Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough

Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

We’ve done our best to give you a comprehensive Jedi fallen order walkthrough of the game, but if there’s anything that we missed or you’d like help within your journey through Jedi Fallen Order,

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide is a step-by-step guide to completing the game, with information on how to unlock all the Achievements/Trophies and locations of all of the Force Essences, Life Essences, Stim Canisters, Lightsaber customisation pieces and other collectables so that you can complete the game to 100%.

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Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough

Order – Force Push in Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough

When you land on the other side, you need to keep going until you get to a room with a Temple Guardian in it. Inside, to the left, you will find a Force echo you’ll be able to use once you have Force Push to destroy the door.

Use the wind to jump up a level, open the wind hole you find and use that to jump over to the other side. Slash open stalagmites blocking the corridor and squeeze through turning left and continuing until you reach the door that triggers a memory where you learn the Force Push ability.

Before using Force Push to open the door, go back outside and look for the block on the right. Use your new ability to push it away, and continue pushing through as many as you can before finding a doorway in a lower chamber.

Push the crate to the left and use it to climb up. Use the Force to push the rubble in the doorway and go back to the door and open it.

Enter the tomb, and BD-1 will scan a wall to activate a recording from Eno Cordova. The recording will play, and then it will play again, and again and again until you find your way out. It’s a long way to the surface!

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand complete walkthrough.

Order – The Tomb of Eilram ball puzzle 2

Head into the main area, take out the Guardian. You’ll have to push it out of the podium, but you can then push it to the other podium if you do that. The wind will take it there.

You’ll notice that the track leads to a wall that can be climbed. However, there are several options to get to the higher level. The ball will naturally start rolling upwards, but there are various ways to push it to the higher level, including Force Pushing it through the track. Once you’re there, you can Push the podium up to the next level.

Next, please pick up the ball and throw it towards the ball rack. It should go right in. If it doesn’t, force it in with your hand. You can even make it go around in a circle.

You know those games that are so addicting that you want to keep playing? These are the games that affect your real life. It doesn’t take much for you to get addicted to a game, and many of us are.

Once you reach the surface, you’ll find all of the air vents in the area are active. This new column of wind will help you reach new areas and deflect Rocket Propelled Grenade rounds from the Stormtroopers that have appeared.

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Order walkthrough – Ice Caves in Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough

Ice caves offer an excellent opportunity to see some of the more unique and impressive mountain features, but they’re also a place where avalanches can be expected.

So grab the meditation spot if you’re having second thoughts about exploring the world of the game or want to leave. You can open the door on the right, but it’s a shortcut you can’t access from here, so just turn around and go left. There are rats on your path, and there is also a crate full of Poncho Materials you can pick up.

Head back up to the Meditation Spot and take the path to the left. You’ll find a path that leads to a large area where you’ll have to fight a monster. Once you’ve killed it, head back out the way you came in for a Force Echo.

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Order Stim Location, The Tomb of Milram

Out of the cave to the left are two ropes you won’t reach until you have the Force Pull and Jedi Flip abilities. You can also find a Stim Upgrade on a table in the back, and a Zipline is on the wall to the right if you continue along the wall.

Before you get back to town, head for the main building and look for a door with the sign “Cave Access.” In a small alcove, you’ll find the “Spinning Disks” shortcut. Then, using the “Heavy Assault Stormtrooper” Shortcut, climb the stairs to the left, jump the gap, and follow the steps down into the cave.

The Empire has sent out a search party to hunt down the Millennium Falcon. The Rebels are not yet aware that it has been stolen, but when they do, they’ll be heading straight there! To start your adventure in the Star Wars universe, you’ll first need to make your way to a particular location.

There’s also an ice slide that will return you to the stone bridge path with the large animal on it just below the lift (if you don’t take the lift, you’ll have to jump down to this bridge yourself). From here you should go through the entrance into the park. Once inside, it would help if you turned to the left, where you’ll see the lift. The lift will take you back to the stone bridge path.

As a first time visitor, I would recommend going straight to the shop to get all the necessary items for the mission. Head past the lift and follow the path, which leads to a series of wind-assisted wall runs. Once you’re near the end of the track, you’ll find a Purge Trooper, a Force Echo and two crates – one with the Lightsaber Material Cerakote and one with the BD-1 skin.

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