KH 1.5 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is an action role-playing video game that was developed and published by Square Enix for the PS4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts XII is the twelfth game in the series and was a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix, Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy search for seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts” to stop Master Xehanort’s plan to balance the light and dark sides of the Force. All the bosses, keyblades, and secrets of the game can be found in this complete overview of the game.

KH 1.5

In Kingdom Hearts 1.5, you’ll begin exploring a world full of life. You’ll need to do your best to get through it. One thing is for sure, you’ll need to fight off Dread Shark first! It’s not very hard, so don’t worry about it.

After defeating the Dread Shark, you have to find and defeat a group of Unversed. After defeating these Unversed, head up to the Laugh Floor. You will find more Unversed here.

This game is like a mixture of QWOP and a train ride on a bumpy street. You are the QWOP and the objects are the boxes. The main goal is to avoid getting hit by the other people and the boxes, which represent traffic.

Take the railroads as they are, you will run into all kinds of enemies. If you use the Scream Strike ability, you will fight them, if you do not, you will have to take out the guards yourself. The best doors lead to the Factory.

Watch Video Walkthrough Here – KH 1.5

Watch this video for a complete Walkthrough

Enter the Monster Factory

To enter the Monster Factory, move along the Factory Isle. It should take you to the conveyor belt where you need to press ‘next’.

Stop the conveyor belt. Activate the laser. Follow this path, and you will eventually get to the electrical room. Then head up to the second floor and eventually reach the mechanical room.

There should be some Heartless here. Defeat ‘em. Don’t stop the belt on this floor. Follow the way, and you will ultimately arrive at the control room.

There is a portal to a power plant in this chapter. The Heartless here are the magic users who know that magic exists. They are going to kill you. After fighting fiercely against the Heartless in the tank yard, follow the rails over the pipes and move into the room with the door.

Unversed is a type of monster similar to the Giant Unversed. You must defeat it to proceed to the next part of the story. After defeating the giant Unversed, visit Twilight Town and approach the cafe. You will be granted access to 100 Acre Wood.

Step 1: Meet up with Pooh

First step: go to the old book shop, and meet with Winnie the Pooh. When you’ve read enough of the story, you can look at a page to visit that world.

The Mystical House needs to be explored again. The top-right corner of the map should be examined, and the pile of sticks in the bottom-right corner should be examined. This leads you to the Meadow where you’ll first meet Pooh. Speak with him. He says that his friends have begun disappearing, and they need your help to find them all.

After the kids get done with all the activities they’re doing, they’ll go and get their books, then Pooh will give them a ride home. He’s a very good driver, so he can carry everyone safely.

Jump to the left side of the pages to Pooh’s House. Enter to track down Pooh again. You arrive outside the house, but you want to run around back to retrieve the special item that fell inside. Knock on the chimney pipe and it will open to reveal a treasure chest. 4 9 2 7.

Read Pooh Bear’s letter. It’s from him to you, telling you about his yearning for honey. When he’s finished, drop the Mega-Ether that you’ve been collecting into the chimney pipe. Walk over to the corner, and open the cupboard. The Elixir of the Honey Tree drops out that you can collect.

Return to Pooh’s house and talk to Owl. He explains that each Torn Page opens up another chapter in the book, and you should go back into the Hundred Acre Wood after finding one. Every one of the Torn Page areas contains a mini-game.

Once you complete the main storyline, there are a few minigames where you can improve your scores.


The first torn page is hard to find, so keep looking. Head toward the tree near the compass and enter the Honey Tree mini-game. Piglet is lost at the Honey Tree.

You notice that he’s very nervous, and when he sees you coming, he hides behind the tree. Instead of chasing him from the front, circle around the tree and sneak up behind him. When he calms down, he takes a big, blue balloon from you and brings it to play the Honey Tree mini-game.

Piglet will hold the balloon and float up to the various tree hollows. The higher the floats, the more honey he collects. The bees from the beehives will buzz out, and if they touch the balloon, they will pop it and send Piglet tumbling to the ground.

Honey is made when bees gather it from flowers, and if you are lucky enough to be playing this game you will have three minutes to collect as much honey as you can. Move quickly before the honey drips down and the bees begin to sting.

You can use the Rush command to reach Pooh, but it’ll cost you 5 points off your score. As soon as you unlock a hive, you’ll find a swarm of bees attacking you, and you’ll want to take care of those bees quickly.

There are various types of animals that jump and run on trees; some have very large jumps, while others have very small jumps. One way to get the most out of your jump is to jump high enough to get one of the branches below you, so you don’t drop to the ground.

In this game, the less honey you scoop up, the happier he will be. After all, the more honey you scoop up, the bigger your bag of Honey-Bears will get. Once the mini-game ends, you appear back out on the Old Book pages. The first Torn Page changes into Naturespark.

It’s time for your final summon. This summons is worth a lot of gems. If this is your final summons, you will also receive Donald’s, Lord Fortune.

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Woodchuck’s first home is in the middle of a field. He builds a house out of wood, and he lives there with his five wooden Nos friends. Go to the middle of the field and follow the path to get to Woodchuck’s house.

Stop by Rabbit’s mailbox for a nice letter from Pooh, then circle the back to speak with Piglet and Rabbit. They’re trying to get in through the back door, but Rabbit doesn’t want them in.

Wait for the rabbit to open his door, and once the rabbit lets you When Piglet asks about honey, hit the red honey pot to fill up your container. The rabbit will offer you some honey, and you can sit down to eat your treat.

Head to the vegetable garden and talk to the rabbit. Pooh is trapped by his teddy bear and needs your help. Circle and talk to him. Rabbit needs carrot juice from the vegetables he grows to help him lose weight.

However, after the first bounce, Tigger jumps into view and announces that Rabbit’s garden is his new bounce spot. If he bounces on the vegetables, you won’t be able to squash Pooh out of the hole. This is a fun mini-game where you have one minute to keep Tigger from squashing as many vegetables as you can.

There are many ways to keep Tigger from jumping on a carrot: by making him land on the ground, or by giving him a toy, such as a stuffed animal or ball.

Each time you go through the tunnel, you gain one point. You don’t need many points to beat this game, but if you do, there’s no better way to rack up high scores than by using the Rush command. Press it while you’re facing in the direction that Tigger is traveling.

At the end of the mini-game, you’re forced to enter the house. Once inside, you must push Pooh from the hole and he will give you a Mythril Shard.

Step 4: Pooh’s Swing

A Pooh Day You and your friend can complete steps one through four to create your own Pooh day by completing steps three and four to create a second page of the Old Book. Then share your new book with all your friends.

Save Eeyore before he drifts too far downstream. Swim to him, and get him back to the stream. Then, lock onto him, and he will follow you as you lead Pooh to the tree swing. Swim slowly up the riverbank, and over the bridge, to the swing.

Owl teaches you how to use the tree swing. Push Pooh when Owl raises her wings. Miss your pushes and Pooh could fly too short or too long. You might want to use the time in between pushes to practice your timing.

Your goal is to destroy the Stackhouse, the place where Eeyore keeps his tools. After destroying the Stackhouse, you’ll get the power-up, which will allow you to destroy any objects around you.

If you do, it destroys and you finish the mini-game. As a reward for finishing the mini-game, your Stop spell is upgraded to Stop. Return to Pooh’s House instead.

Light the stick with your spell and you get the magic stick. Pausing enemies for longer than normal lets you slow them down and deal maximum damage when they get back up. Keep in mind that you can do it while they’re stopped, and if they speed up, they’ll receive all the damage you piled on.


Talk to the squirrel that greets you when you enter, and choose whether you want to conduct a basic or advanced investigation.

There are two challenges in the first level. The first challenge is to jump over the stumps to the hill where Tigger and Roo finish. If you land on each stump and follow the same path that Tigger and Roo took, you’ll complete it easily.

If you fall off a stump, the challenge is over, and you just need to speak to Tigger for a restart. The second challenge is trickier. He’ll take you through a tricky section, and then he and Roo will make a loop in front of the starting stump.

Follow their exact path to complete the third challenge. The third challenge involves jumping onto the seesaw, letting Roo catapult you up to the branch above, then jumping back down to the stump and following Tigger’s path up the hill.

Follow Tigger’s path exactly to complete this challenge. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) released a report Tuesday showing that, while the number of federal cases increased during the first eight months of 2019, prosecutions are down in state courts and prison populations continue to decline.


When Tigger completes his jumping challenges, he’ll offer you tips to improve your jumping skills. You see a little pig named Piglet, but he’s been hurt by a ball of the game.

The best way to use your Keyblade is to aim for a tree stump and keep a steady pace throughout the battle. When you see an opportunity for a shot, start whacking away at the stump.

You can win bonus points if you run over and talk to Roo to restart the mini-game. A score of 20 or more cracks the pot. If you strike the nuts in mid-air you may score more points per hit, but be careful not to get blown back off the stump.

You can use the Lock-On feature to help you track the nuts better. After the pot shatters, jump inside the remaining stump. Open the green chest hidden within for an AP Up. If you want to see the log near Pooh, just head over to the log near Pooh.

Find the middle of the log and then cut it in half with a mighty swing. Collect a piece of Mythril inside. Talk to Owl in the Great Treehouse. He’ll trade you for each Rare Nut you return.

You need to speak with Tigger to activate the seesaw. Tigger and Roo both operate the seesaw, and each will send you to a separate tree branch. Tigger sends you up to the tree branch overhead and Roo shoots you up to the next one.

Step on the branch. Pick up the first Pink Rare Nut on your head. Roo will reward you with a power-up. Then pick up the second Rare Nut on the tree branch. Q: What is the difference between “für” and “Zu”?

Owl hands you a Defense Up. Jump back up to Roo’s tree branch. Move close enough to the edge and you’ll see that the tree branch below holds a chest. Drop off the edge and Glide to the hidden chest for a Dark Matter. Piglet has a water geyser that shoots up in the air. Stand on the top of the platform on the stump. It’s time to hop to the other stump and grab the platform on it.

From the platform, jump over to the nearby tree and find a Rare Nut. Return it to Owl for a Mythril Shard. Now it’s Tigger’s turn to help you out.

Choose Tigger as your partner on the seesaw and land on Tigger’s branch. Jump over to the branch on your left and look for a plateau at the edge of the area with a blue chest. Glide over to the plateau and open the chest for a Mythril Shard. Look for a small tree, maybe 5 feet tall, with a hollow in the middle. Climb it, and find the Shield2-G in the hollow.

Get to the other side of the area and go around the tree stump there to shoot a nearby tree stump up into the air on another nearby geyser. Grab a hanging Rare Nut on that floating tree stump, and climb on it to reach the branch overhead.

Return the fourth Rare Nut to the seesaw to get the AP Up. When you come out, the last Nut on the seesaw is in the distance. Have Roo bounce you up into the trees and then glide across to the trees and land next to the Nut.

If you return the book to Owl for an Orichalcum, he’ll give you a Mythril Stone. Take the Mythril Stone to the Old Book pages and you’ll get a Torn Page that transforms into a small piece of Mythril.

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In this puzzle, Pooh is following his path. He hasn’t been able to find all of his friends, so now he’s going down his path to try and find them. You must reunite all of Pooh’s friends to complete this mini-game. Keep your Pooh close as you go through the Muddy Path, and don’t forget to look at the bushes at the start and end of the path.

You speak to Piglet. He tells you that he has a problem, as he is trying to reunite all of his friends (Pooh, Owl, Tigger, and Rabbit) and asks you if the alcove you’ve created is the perfect place for him to go. Pooh Bear is so happy to be at the farm and he loves to play with Tigger. When Pooh Bear is in the mood to play, Tigger is usually the first to notice.

Roo stands up on the long tree root overhanging the Muddy Path. Talk to him and tell him to stay with Eeyore in the bush alcove. Walk over to the three holes in the stone wall in the back of the area.

Wait patiently for the Rabbit to appear from one of the rabbit holes. Convince him to return to the other rabbits. You should move to the well in front of the rock wall, so the other rabbits will join you there. To go across the gap in the log you must float on the air rising from the well. You’ll stand on the log and wait for the bouncing Tigger to approach. Talk to him to send him safely to the others.

Use the well to reach the log. Cross the log and jump up onto the back platform with the tree. Leave the piglet for now and wait for the owl to land in the grass next to the tree. Talk to him to send him back to the others. The last friend, the Piglet, is the hardest to convince to return to safety. Remember, he’s hiding out in the tree, and he won’t come out unless he sees Pooh.

Use the well to float up to the log and then peer inside. Burn the web that blocks the log’s interior with any of your Fire spells. Drop back down to the Muddy Path and lock onto Pooh. When he runs over to the purple flowers, they will lift him to the next level. Lock on to him so he follows you across the log.

On the other side of the hill, go into the cave where the purple flowers are growing, and talk to Piglet. Convince him to come out, by telling him that he would enjoy it. A bear cub comes down to the pond. If you want a different quest, you should choose another character. Once you’re ready to play a different quest, ask the bear to join the others back at the bush.

You seal the world’s keyhole and leave the Old Book behind you, though you can always come back to replay the mini-games if you like. After all the hard work you put into this game, you get the EXP Ring

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