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Fallen Order Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Fallen Order Walkthrough Hi there!Welcome to my very first walkthrough on GameFAQs!After using the site to get through many a game, I decided to give it a shot myself and create a guide to help all you galaxy explorers out there. I chose Jedi Fallen Order as my first stab at guide writing for many reasons, namely:

I have played through this game once in the past, never completing it. Until recently (2020) during the pandemic, I began to look at the backlog of games I had yet to complete, and decided to pick this up again. I did the opening (maybe) three times before finally settling down to take my time, and write the guide as I do my ultimate playthrough.

OK, get your lightsabers out, electric fingers on your controller, and get ready to die, die and die some more. I really hope you enjoy my first guide!

Guide Layout

Here are some pointers for the guide. The bulk of the guide will, obviously, be text based. Any images you see will be accompaniments to the text, and will be closely aligned to what the image refers to. For example:

This is the logo for the main game.

Note, all pictures are captured by in game screenshots on my own behalf, and therefore owned by me.

Button presses will be labelled as such.X/A, O/B, Triangle/Y, Square/X. L1/LB, L2/LT, R1/RB, R2/RB, L3 and R3. D Pad same for both controllers. Share/Back button, Options/Start button. Analog sticks are self explanatory, and coincide with directional hints, such as go left, go right.

Throughout the guide, I will label any enemies in bold, just to make it clear when combat is likely to take place. Upon encountering a new enemy, I will create a table to talk about moves, hints on defeating and general information about each enemy. During world encounters/collectables, such as picking up a specific item, I will also make these bold.

Throughout, I will interchangeably use Force Echo for the majority of regular scans from BD 1, along as an actual Force Echo location all these are simply databank entries in the long run.

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Is Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order a completely single player game?

Yes, the Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order game only offers a single player mode. You will not find any multiplayer (online or local) modes here and there is no possibility to play missions in cooperative mode. Cal is accompanied by the BD 1 droid, although he does not take direct control of it. The Droid is automatically activated, for example, when it finds something interesting in the vicinity or when it receives a command to heal the main character.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Does the game have a long campaign?

Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order offers quite a lot of content for a title of the action adventure genre. It should take you over a dozen hours to finish the game for the first time. The final result can be influenced by how much time you spend on additional activities, such as full exploration of available planets or battling additional bosses. More information about the length of the game can be found in a separate chapter of this guide How long does it take to complete the Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order game?

Does the game have a completely open world?

No, Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order does not have a completely open world, but despite all that provides quite a lot of freedom of action. During the game, you can focus only on following the main storyline or exploring the surroundings to find, for instance, a new loot or lairs of additional bosses. The game was built on the principle of so called metroidvania, and so many of the discovered places are initially unavailable and you have to wait until you progress in the story and acquire new abilities and/or gadgets.

Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order allows you to travel between different planets on the galaxy map. Also in this case, you can choose between focusing on the main plot and additional exploration. The game, of course, allows you to return to previously visited planets.

Fallen Order Walkthrough
Fallen Order Walkthrough

Does the game run smoothly on consoles?

The following guide for the Star Wars Jedi.Fallen Order game was prepared based on the PS4 and PC versions. The console version worked correctly most of the time. When we played on the regular version of the PlayStation 4 console, we had minor glitches and sudden animation slowdowns, most likely caused by the loading of new locations and textures in the background. They were not very burdensome.

More information about the game and its technological aspects can be found in the Hardware Requirements chapter of this guide.

Why doesn’t the hero want to climb?

This is a potential problem that you might encounter during your playthrough of the game. Climbing in the game is not fully automated, i. e. Cal can not start it without giving him the appropriate command. If you encounter an interactive wall, after approaching it, you must additionally press the button to climb onto objects on the wall (rods, plants, etc. ) in the console versions, press the L2 / left trigger button to do so. Skipping this step will cause the main character to land back on the ground or, in extreme cases, fall into the abyss.

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Why can’t I open the holomap?

This is a minor problem that you may encounter while completing the first part of the first chapter on the Bogano planet. When you try to open the holomap, a message will appear that BD 1 droid is busy. The solution to this problem is very simple focus on the main story and temporarily skip the optional exploration of the planet in order to reach the location where the scene with BD 1 will initiate. Cal will fix the friendly droid. BD 1 will jump on his back. From this moment you will be able to use the holomap and additional ask BD 1 for treatment.

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