God of War Walkthrough

God of War Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Drink to Neoseeker’s God of War walkthrough and guide for the PlayStation. This companion covers all chapters, all locales, and all collectibles. 

 It is now complete with the release of God of War in April.

Neoseeker’s guide to God of War is the first in a series for upcoming games. We will look at the gameplay, plot, and what it has to offer.

Kratos’ true identity has been uncovered as he was revealed to be a father with a daughter. He was once the leader of the legendary Spartan army and a God of War. Now he is trying to leave his past behind.

God of War is a beautiful, well-rewarding, and entertaining game with a unique and fantastic setting. Playing the game it’s a great way to learn more about Greek mythology.

With that in mind, I’m here to make sure you get everything you possibly can out of this new God of War game while also providing helpful tips and commentary along the way.

God of War Walkthrough

Your first magic lock – God of War Walkthrough

The “SIE Santa Monica Studio” section is located under the “Sony Interactive Entertainment” section.

SIE Santa Monica Studio & also Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon.

A Magic Chisel can be your best friend when it comes to opening the lock on that box of goodies you’ve been keeping in a secret spot. Now that you’ve got your very own magic chisel you can start opening all those magical locks you’ve been finding!

First few you open are different from the rest – these are introductions to the concept and to get you out of the Thamur’s Corpse region. The rest will have a hard fight on the other side (we’ll get to one of them shortly). 

Step away from the chisel, grab what you dropped, and follow along the wall on your right to find a magically locked door. This will be our final destination in this room, and it requires some magic to unlock.

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand complete walkthrough.

The port contraption

This is an area of interest for Sony Santa Monica (formerly Santa Monica Studio) and is described as such.

The team working on Uncharted 4 has a rich history at SIE, and their first two games at the studio were both critically acclaimed hits. The developer is also behind 2013 hit God of War.

SIE Santa Monica Studio is a studio that develops games for the PlayStation family of devices. They’ve created several titles, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, The Last of Us, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank. They also work on other Sony properties such as LittleBigPlanet and EyePet.

Sony Interactive Entertainment & SIE Santa Monica Studio via Polygon. SIE Santa Monica Studio & also Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon. SIE Santa Monica Studio & Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon. 

 Break the slice holding the platform in place and use the wheel to move it to the right side of the room. From the doors, head to the left side of the room. 

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Northern Dock

Sony Interactive Entertainment/SIE Santa Monica Studio via Polygon.This is an excellent example of citing your sources and adding in a link. You could also copy the text verbatim with a proper sentence break if your head is on your list.

You’ll find a tunnel, a path down from the cliffs to a beach below. The game begins here. Climb the ladder and keep on going to escape from the zombies.

You’ve got a many choices then You can turn to your right to open your first factual retired chamber door that leads to the Valkyrie, Take the Mystic Gateway roadway back to the Bridge, or jump in the canoe and paddle back to Tyr’s Temple.

 How you get to your destination is immaterial, the critical part is that you reach the Bridge. We are going to concentrate our sweats on getting to the Bridge. 

Tyr’s Bridge Interior – God of War Walkthrough

 Head down to the smallest position of theBridge.However, this is where the boat wharf is, If you pulled then. The door to Tyr’s Vault is right next to the boat wharf. Use your chisel to get outside. 

After the priest in the shrine on the left has checked out the remains, have Atreus investigate the sand bowl in the middle of the room. It’s not the most exciting thing to pick up, but it will make the cutscene go by faster.

You’ll get the hang of it.

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