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Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

FF7 Walkthrough: When Final Fantasy VII first came out in 1997, it was the talk of gaming circles worldwide. But that was then… This is now, in 2007. Let’s see how far we’ve come.

My actual name is unimportant, but for those on this website, it’s BlueHighwind. I’m here to create a walkthrough for the most excellent Final Fantasy game ever made, Final Fantasy XIII-2!

My first video game was released in 1997 when I was 6 years old. It is the very first game I ever beat, and I must have played through it some million or so times.

I can thank this game for broadly teaching me how to read, and it remains the only game ever to make me cry. It was the only game ever to make me cry.

J-RPG is a genre of games and video games that has gained popularity over the years.

How to Play Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough 

In the game’s early stages, you’ll need a human hand, eyes, and a brain. That’s pretty basic, but it gets even more straightforward. In FF7, as in most other Final Fantasy games, the game will give you a guide that will explain the basic controls and how to play the game.

It’s always better to watch a game than to sit there. Plus, you’ll need to know the score to understand the brilliant score. And since we are not talking about playing a video game, we won’t get into the meaning of “brilliant score.

You’re going to need a power source, preferably electric. The good news is that you can use one of your old TVs from the nineties or later. The bad news is that it’s probably in black and white.

You first need to make sure that you have the PS4 model of the PlayStation Line. You can purchase this device at a local game store. Next, you’re going to want to go to the Bargain Bin and buy a copy of the three discs containing the actual game.

There is a lot of pressure to play games and have fun. We all want to have fun! Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find games that you like. Luckily for us, we can use search engines and online stores to help find great fun to play!

FF7 Walkthrough

Basic Controls

I will take a wild guess and say that you’re not a huge Final Fantasy fan. If that’s the case, I’d like to give you a tip – don’t bother reading this section. If you still don’t get it, move on to the next one.

The controls are just the opposite of everything you’ve ever used before in games. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the select button and cancel button are reversed compared to what you’re used to in other games.

The menu button will take you back to the main menu. If the mini-game has no options in the menu, it is assumed to be current. Hit the menu button if you want to go back to the main menu.

Battle system in FF7 Walkthrough

This game features the Active Time Battle system, so you cannot just leave the battle mid-combat, but your foes will still move. They’ll also start a countdown timer and attack if you don’t do something fast.

Other than that, this is more or less a traditional turn-based RPG – allies and enemies both have health points (HP) which, if depleted, will cause that character to die. Enemies are dead forever, while your partners can quickly be revived.

They have MP (magic points), which give your character the ability to use magic. When your MP is empty, then your character can’t cast spells.

Material is the most apparent variation between VII and the other games in the series. Materials are magical orbs that can be junctions on your character’s equipment and give that character exclusive spells or abilities.

For example, a Fire Materia will give the junction character the “Fire” Spell. The Materia can be leveled like any of your feelings, and a set amount of AP (or SP) will earn new abilities.

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand complete walkthrough.

Where To Find Every Weapon

Each character in FF7 Remake has six different munitions, and each bone has its pros and cons. Some ordnance are better for straight ruckus fighting, others amp up your magic capability, and a many carry benefits like increased critical successes and boosted defenses. 

 Munitions and their upgrades are the avenues to customize your characters and their places in battle. There are plenitude of effects that can be done to ameliorate your character’s effectiveness in a battle situation. 

 But while some munitions come your way through the course of the game, others are in specific locales that you can blow right history. These can be combined with other particulars or as a stage-alone armament. 

 Find every armament in the game for every character! 

 Munitions Guide An open- source,multi-platform game machine that supports the creation of 2D games for desktop and mobile bias. Numerous indie game inventors use the machine to develop and publish their games. 

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Don’t Skip The Side Missions, And Here’s Why

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