I Became A Dog 3 Walkthrough

If you’re looking for something fun to play, you need to check out I Became A Dog 3. It’s a mystery-solving role-playing game that’s free to download and play. If you’re looking for hints to complete the game, then this is the page for you. You’ll find a list of all the hints you need, and the game also has five different endings depending on the order you do the quests.

How To Talk With Other Dogs – I Became A Dog 3 Walkthrough

You can make disinfectants using this method. You’ll have to use a thermometer to be sure the saline solution is at room temperature, so it will dissolve the salt properly, it will only show “Hi”. You need to increase your language level to fully understand them. Eat dog food. You’ll find a machine in the middle of the room which will open when you press the remote option at the bottom left side of the screen.

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Making Disinfectant

Disinfecting the dishwasher by using salt and water is a simple process, but requires good ventilation and a lot of time. Here’s a more efficient way: Place the empty bottle with the open neck into the kitchen sink.

Disinfectant Recipe

You don’t have to burn through a huge amount of cash to make this recipe. Update the power supply to a minimum Level 1.

White Dog Fur

Investigate the first part of this mission.


Open the safe. Get the ladders from the room inside the safe

Safe Handle

You need to complete your treatments on Catherine. When Tom returns, finish speaking to him.

Unlock Safe

The safe is locked. Attach the safe handle. Turn the handle 6 times clockwise, 11 times counterclockwise, and then turn the handle again clockwise 4 times.

Steel key

Attach the handle and open the safe. Use it on the locked medicine machine in the operating room.

Fever Reducer

Open the machine, put in the red liquid, and then activate it. The orange syringe will come out.


Open the cooler’s base cabinet with the copper key and get ice. Put the ice on the kitchen’s acceptance radiator.I Became A Dog 3 Walkthrough

Electric Lamp

Utilize a fever minimizer on Catherine and purchase unusual shades from Rosa. Put the shades on and get by playing the game.

USB Memory Stick

USB Memory Stick, complete the following conversation with Arthur. Embed the USB memory stick into the USB center point close to the PC.

Unlock Pattern

When Catherine has a fever, use Fever-Reducer to help her, then buy the strange sunglasses from Rosa. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB hub next to the computer, put on the sunglasses, then click on the unlock icon on the computer to see the pattern.

Rescuing Max & Color Tiles

Rescue Max & Color Tiles. After promising you’ll help Max, go into the wall crack in the vent. Press down the tiles in the order of the rainbow. Go to the other side and turn the valve.

Stand on the green tiles in the backward order of the rainbow, then turn the valve to the other side and walk to the opposite end. Go inside the purple door and follow the path into the next room.

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Ending 1 Condition

Utilize the needle with purple or green medication on Catherine

Ending 2 Condition

There are no more endings! The protagonist was not supposed to escape from this world.

Ending 3 Condition

Nancy gets captured before entering the room, but she later rescues Sam before it ends. The door to the room is closed, so Nancy does not open it.

Ending 4 Condition

Nancy is now safe. Enduring all 4 conditions, she is freed. She goes to the air vent and then into the secret room.

Ending 5 Condition

Nancy is rescued. The sculpture is deactivated. The dog eats the dried rat in the secret room of the air vent. The main character finds a key and opens the secret room.

Level 4 power supply device

Research the left half of the air vent path.

Level 5 Power

Supply DeviceIn the basement in the bathroom under the sink, there’s a power supply device. Get in the broken glass, step onto the tiles in the order of the rainbow, turn the lighted valve, and float on the plastic bin from the bathroom.

Ending #1

#1: At the start of the game, you will play through it until you are done with the tasks Tomy gives you, she asks you to do the things like cleaning up her fur, using the can to clean the dog, and cleaning up the dog’s feces. You must also gather oil from the toilet, and then give this to her.

When the tasks are completed by Tomy, she will give you a gift. Just keep talking to her until she’s done giving the gift, and then you can accept it. If you refuse the gift the first time, you can also ask Tomy to give it to James, the other dog.

There are a few different ways to get to the end of this chapter, but either way, you choose to play it, the outcome is death. By following the first set of steps, you’ll be given a toy as a reward, but it’s a trap and it’s going to explode on you.

If Julia kills you, then she will also have to give up her new car, as it’s her fault that you’re dead.

Ending #2

The second ending in the game required a bit of critical thinking and effort, but we got it figured out and we’re going to walk you through the clues below.

Complete all the tasks that Tomy gives you. Then, after completing all the tasks for Julia, you need to find the jail key that is hidden under Tomy’s pillow. This is the key that will allow you to free her and make her able to join you on your journey.

You could wait for food to be served, or you could speed things up by barking for food. That will distract Tomy a bit, and give you some time to get the key. While he’s eating, go sneak underneath the pink rug and keep tapping until you get the jail key.

There’s a very good chance that you’ll be locked up when you and Julia confront Tomy. That’s why this ending is called the “Imprisonment” ending.

Ending #3

I’m sorry, but no. The only thing you need to focus on is making your jump as high as possible. If Sony, the jumping dog, asks you if you want to max out your speed, say no.

You’re on track for your perfect time now. Next, go to your car and have a conversation with your GPS, asking it to help you shave some seconds off your time. After that, ask Sony, and he will tell you that you’re already at full speed, and will ask you if you want to move it down a notch.

It’s a great ending for this chapter. With Tomy in jail and James dead, it’s time to end this quest. There are four more quests for you to complete, and one of them is a bit tricky. First, complete all of Tomy’s quests, and then refuse her gift.

After that, get the bedroom key, go to the bedroom, then bark three times by, well, tapping on Bark three times consecutively. When your proprietor awakens, he will take off, and you will not get to get him, as he’ll wind up locking himself inside.

Sony is back and Julia is in her cell. You need to take care of Sony. Talk to Sony and wait for Julia to appear. When she appears, bark to send Julia to the door. Once Julia comes to the door, bark again to let her out.

In “SPOILER: The Reason This Ending Is Called ‘It’s All Mine,” it’s implied that all the food you enjoy will belong to you, even though you are still a dog. While you are enjoying your canine life, you will still have a lot to eat, so make sure you don’t get too fat.

Ending #4

End Game #4: Play through the entire game, and max out your speed. Help Sony by refusing her gift and giving it to James so he dies. Finish the game with Tomy.

Put Julia in a cage and lock Tomy away in it. You’ll then have a chance to head to your owner’s bedroom, talk to him, complete the Bugs quest, and wake him up by hitting the Back button three times.

You should go over to the Spoiler portion and kiss your owner since you’ll know what’s about to happen next.

SPOILER: When you kiss your owner, you’ll be able to play as a human again, and so will Sony. There are a couple of other things you should do, such as tapa on all of the dogs in the rooms, whether dead or alive.

If you’d like, go into each room and take out $1 or $2 in small bills from the places indicated. You can also go to a cash machine, withdraw the money, and then collect the bills from your home.

Go to the old man in the alley. He appears as an old man and asks you for $10. He then teaches you how to speak human again. Next, speak to your wife and she will kick you out of the house.

Your body might not want to give up the ghost, but there are many ways to help it do so.

Ending #5

The last ending for this game will have you playing until you meet Sony, where you’ll need to keep jumping as fast as you can and get to the top of each jump to meet Tomy in the sky. Once you meet Sony again, make sure you max out his speed, but this time let Tomy keep on giving her gift away to James and let her kill him bypassing him.

Spring Julia out of prison, secure Tony, and go to the room. By and by, bark multiple times to awaken the proprietor. Watch as he takes off, then pursues him while running at max throttle. Kiss him, and you’ll change once more into the human structure.

So, you’re a talking dog. It sucks to be a talking dog, but at least now you don’t have to get your wife angry with you when she realizes that you got drunk and disappeared. Hopefully, when she next sees you, you’ll be back to being yourself.

First, you must kiss your dog. Then, once you have become a canine, head over to your significant other. You should say that you wish to be transformed back to human form so you can return to her side because she will then give you a proper meal. It may sound strange, but this is how you can end the book.

You will, at the end of the day, remain a dog, but at least you won’t have to go to work.

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