Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough

Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough

Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough If you want to get the best armor and shields, give them the best you’ve got by stripping the other two parties. Go for resistances and absorptivity.

The key to a good character portrait is to cover as many elements as possible on each character. Females will find the Minerva Bustier a huge help while having the Paladin’s Shield will make your life sooooo much easier.

Force equipment isn’t as good as it looks, as it doesn’t work well against physical defenders. Equipping weapons with elemental damage will cause trouble, so you may want to stick with neutral damage instead.

You generally want to use non-elemental specials to do the most damage. If your team has any Elemental special attackers, you’ll want to give them the best relics you have to hand.

Ribbons can be useful, but Celestriads and Souls of Thamasa should be your main concern. A Master’s Scroll can help your MP expenditure; it can also be really helpful with the right weapon (Fixed Dice or Ultima Weapon).

Characters who cast Float at the beginning of each fight will be able to get their characters to float for some time. They don’t need angel wings to do so, but they will still need to periodically cast them during the battle.

You’re probably dead if you haven’t had these spells for over a month. (Plus, you probably never got this far in the first place.

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Dragons’ Den -Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough

The best dragons’ dens are the ones that let you fight the eight legendary dragons found in the game. You’ll have to do some quests before going up against these massive monsters. However, when you defeat them, you’ll be given items that will help you prepare for future encounters with other legendary creatures.

After defeating the eight legendary dragons and gaining the Stone Tablet, you can access the Hall of the Gods in the Dungeon Map, a special mini-game.

Earth Labyrinth[]

Earth Labyrinth[]. The Earth Labyrinth is the first area of the dungeon. It is interconnected with several passages to the Burning Labyrinth. To enter this dungeon, you must first visit the Earth Labyrinth, which is accessed by taking the left passage through the middle area.

The leftmost part contains two treasure chests and is entered through the Burning Labyrinth after breaking the Seal of Fire. Taking the right entrance leads to the Ice Dragon and an entrance to the Dragon Temple blocked by the Seal of Earth.

There are several exits behind the Ice Dragon, so all paths deeper into the dungeon are blocked until the Ice Dragon is defeated. Meet up (GBA). You will find a safe area in the northern part of the Earth Labyrinth, the Shrine of Serenity.

You’ll need to find a switch in the area around the Ice Dragon’s burial spot that can be used to create a bridge. Hold it down to create a path to the rear entrance, and then release the button to stop the Ice Dragon. The Seal of Earth will block your progress, and you’ll need to break its shell to get through.

The access to the Earth Dragon can be reached from the Burning Labyrinth, and it can be fought before or after the Storm Dragon in the Burning Labyrinth. It’s best to face it first before going into the Storm Dragon because if you go into the Storm Dragon without having faced the Earth Dragon, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Potion, Remedy, Final Trump, Godhand… Which spell should I cast first?

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Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough


Flame Labyrinth[]

Flame Labyrinth[]. Map (GBA). The Flame Labyrinth is a cave area and the lair of the Red Dragon. It is first entered through the Earth Labyrinth. The upper door is locked until a switch is operated in the Dragon Temple.

The cave holds two switches controlling the rocks that lead to the other exits. The right one leads to the Grand Cavern, and the central one is blocked until the seal of water is broken and leads to the Inner Eye Labyrinth.

There are two hidden chests in the southeast corner of the cave and a secret passage to a third chest in the northwest corner. Abaddon. Dragon Avis. Great Behemoth. Abaddon, Vector Lythos.

Red Dragon (Boss). Teleport Stone. Magicite Shard. Apocalypse.

Defeating the dragons[] Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough

The ultimate goal of the Dragons’ Den is to defeat the eight dragons again and reach Kaiser Dragon in the back of the dungeon. With all eight dragons defeated, the parties can reach Kaiser.

To solve the final puzzle, it is first recommended to teleport back to the entrance and bring all three parties to the turtle in the Dragon Temple. One party should open the central door for another party to enter the right switch part of Kaiser’s Breath. Q: Why do I need a cast if I have a method that is already marked as explicit?

There are three remaining parties. Party #1 will head to the right switch, party #2 to the middle switch, and the last party to the left switch. The first party will head to the left switch of Kaiser’s Breath.

All three of the parties can reach the Dragon God Kaiser. The party that has the magician will receive it, but the others will be able to find it once they arrive at the lair.

To trigger the “Congratulations!” message and the return to the airship, touch the save point tile at Kappa.

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8. Megalixer  Ff6 Dragon Den Walkthrough   

The Megalixer Fully restores the entire party’s HP and MP. The item is an absolute godsend when in tight situations, as it’s an instant full party refresh.

Magical powers are really important in FF6, and in many boss battles (and even against some enemies), you may need to blast through your MP trying to defeat your opponents as quickly as possible.

These are really useful items, but it takes a while to get them, so you’ll need to get them early. They may be a pain to farm, but they’ll be an item you’ll want on your journey.

The car has 1 horsepower and is the Sap status. A stop will be your best friend here.

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