Jak and Daxter 2 Walkthrough

Jak and Daxter 2 is an open world stage third-individual shooter activity experience computer game created by Naughty Dog and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. It is the second round of the Jak and Daxter series and is the spin-off of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It was trailed by Jak 3 every year after the fact.

Jak and Daxter 2 Walkthrough

The gameplay in Jak 2 is pretty much like gameplay in the GTA series. There are some different things, such as Jak having a vehicle, but if you enjoyed the first Jak game you’ll enjoy Jak II as well. You can use a variety of weapons in this game in addition to your punches and kicks. You can now use Dark Eco to transform into Dark Jak.

In Dark, Jak players must defeat a series of enemies while using various martial arts techniques. To defeat the bosses, they must collect items scattered around the city. While on the run, they can use special powers like teleporting or summoning dark Jak, a powerful ally.

If you get in their way when they’re doing their patrol routes, they’ll either ignore you or try to attack you. While you can avoid getting caught up in the middle, as long as you stay away from them, they won’t harm you. They’ll eventually lose track of you, but you can use this trick to avoid them so that you can keep moving in this mode. Later in the game, you’ll obtain the Hoverboard, which adds a new element to the game.

You’ll want to purchase your Hoverboard sooner rather than later. Some of the later missions will greatly improve your mobility and it will help in the shredding and grinding, so a bit of Hoverboard experience will be helpful. This mission will happen within Haven City. This is the normal cover for the storyline.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Jak and Daxter 2 Missions

Missions are prompted by either icon on the mini-map representing a character, or they will be told to you via a communicator. When received from a character, you will have to travel to where the said character is located. The Hideout, where you’ll find the next mission. It can be received from a communicator, or you’ll naturally get there.

There are lots of missions. You’ll probably want to get started with some early ones first. They may reward you with weapons, upgrades, or items.

You must complete certain missions before others, such as “Collect money for Krew” before “Rescue Vin at strip mine”, “Destroy cargo in Port” before “Intercept tanker” or “Escort Kid to power station”, “Escort men through sewers” before “Protect hideout from bombs” and “Win Class 2 race at the stadium”.

When you take these two routes, Jak will receive weapon upgrades sooner rather than later. It’s also a good idea to complete “Get seal piece at dig” before you play “Drain sewers to find statue” because Jak and Daxter only learn about the significance of the Seal from the first mission; completing the latter will prompt Butter to tell them through the communicator about the seal piece.

Escape from fortress

The first orb is located on top of the cells in the first room, which is where you have to jump on some boxes to exit the room. The second orb is in the next room, on top of a large shelf to the right as you enter the room.

The third is on top of the control panel with the blinking lights, next to the second guard you encounter. The fourth orb is at the bottom of the first gap you have to roll jump over, just jump down and climb back up afterward.

Once you enter the room, turn right and it’s the one behind the control panel in front of you, in the room where you’re shot at by the guards from below. Just after the previous orb, you have to jump and smash through a grate on the floor.

The pillar at the bottom has an orb behind it. In the room with the water, there’s a hole in the floor. Jump on the crates, then double jump on the pile of boxes to reach the orb.

Get Life Seed in Dead Town

Climb the scaffolding to the right as you enter Dead Town to get to the nearby Titan Suit. An orb can be seen underneath the ruins if you look to the northeast. You can use the JET-Board to head inside, a six orb trail leads through the flooded passage until you return to the outside.

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Find pumping station valve

There is only one pump-out valve on this level, and it’s on the beach. You’ll need to go through the big pillar to get to it. Instead of jumping down and swimming to the beach, jump over the fence and through the water into the pipe. When you get there, jump up and into the middle of the pipe, jump up again and jump out of the other side. While underwater, swim to the right and you’ll find the next orb. Make sure not to step on the guard bot, as soon as you arrive at the island, walk onto it and you’ll see the orb that’s sitting on the back behind the windmill.

Destroy eggs at the drill platform

After destroying the first group of Metal Head eggs with the turret, ride the lift down to the lower level and grab the first orb sitting in the corner right next to you, obscured from view by the camera. Before entering the newly blown opening, hug the wall and move left until you reach the corner with the second orb hidden behind some KG crates. After defeating the swarm of Ginsu in the next section, walk behind the barrels supporting the first flaming walkway and into the back corner.

Once you’ve used the second turret, there’s another orb hidden behind the barrels below the ledge leading to the new opening and the second centurion Metal Head. After the last egg is destroyed, the orb will be at the bottom of the room. If you have an e-commerce business, the low level of the Amazon fortress holds the key to finding the exit. Turn around and take the orb behind the lift before continuing.

Find a shard in Mountain Temple

The first centurion is guarding it. On the 4th of April, if you go right from where you enter the zone, you will reach a cliff, and below that is a tree, dangling off a cliff.

After defeating the ram head, jump back down from the platform you were fighting on to the start of the path, if you land to the right side as much as possible you will land on a section that is lower than the original path (and normally only reachable by JET-Board). You see three orbs resting here behind the tree.

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Use items in No Man’s Canyon

The JET-Board helps you get to the Precursor structures. At first glance, they seem simple. They look like boxes. The goal is to move between them using the bridge. If you get stuck, use the JET-Board. Return to the same starting point as in the video. Take the northeast path, following it until it becomes the road leading up the mountainside.

You can go left or right to the path, but it’s much easier to go right to the next bit. You’ll have to use the JET-Board twice more and there’s an orb to collect, but it’s not that bad. There are other bits and pieces too, and once you’re done, there’s another bit of a path on your right to take you back to the path. If you follow this path you will find the last five orbs, and once you’re there, you will end up back where you started.

Catch Scouts in Haven Forest

At the start of every game of the PC version of the mod, you’ll notice a small island in the middle of the lake near the waterfall. In the game, it’s named Haven Forest. This is where you can pick up the orb. If you keep hugging the right wall and stay in the water, you will eventually find all the orbs in a big circle around the edge of the lake.

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