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Fables Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Fables Walkthrough. The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Quest The Land of a Thousand Fables is one of The Witcher 3’s best quests. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Fables Walkthrough General Tips

To get started, you’ll need the following:

The game’s original disk or a CD with the title on it.

A PC compatible computer with at least 512 megabytes of RAM (1 gigabyte recommended).

The only locations where HOPs will be shown are the map and Memory Puzzle screens. You can play the Memory Puzzle instead of a HOP. Use the map to fast travel to a location.

Fables Walkthrough Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mittenwald Take HANDBAG. Open HANDBAG. Take MOUSEPAD (inventory); take MOUSE; insert KEY; play RATTRIP.

When you call for a ride, talk to your driver about various topics.

Solution: (P). Open the door. Turn on the light. Look for the doorbell. Could you pick up the bell and ring it? The door will open. Enter Agatha’s Apartment.

Take SMELLING SALTS (T) and adjust the arrow. Use KNOT EMBLEM. Insert KNOT EMBLEM (U). Take a string, photos, and note 1/2.

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STICK on CAT to Yarn; tie. Use CAT to Yarn (Z); take NOTE to Book (A); take BOOK to Yarn (Y); receive YARN to Notebook (X); take NOTES to

ADD PHOTOS—solution: (D) (D-E-F-G-H). Take SYMBOL CLUE. Add SYMBOL CLUE and LIGHTBULBS. Solution:

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Fables Walkthrough Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Castle takes POLE, gloves, and an axe handle. You put on the gloves, pick up the axe handle, and take the hexagon 1/2 and the broken axe.

It’s essential to use an axe, but I think using a pole works best when it comes to the car. You use the bar to balance the vehicle and insert the key into the car.

Enter Courtyard. Talk (A). Take WINDOW FRAGMENT 1/3 (B). Take CREATURE HEAD 1/2 (C). Take WARNING SIGN (D). Use WARNING SIGN (E). Enter Museum.

The best thing about this video game is that it’s a sequel to the first one. You start by creating the Creature Heads, and then after you’ve crafted them, you add Iron Ornaments and create the Hexagon.

Fables Walkthrough Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Nightmare Realm Take NIGHTMARE TOKEN 1/3 (D) and FANG. Take DEVIL’S CLAW (E). Use FANG; take NIGHTMARE TOKEN 2/3. Remove (F). Take PRINCE OF NIGHTMARES.

Add NIGHTMARE TOKENS. Solution: (H) I-J-F-N-Q-P-L-M-I-J-N-Q-P-O-K-G-H-L-K-G-H-I-M-N-Q-P-L-M-N-Q-

Go to Abyss of Dreams. Take WEAPON 1/3 (N). Take EYEBALL (O) and SAPPY PLANT. Take SCARAB EMBLEM (P). Go back to start. Take BLUE MUSHROOM (R). Add SCARAB EMBLEM; open.

Offer MATCHBOX OF BUGS (S); take TIN CAN. Go to Abyss of Dreams. Enter Crater of Demons. Use WATERPROOF BAG (T); take MORTAR (U); add CROOKED SHELL (V), and return to Abyss of Dreams. Use MORTAR (W).

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fables walkthrough

Fables Walkthrough Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, the fluffs take fabric strips to build their shelters. They talk to each other as they move around the room. After finishing, the coats play hop (j) to collect their crow badges.

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Fables Walkthrough Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Ruined Castle Talk (W). Receive ORNATE CLIPPERS. Take HANDLE 1/3 (X). Take BROKEN DOLL (Y) and HANDLE 2/3.

Add handles. Move up. Take musician emblem 1/3. Move forward. Use ornate clippers (a). Take chloroform, crossbow and Gunther’s bag. Take musician emblem 2/3 (b) and damaged wheel.

CHLOROFORM on BROKEN DOLL (inventory). Throw BROKEN DOLL (C). Go to Lady’s Room (D). Receive GUESSING CARD.

Go left. Use SCREWDRIVER; receive BROKEN EMBLEM. Move down.

Add clay; take leaves; return to Lady’s room; break emblem on clay; receive the logo in clay. Stamp in clay on the small furnace; receive musician emblem 3/3.

Add MUSICIAN EMBLEM (K). Add EMPTY RECORD SLEEVE. Solution: (L). Receive CALMING MUSIC. Add CALMING MUSIC (M). Go left, then right.

Fables Walkthrough More

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