Echo Bay Walkthrough

Echo Bay Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Echo Bay Game has recently released two new games for mobile devices. In The Echo Bay Murders, you get to play detective Kate Gray as she explores an old mansion in Echo Bay walkthrough, San Francisco. It would help to solve cases with clues that can only be found in this location, including hidden objects and mini-games to play while you wait for clues. In The Christmas Killer, Detective Gray investigates a deadly murder at the exact location. In this game, you have more of a sandbox experience to explore and solve as many cases as you want.

All of our previous stories can be found on our Adventure Escape Mysteries Archive page, and you can view them in one place by clicking on any of the links here. However, this time, we will detail all of the mini-games and puzzle sections in detail in this Adventure Escape Mysteries Walkthrough Guide.

The game follows to the same format as the previous adventure, taking place in three different locations in different periods. The game will consist of eight chapters, each of which will require you to find out what’s happening in the town now. In each chapter, you’ll uncover a series of hints that will lead you to a secret object.

Storyline – Echo Bay Walkthrough

In “Echo Bays,” you play Detective Kate Walker. In a post-apocalyptic world, you’re tasked with investigating mysterious disappearances in a small coastal town called Echo Bay. While the game is mainly linear, there’s a tremendous amount of exploration and puzzles to solve.

Darius calls Kate, who finds herself looking into the disappearance of a young woman in New Orleans. The case gets personal when the victim’s sister shows up claiming to know something about the woman. The investigation gets complicated when Kate finds a link between the two disappearances that lead to discovering a killer in Baton Rouge.

The game is designed around a story, and each location has its character, with its own set of objects to find and collect. The story is quite similar across the entire game, but there are different scenes at each location, and the hidden object scenes are unique and exciting.

Echo Bay Walkthrough

AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough

Detective Kate Gray is driving to Echo Bay to meet her old friend. She receives a call from Murphy & Darius during the journey, who tells her about five women who have gone missing over ten years. Darius wants Kate Gray to investigate the case because he thinks the person behind the scene could be a serial killer.

If you want to investigate the case won’t be easy as there’s no list of hidden objects you are looking for; therefore, we jump in to help you and release AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough Guide.

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Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this video to understand the complete walkthrough.

AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough 

You begin your journey to find hidden objects with a road atlas in your hand and a garbage trunk in front of you. When you reach the location, collect the brush and the button from the road and the garbage trunk.

You’ve heard all about the plot and characters from the game, but now you’re ready to delve in! The game is played from moving around a virtual world where you can talk to people and pick up hints about what to do next.

Upon investigating, you will also discover four letters flickering, CYEO. Enter the buttons (1925. you are related to the letters to unlock the garage and go through them to find other hidden objects.

How to Solve Fuse Puzzle Mini-game?

In Fuse Puzzle, your need ultimate objective is to lead each colored spark onto its in identical slot. To move a spark, you also need to select the spark and use the directional arrows to move on it. Once you complete the puzzle, electricity will be back.

The security video in the parking lot shows a white pickup truck parked near the front of the building. There is no license plate on vehicle, and only the truck’s door is visible. The driver was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses.

1. The date was 8 March,

2. Head to the computer once again and enter the date (03/08/

3. and Time (17:

4.. The footage shows the suspect entering the room and locking the door behind him. He then proceeds to leave the room and grab the victim.

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That’s the end almost of The Echo Bay Murders. Click here to read our Chapter 1 walkthrough, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7.

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