FF 6 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

If you want to know how to 100% get all of the achievements in Final Fantasy VI, you’ve come to the right place! In this Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, you’ll find out where to go, which bestiary entries and chests you need to get, and more.

The walkthrough in this walkthrough is for anyone who wants to get the best experience they can but doesn’t want to miss out on any of the quests that have been added after release. The role of cell-cell and cell-surface adhesions in the maintenance of the integrity of epithelial sheets.

Most dungeons offer you a map that will show you where the chests are located and which ones have been opened already. Just open it up to see what you can expect from each chest.

Many dungeons, however, have secret passageways leading to extra rooms and chests, so we’ll point these out from time to time. Final Fantasy has quite a bit more to keep track of in a guide such as this.

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Head north to the Cave where there’s a safe point. Inside, go through the tunnel. The wererats are in there, so you’ll have to kill them.

The Crystal Maze. In this episode of the series, you’re trapped inside a maze and have to figure out how to escape. This may not look like much at first, but there are lots of hidden things that will help you if you know where to look. First, check the clock for an Elixir. Then, leave.

Note that you can wait until this to change, and these chests will never become inaccessible. I really suggest this, and these chests won’t ever be distant, so don’t stress over missing them. A handful of chests work like this in the early game, and I’ll point these out.

The boss fight is pretty straightforward. Once you take the Mythril Shield and Mythril Spear from him, you’re ready to go.

You can learn Twilight Requiem, as long as you use Mog’s party at least once here. Take Mog’s Mythril Shield and Mythril Spear now if you want. After the event, you’ll be at the Narshe entrance. Go inside the “Beginner’s” building. In the first room, there’s an HP/MP full heal, a monster-in-a-box in the second room, and a chest in the middle room. Item Collection Note: You should have 4/10 chests and 1/3 items in Narshe.

World Map

There are enemies in this area: Leaf Bunny, Sand Ray, Darkwind, and Alacran. Leaf Bunny, Darkwind, and Alacran are located in the grass/forest. Sand Ray is located in the desert.

The best beach in Final Fantasy XII is in the Desert to the SW. Go to the Chocobo Stable to the SW of the Desert for the Adventurous Wayfarer achievement.

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Figaro Castle

Figaro Castle. There’s a lot to do here. Get some water at the kitchen table, then head upstairs. After the short scene, go into the dining room to the left for an in-game tutorial about the castle. Continue to the next room to find a chest and the beginning of a scene. Head upstairs and to the right to reach the first boss battle.

Once you have purchased Figaro Castle you can start playing the main game, which takes place in Figaro Castle. There you’ll find a huge array of items, including some that you will get much later, and can’t be missed. And, you can buy more items as well here, but all will be available later, too.

The next step is to heal up, down the stairs, to the left building, speak to the woman here, then go back to the throne room and speak to Edgar. Once you have control of Edgar, talk to the guards, then with Kefka, then back to Locke.

Once Terra, follow Locke to your room and talk with him. Once in control of Edgar, speak with Kefka and then the guard up north. After the scenes, you’ll fight two magick (use Autocrossbow). On Chocobos, go to the south of the map and find a cave.

South Figaro

This location is located in Narshe, and it contains seven crates that you need to open to access the final item that you’re looking for. However, like South Figaro and Narshe Cave, these items will change if you wait to open them. They’ll never be inaccessible.

Note that chests don’t change, so be sure to grab them. Enter the upper left house, go upstairs and into the first door, then head behind the bookcase. In this secret area, you’ll find six chests. Put your things into the basket and leave via the door at the far end of the room. Head upstairs and you’ll find an unlocked room with the 9th item.

The 10th item is on the shelf to the right of the item shop. Talk to Shadow in the bar for a scene. You can buy armor, tools, and equipment. You’ll probably want the spring shoes. I should have 10 items and six chests by the time I’m done. There are no missable items in this scenario, but I’ll get the last few chests in another scenario shortly.

Returner Hideout

Talk to Banon for a scene. Then as Terra, you can investigate and gather each of the 6/6 chests and 3/3 things (one behind a secret way in the carton/chest room). Note, assuming that you observe a piece of scrap paper under the table, it in all actuality does nothing next to influence a small scene later.

If you find a piece of paper under the table, don’t worry about it. Talk to the guards by the door to the south, and then talk to the guard by the entrance in the SW. When you talk to Baron, you can say Yes or No.

You want to keep saying No. Saying Yes will get you the Gauntlet Relic. Saying “No” three times will get you the Genji Gloves. The Genji Gloves are rare, so do that.

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Locke’s Scenario

In the magitek armor store, when you go into the back room where they sell the magitek armor, make sure not to talk to the guy. He’ll probably try to kill you.

When you get to the northwestern corner of the city, make your way to the upper level and look for the green cadet. Ask him about getting new clothes.

Go up to the tavern, down the stairs. Fight the merchant, steal his clothes, and take the cider on the table. Go to the old man south of the item shop, but don’t go through the front door. Once you’re inside, talk to the kid with the password “Courage”. Go to the empty room from before. Inside, you’ll find Celes. Free her, and you’ll get the key to unlocking the door to the next area.

In the old clock room, examine the broken clock to open a new area. This area will have random encounters. The first chest in this area will contain a CommanderVector Hound. This item is needed to open the next area, which will contain the treasure.

The western stairs lead to a small room with three chests and some potions in it. There’s a Ribbon in the west, too, so that you can get out. Then just head south of the village. You should have all chests and items for South Figaro already. You can take a rest at Duncan’s Cabin before leaving for South Figaro Cave.

Sabin’s Scenario

This is the longest of the three scenarios. The path on the overworld leads you to the Doma imperial camp. The camp is located in a tiny desert patch. There are four grass-covered animals on the overworld: Chippirabbit (grass, forest). Nettlehopper (grass, forest). Stray Cat (grass, forest).

Imperial Camp

It’s easy to find the Imperial Camp if you don’t want to fight, so just go there when you’re ready and you’ll be able to explore the area without being caught.

On the off chance that you kick the chest, you’ll need to battle Dobermans first. They don’t have a Rage for Gau later, but they do have a Rage for Gau later, so you probably want to beat them up. So I suggest kicking the chest. If you hit the chest, it will open after a scene.

On the off chance that you kick the chest, you’ll need to battle Dobermans first. They don’t have a bestiary entry, but they do have a Rage for Gau later, so you might as well attack them. So I recommend kicking the chest. You’ll have to go south to see a scene with General Leo, but it’s a good place to pick up extra Rage for Gau.

Then, try to head south again for a scene with Kefka. You’ll sort of fight Kefka, but he’ll run away after one attack before taking on Kefka again. After that, explore to the west to find a tent with a Mythril Glove and a Monster in a Box.

There’s no need to worry about the Satellite enemy here. Use Aura Cannon and Shuriken. The Satellite enemy here is not hard at all. Use Aura Cannon and Shuriken. Head north of the tent to find a ledge you can jump down. Here you’ll find a 4th chest containing a Barrier Ring, completing the 4/4 Item Collection for this area.

Do you remember what happened? Did you finish the game after you beat Kefka? You were in your hometown, or the temple, or one of the Imperial City’s towns, and you saw all of those people you’ve fought in the past.

Phantom Forest

There are no items in the forest section. Simply follow along the path, making sure you fight the two enemies here. When you reach a fork, go northeast to reset. If you’re in the middle of a ghost hunt, when you reach the Phantom Train, go inside. Then try leaving for another scene.

Phantom Train

Head east for a save point and a Tent item. You can recruit ghosts to fight with you, who can possess enemies and KO them at the expense of their own life (?) Some of the other ghosts will attack and some are shops.

You’re heading west on Route 80 when a car appears blocking your path behind you. Speak to it to fight it off. Then, two ghostly figures appear and chase you. Jump ahead a few cars (as long as you’ve got the previous Tent item, you’ll be fine for Items Collection).

Finally, you’ll encounter a dining car. Grab the Earring from the other side of the car, and continue. You can enter in upcoming cars rooms. You’ll find 4 more chests and the last tent in these rooms, which should complete your collection here.

You should be careful when fighting the two Apparitions who are inside the Chest. Equip Earrings, but also equip Sabin. Sabin will power up his Aura Cannon, and it’s useful to keep in mind until the end of the game.

This is something you can equip with both Earrings. Equip them on Siegfried so that he gets a more powerful Aura Cannon, which is useful to keep in mind. Also keep in mind that there’s a forced battle with Siegfried, who’s a literal joke. In every case, before you reach the engine car, you should have the chests items and the following enemies. Ensure this utilizing your guide menu.

Living Dead (inside). Bomb (outside). Cloud (outside). Oversoul (found in the vehicle after segregating back vehicles). Turn the 1st and 3rd levers inside the engine, then a final lever near the smokestack. To kill Phantom Train, use a Phoenix Down.

Jidoor Overworld Area

Kohlingen Overworld Area. Make sure to stop by the Dragon’s Neck Cavern to the north and pick up the Hero’s Ring there, the lone item for the area. Then, make your way south to Jidoor.

Bloodfang (grass). Vulture (grass). Rock Wasp (forest, grass). Iron Fist (forest, grass). Peralada (forest). Fossil Dragon (desert). Rock was Iron Fist, Paraladia, Fossil Dragon, and Sand Ray.

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In the world of The World Ends With You, several things aren’t easy to find. One such thing is the “Ether” hidden in most NE mansions. This ether will unlock all of the new weapons and armor.

To get the white dress in the World of Ruin, you’ll have to first buy it before you go to the World of Ruin. Then head north to Zozo.


Everyone in Zozo is lying to you, and there are random encounters here. To get to the first shop, go down the stairs to the right of the Pub, walk down the corridor to the left, then right, and you should find a gate with a green sign. You can’t miss it.

Now you need to head to the Armor Shop to get a Potion, then go to the Inn. Go to the clock in the center of town and set the timer for 5:18:15 to get Chainsaw for Edgar. After that, go to the Relic Shop and head upstairs to get a Brigand’s Glove.

Back to the open door and head west a few buildings and enter. Here, use the pot in the north and the Ether to open the door to the north. Go up the stairs and go west a few floors and you’ll find the room. Go through the door.

Head upstairs, then head back down and down a few doors. You’ll find Sabin outside. He’s got a really powerful weapon. Use your Dual Earring Aura Cannon. In the room next to this one, you’ll find two more chests, which should complete your item collection for the area. Talk to Terra on the bed for a scene, and pick up the Magicite. Go to the next room for another scene.

You must recreate your party when it comes to the Final Fantasy series. Choose Locke/Celes/Sabin/Edgar. Get Magicite equipped, and make sure to get start-ups with Magicite equipped. Keep this in mind. Also, the Stamina stat isn’t useful, and it isn’t worth training.

Magitek Factory

The first thing you should do is get into Proto Armor (the first two rooms). Then, go all the way to the end of the hallway and then backtrack and go into Onion Knight (the first two rooms). From there, go all the way to the end of the hallways and the left, and go down the stairs.

You’ll get Onion Knight after you’ve completed the Espers. Then you can go down two flights of stairs, go left into a pipe, and head right.

1. You’ll end up next to a chest with Flametongue.

2. Wait for the hook to the right to come close, and use it to cross the gap. Head down the pipe to the SE for an Ether.

3. Go to the first pipe to the right. When you get there, jump over the conveyor belt, and go to the right side of it. On this side of the conveyor is an X-Potion. Once you grab it, head to the next screen. Don’t go down yet. Instead, head S to Dragoon Boots. Then, go through the door and up the stairs.

4. Grab the golden shield.

5. Return to the second room (before you got the Dragoon Boots) and go up the stairs at the very top end, to the right. You’ll see a bunch of crates, and in between some of them, there is a secret path.

6. You’ll find these two items in this secret room, Ice brand.

7. Return to the secret passage, and then continue south. You’ll end up back near the conveyor you’ve been avoiding until now. Quick Save just in case.

8. The east conveyor will take you to Kefka now. After that, take the elevator to the right. Grab the Tent and head to the south for the southernmost door.

9. There’s a hidden chest with a Golden Armor in the SW-most corner of the map and a Golden Helm on the lowest conveyor. After those two chests, go down the conveyor that Kefka threw the Espers down.

10. You’ll then see two enemies. You’ll need to save/heal in the room to the west. Once there, collect Shiva and Ifrit (make sure to pick them up!) and then continue moving on to the room to the west.


To start the game with Grenade, you need to go West from the Veldt and find a spot with the sign “Veldt Forest” on it. Head inside to fight an elite mob.

If you didn’t, you’ll get this later. Checkpoint spot: You ought to have beasts 1-86 for your Bestiary now, perhaps 93 on the off chance that you battled a Mega Armor in the Observation Post. If you didn’t, you’ll get this later. You can cultivate for experience at the veldt. In any case, for the best details, utilize the Espers (as long as you have something like 10 espers in your group).


Thamasa is a town on the central east continent. There are not many things you can do there now, but you’ll get six items out of barrels when you’re there later. You can use these to craft the 6th item. In some entries to the Bestiary, there are new enemies. Near Thamasa: Chimera, Devourer, Briareus (steal Gaia Gear). Cast Stop to help. You should be beating him for his bestiary entry. Wait on this for now, but if you need to kill him now, go ahead. He’s going to be a tough one, but you might have to take him out if you want to get the bestiary entry.

Esper Caves

The most difficult enemy to fight is Bonnacon. He’s inside the cave. He’s in the middle of the caverns. Land Grillion is on the cliffs outside. Adamankary is inside the caves. Mandrake is outside the cliffs. Venobennu is on the cliffs outside.

(in the caves) Adamankary (in the caves), Mandrake (on the cliff) and Venobennu (on the cliff) are 3 magical rocks. If you pick one up, you get a Healing Rod. Go east to the next screen and follow the path to a battle with Ultros.

Take him out with Fira/Thundara, and then use Relm’s Sketch ability to end the battle. Afterward, continue until you get to a room with three patches on the floor. Fall through the right patch and follow the path for an X-Potion.

You know what? Let’s just head back to the room and see if we can’t find a different route, one that won’t lead us into an ambush. Once we get out of this room, it’ll be easier to figure out how to move on, so let’s just backtrack.

As you might have noticed, I’ve added a few items to your inventory here. So I’ll tell you what each of those items does. There’s the red orb in your hand. It makes the room light up, and lets you see in the dark. That’s how you know you’ve got it. You’ll be able to fly your airship after a bunch of other scenes.

Strago Lore

Strago is a Blue Mage and can gain specific wizardries from foes just by seeing it (as in he is taking part in the fight). Here are some you can get now. These can be gotten later, as well. White Wind – Venobennu (will use on their own)Roulette – Onion Knight (Have Relm use Sketch) Self Destruct – Any Bomb type foe, or Onion Knight (have Relm sketch a Bomb type enemy)Transfusion – First you need to beat Intangir on the NE island, which currently is the last opportunity you need to do as such.

Then you’ll need to find a veldt and have Gau learn its Rage. Once you have it, you should have Gau learn the Intangir Rage when Strago is at the party. Then, have Gau use the Intangir Rage when you are in the party or have Gau cast the Rage of an Unseelie. The Rage of an Unseelie can be found on the Veldt or between Mt. Kolts and Returner Base.

Roulette – Onion Knight. Self Destruct – Any Bomb-type enemy. Transfusion – If you still need to complete the challenge, you can still get through it with a bomb-type enemy.


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