Escape the mall Walkthrough - Step by Step Guide

Escape the Mall Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Escape the mall Walkthrough – General Tips. Level 1 – House Foyer. Level 2 – Outside Front Steps. Level 3 – Gallant Street. Level 4 – Shopsy’s Convenience. Level 5 – Mustang Gas Station. Level 6 – East Cowan Bridge. Level 7 – Riverside Apartments.

Level 9 – Riverside Apartments: Roof Top Level 7 – Police Car: Backseat Level 10 – West Couture Bridge. Level 11 – Flora’s Laundromat. Level 12 – Flora’s Laundromat. Level 13 – Police Car: Backseat Level 14 – Flora’s Laundromat.

Level 15 – Flora’s Alleyway. Level 16 – Wong’s Chinese. Level 17 – Hannah Boulevard Overpass. Level 18 – North Side Mall: Main Entrance Level 19 – North Side Mall: Vestibule Level 20 – North Side Mall. Level 21 – North Side Mall: Simon’s Jewelry Level 22 – North Side Mall: Loading Bay Level 23 – North Side Mall: Loading Zone Level 24 – City Bus.

General Tips – Escape the Mall Walkthrough

You can adjust many settings, like music and sound volume, screen mode, and toggling auto-pause. You can also choose options from the main menu, such as toggling auto-pause from the options menu. Press I at the top left-hand corner of the screen to go into the game.

To solve this puzzle, use the older man at the top of the screen. You’ll need to collect items for him, such as books and statues, using the hotspots shown on the screen. Clicking on places where you can’t collect the item will open up new areas that can be explored to find the required object.

This book gives you tips for getting the most out of your iPad to solve more puzzles, and the cursor changes to a shooting star when you’re hovering over something of interest.

Each level has a star rating, and you can play the level over again until you get the maximum number of stars. Search for inventory items or side missions in the main scene if you miss a start. They are usually hidden behind objects that shake when your mouse is over them.

There are 30 different levels, 20 inventory items, and seven side quests to complete in this game.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video


Level 1 – House Foyer

Level 2 – Bathroom. There are two puzzles in the bathroom. In the first puzzle, you will find the glasses, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, and towels marked on the ground in the image. C:

Once you have found the map and the cell phone, open the door, and you will automatically start walking towards the museum. This will give you a 1-star rating.

Level 2 – Outside Front Steps

Level 2 – Outside Front Steps. Click on the green car, and the highlighted hotspot will appear. Click on the bush in the middle of the screen as directed. This is a hidden object hotspot. In the hotspot, find ten hidden objects highlighted in red in the image.

After finding all 10 objects, you will receive a hose, a stone, and some clippers in your inventory and be returned to the scene with the car. Click on a stone from your inventory and drag it to the rear windshield to crack the glass.

Click the broken rear windshield to enter the next hotspot. Find ten objects highlighted red in the image. You will receive a water hose and a car repairman’s tool kit into your inventory. Click on the car repairman’s toolkit to add the item to your inventory.

Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the window. Use the hose to grab the code, then drag it to the umbrella to put it in the trunk.

Go back inside the car from the rear window. Click on the passenger side to save the driver and finish the level. This will give the player 2 stars.

Escape the mall Walkthrough - Step by Step Guide

Level 3 – Gallant Street

Level 2 – The Old Man’s House. Click on the pipe in the middle of the screen, and the older adult will tell you to get 10 toy cars. The older man will tell you to find the toy cars for him. After he gives you the toy cars, click to the next area and find another 10 small cars in the first area.

You can get extra help by clicking on the man’s portrait in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The man will explain how to get by this level in 5 simple steps. You can look through the steps with the arrow buttons near his face.

To begin this first side mission, you must click on the box circled in yellow. To finish this first side mission, you need to find the dog’s owner. Click on the car’s trunk to unlock it and then go to the next hotspot.

There are 10 objects marked red in the picture. You will get a crowbar as soon as you open the hotspot. You must find the object if you want to continue with the challenge.

Open up the ‘new’ hotspot using the crowbar on the trunk of your car and look for fourteen objects highlighted green. You will receive a skateboard, speaker, and wrench. This will also be done for you, so there is no need to worry about it.

You’re in the park. You see a sign with the speaker, you go behind it, use the wrench on it, jump over the trash bin, go to the fire on the right, hop on the sign and hop onto the sign with the speakers. You will get the sign, and then you should exit the hotspot. Use the speaker on the skateboard, and you should finish the level.

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