic place. You must collect some objects to open a door and escape. You do so by using the correct object and conversing with the right people. The goal is to get out of the room before being discovered.

Deponia: The Complete Journey

Hats, goggles, headlights, stopwatches, lunchboxes, headphones, frying pans, forks, heads, jugs, shirts, necks, pipes, rusted saw blades, headboards, hair, broken pipes.

Any time you hear a “ding” and the sound of a pencil scratching on paper, and see a light bulb or an exclamation point appear on the upper right side of the screen, that means there’s new information for you on the Plan; if you see a little green checkmark icon, that means you’ve completed one of the tasks on the Plan.

The Plan is a menu of icons that you can click to access different sections of your project. If you hover your mouse over one of these icons, you can find out exactly what they are and where to put things. For example, hover your mouse over any drawing without a green checkmark to see what you should be working on.

The game is split into three segments, each unlocked by obtaining various bits of information. Of course, you’ll be given these pieces of information at different points in the game, but if you’ve played the game before, you may know where to find these pieces of information.

You should always be looking for ways to improve your game – especially after a loss, which is precisely what this slight hint is designed to help you with.

Deponia Video Game

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