God Of War 3 Walkthrough Hades

God of War III is a Sony PlayStation 3 console video game. It was developed by Santa Monica Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and released on March 16, 2010. The game is the seventh installment in the God of War series, and the sequel to 2005’s God of War and 2006’s God of War II. It is loosely based on Greek mythology, with protagonist Kratos venturing into the Underworld to wage war against the three Judges of Hell: Hades, Persephone, and Thanatos.

Watch the walkthrough for the Realm of Hades in God of War III on PS. We have an extensive series of God of War 3 Walkthroughs which shows all the steps to playing the video game on the PlayStation. The gameplay is very similar to previous installments of God of War, but there are tons of new missions and five primary weapons.

God Of War 3 Walkthrough Hades

God of War III is an epic adventure with breathtaking graphics and a fantastic story. It brings to life the intense and brutal battle scenes of the original games as you take on the role of Kratos, the greatest warrior of all time, as you seek revenge against the Gods who have betrayed him.

The God of War series is an interesting and brutal Greek mythology-based game. The games allow players to experience the hardships of the mortal realm from the perspective of a ruthless Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he fights his way through the realm of the Gods.

In this third and final installment of the God of War trilogy, Kratos and Atreus embark on a mission to destroy the god of war’s home, Mount Olympus. While there are new creatures to fight and new ways to kill them, Kratos is still determined to seek revenge for his people and all those who have betrayed him.

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Watch this Video for a Walkthrough of God Of War 3 Hades


Hades is considered to be one of the most powerful Gods. He has dominion over death and the underworld, and he’s the lord of all the dead. He is also Lord over the nine Muses (Muse) and oversees music as well.

Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, Hades was the Ancient Greek God of the Underworld, brother of Zeus, and the first son and fourth child of Cronos and Rhea.

According to myth, Zeus along with his brother Poseidon along with his younger brothers Apollo and Artemis took over rulership of the cosmos, ruling the Underworld, Sky, and Sea, respectively; the solid earth was available to all three concurrently.

Plutonian riches is a term used in the context of the myth of the riches of the Roman Emperor, Pluto. It derives from the name of Pluto, who according to ancient Greek mythology, held the keys to the Underworld and had great power over the souls of the dead.

The gods of the corresponding Etruscan god were Aita and the corresponding Canaanite god was Mot. The Celtic Cross, Star of David, and the swastika are the most common symbols associated with him.

The First Titanomachy

Zeus’ first major war was the Battle of the Titans, fought against his brother Cronos. After Cronos swallowed his children to prevent them from rising and overthrowing their father, Zeus managed to convince their mother, Rhea, to let him open her husband’s stomach and pull out the babies. In the process, he cut off Cronos’s head and gave the body to Athena as her trophy.

When I came across this passage about Hades, I knew immediately what kind of person he was. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about the Underworld, so it’s no surprise that Hades is no different than most of the other people we’ve read about.

In the God of War II game, Hades is a playable character. He is featured in a cutscene during the Great War when the Gods defeated the Titans. Zeus was fighting his father Cronus to get Cronus’s soul so he could gain immortality. Atlas came in and used a ground attack to help defeat Hades.

These events cause Hades to turn his attention to Atlas and with his brother Poseidon coming to help him Hades can defeat Atlas’s soul and place it within him thus defeating the Titan leader. After the Titanomachy, he becomes a famous and prominent figure among the gods as there’s a statue of him in the Garden of the Gods along with Athena, Ares, Zeus, Helios, and Poseidon. After the game, he stands with Poseidon, Helios, and Hermes in front of Zeus. He is praying to Zeus for help with stopping the Second Great War.

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Wager of the Gods

When we first meet Hades in DC Comics, he’s in the middle of the wager of the gods, a contest where the gods compete to see who can best capture the elixir known as Ambrosia.

Hades gave the Ambrosia to Alrik, who was battling Kratos to capture it and save his dying father. However, because Kratos, could not control the power of the Ambrosia, he and his armies were destroyed by a torrent of great fires from the sky.

When he was young, Alrik lived in a time when his life was filled with blood and slaughter. With his father dead, he had no family left except a group of bloodthirsty bandits that lived in the mountains. His life was not peaceful, and so, he set out to find the fabled city of Atlantis to seek his fortune.

Kratos Tiring of Ares

When Ares was tired of being a God of War, he sent the Furies to capture Kratos, imprison him in a Titan-sized prison, torture him for months, drive him insane, and haunt him with his nightmares.

When you’re angry at something or someone, the best thing you can do is vent that anger with someone you trust. That’s what Kratos does when he seeks revenge against Ares in Greek mythology. It’s a tough mission, but when he succeeds, Kratos has no ties to Ares anymore and doesn’t have to worry about losing his life.

Persephone’s Betrayal

In Hades, one of the main characters, Hades himself does not appear, though Kratos does enter into his realm of the dead, the Underworld.

Persephone loves him, but he won’t leave. When she tried to make him go back to his realm, he refused and told her that he will only leave if she lets Helios go as well. Since she can’t let him go, she had no choice but to kill herself and permit him to take away the sun.

The Second Titanomachy

When the gods met to fight off the titans, Hades was first to join with the other gods. Hades pulled Oceanus off of Mount Olympus. Zeus appears in the Underworld to confront Kratos who had broken into the prison to rescue his wife and seeks to prevent him from breaking out.

After the death of Kratos’ son, they entered into a battle. At first, Hades was respectful and friendly, but after a time, he started to comment on Kratos’ actions, in a sarcastic, humorous, or taunting way.

Before the battle, Kratos is reminded of his wrongdoings, but not of the big ones. The big ones are the ones that happened in the past, like the killing of his niece and his brother, and of course the murder of his wife and “beautiful queen”.

Hades then threatens, “I will see you suffer as I have suffered! Your soul is mine!”. Kratos then fights Hades. The two engage in combat and Hades attempts to steal Kratos’ soul but fails.

An intense battle ensues. Eventually, the two of them battle each other with their respective chain blades. Eventually, the blades get entangled, and Hades tries to pull Kratos into the River Styx.

Eventually, Kratos gains the upper hand and kills his uncle, Hades. Using his new weapon he jams the blade into his Uncle’s throat and drags him into the River Styx, appearing to kill him.

As he battles the monstrous creature, he discovers the legendary weapon, the Aegis of Olympus, and uses it to destroy the creature, who explodes in a shower of water, knocking down Ares and killing him.

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Death. After a fierce duel, Kratos manages to steal the God of the Underworld’s soul. Using his Claws, he kills the God of the Underworld. After a moment of silence, Hades’ rule of the Underworld is lifted and the tormented souls of the Styx swarm over Hades, dragging him into the depths of the river.

After Hades’ death, the souls of the dead that lived in the Underworld were able to roam freely, with many escaping the Underworld itself. Kratos, with Hades’ soul, is now free to traverse the River Styx unharmed.

When you dive off the bridge into the river, you need to swim towards the middle of the river to retrieve the helmet of Hades. It then becomes available during Bonus Play. Before leaving, Hades’ corpse can be seen at the bottom of the Styx, mutilated, as the tormented souls ripped a passage through his gut to escape the river.

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