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Escape Prison Walkthrough. The escape guide walkthrough, cheats, hints & answers. We got all the answers! The game was good fun, not too long, and well worth playing, but an annoying ad popped up in the middle.

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Escape The Prison Adventure Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Adventure is the newest edition from the Escape The Room series of Puzzle Room Games. This time, there are over 30 challenging rooms for you to solve as you make your way through the prison to find your escape tools. There is a bit of a learning curve with the mechanics, but they are all well explained throughout the game.

Escape The Prison Adventure is different from traditional room escape games, but that’s also a good thing. You’ll feel a more immersive experience following the story instead of completing levels and going straight to the next.

I was surprised to see that it was so immersive, and the app had no ads at all. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the developers manage to advertise the app a little smoother and a lot less frequent, so I’ll give it five stars, but not without reservations. “Try to escape the prison adventure!” It is true!

This is the coolest app for the best free escape games. It’s got a lot of different levels, and the gameplay is fun and challenging. We’re not sure why we weren’t aware of this game before, but now we are, and we’re going to make sure everyone we know is playing it too. Q:

If YouTube ever shuts down the original escape The Prison Adventure Walkthrough, here’s an alternate walkthrough of Escape The Prison Adventure: Fetal alcohol exposure is the known leading cause of mental retardation in the United States and many other countries.

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Pelican Rock, Day 1

Pelican Rock, Day 1. When you arrive at Pelican Rock, you’ll first notice the guards and prisoners are all males, if your character is male, or female, if your character is female.

Don’t waste your time with all this! If you look hard enough, you will find something that could be helpful, but I doubt it will help you. Start the day in your cell, click on the bed, and say, “Better get some sleep.”

Escape Prison Walkthrough

Point-and-Click Interface

You must use the point-and-click interface in this game to discover hidden objects and then move your character around the screen to complete challenging puzzles.

Escape Games is an addictive puzzle game for all ages. It has a unique gameplay mechanic in which you have to collect various pieces of items and assemble them to get the key for the exit.

You cannot hint as many times as you need, as the game adds hints to your gauge; once you are out of hints, use the real money to buy some to skip the part you feel is difficult to complete.

Prison Escape Puzzle Walkthrough – Level 1 (Prison Cell)

In Prison Escape Puzzle Walkthrough: Level 1 (Prison Cell), you’ll discover the game’s first level, where you must escape from the prison. You’ll need to find items scattered around the prison and put them together to open the cell door.

The prison has a door that will open if you follow the steps below. You’ll first have to take the pillow from the bed, get the dustbin to collect a pin, and then go down below the bed where you’ll find a coin.

Get the box away from you after tapping on it, select the knife from your inventory to dig the wall using the Ice Pick to acquire a hook. Select the hook and use it to wash the basin with water. Use the key to open the door and go through the entrance.

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Second Floor – Escape Prison Walkthrough

Go back to the second floor and take the stick from there. It’s not locked. Tap on it, and a secret room will appear where the next item is hidden. Use it.

Select the can and pour the oil into the jammed wheel of the trolley. As the trolley collides to the dead end, take a step back to reach the second floor. Collect a key from the right side of the main door and use it to open the circuit having four different colors.

Go to the locker and enter the code (Blue-3, Red-0, Green-0, and Yellow-9. to unlock the door and escape the prison cell. Prison Escape Level 1 was completed.


The Escape From Prison game delivers a high-level experience with fantastic graphics and challenging puzzles. Unlike other HIDDEN OBJECT video games, it doesn’t supply a list of items to find. Rather than, you will discover objects and utilize them to solve the mystery.

With the help of our complete walkthrough for you, you can master the game in just minutes. The tutorial is divided into several posts, so you’ll be able to navigate through them smoothly and effectively.

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