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King’s Quest III is a video game released in 1987 for the Amiga and MS-DOS. The game features an unlikely hero named Larry Laffer, a man who must rescue his kidnapped niece and find the missing Princess Ardilla.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Head for the Galaxy Toys store

Head to Galaxy Toys and get ready for some cool stuff. Before that, you’ll have to find and loot the chests and take some cool photos of the emblems. Also, there’s a map of Andy’s house in one of the chests. Q: How to detect if an element in a table cell exists?

To get to the next area, jump out of the window. There are even more Heartless here. There are more Lucky Emblems and treasure chests outside the house. You’ve got quite a big area to explore, but each spot has a different group of Heartless.

There’s also a treasure chest in the backyard. To open the box that leads to the treasure chest, you should jump from a high spot and glide, then press “X” to attack the box. After you finish up in Andy’s house compound, head out and explore the surrounding area to find collectibles and fight Heartless.

If you leave the map through the “red” border, you will reach Galaxy Toys.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkthrough

Defeat the Gigas robot toys

Defeat the Gigas robot toys. These robots are pretty tough, so you may want to fight them yourself—just airstrip over to any unused robots and press “Triangle” to control it. As you can see in the screenshot, you have all kinds of functions.

The robots are super-strong, so make sure to destroy each robot quickly. It’ll be a little difficult to do it with just the punch. I recommend using the melee attack, which gives you more damage.

If you run toward it and punch it, it might fly off and return to its home planet. It’s a good idea to search for those three aliens while they’re out of your sight.

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Head to the vents

Head to the vents. To rescue the remaining toys, go to the vent. You will find the entrance to the vent in the vent itself. You will find even more Heartless, a lucky emblem, and treasure chests inside the ventilation system.

Defeat the Heartless. Go around this fan until you find the entrance. Don’t be afraid to jump around to avoid getting blown away. Once you find the entrance, wait for the fan to stop moving, and then you’ll be able to get in.

You’ll find a treasure chest when you go to the Fan Section. It would help if you opened it to find a new minigame. The next part is to get to the upper vents. Continue until you arrive at the Baby and Toddler section.

Get to the musical toads.

Go to the musical toads. Once again, this room has a lot of Heartless (in the form of soft toys), lucky emblems (balls), and a few treasure chests. Defeat all of the toys. More will spawn as you get deeper into the room.

After you’ve defeated all the monsters and climbed the mountain out of the cave, you’ll find the musical toads. Run-on them to start the music. Then you’ll have to run and jump on the record player to start the music.

When you head through the door, you see your friend. She’s with a man. You’re about to go over and say hello, but then you notice your new friend. He’s with a toad.

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Defeat the giant Heartless (final boss)

Defeat the Giant Heartless. Then, Xehanort left a big presence in the form of a giant Heartless. It’s like a big UFO boss. To damage it, you need to jump on top of it.

If you’re up to the challenge, try beating this final boss. It has eight health bars, which is insane. The hard part is when it creates a tornado. Fortunately, you can dodge the tornado when it comes toward you.

Now, it’s time to move on to the final boss. In the beginning, you will be able to hover for a while. It will take practice, though, to climb some buildings and be able to jump on the UFO.

It emphasizes strength skills. And that’s about it. Hopefully, this walkthrough and guide on Toy Box are helpful for you. Related articles: Kingdom Hearts 3: Kingdom Of Corona (Walkthrough And Guide) All Lucky Emblem Locations In Toy Box.

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Defeat the Kraken – Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkthrough

You will have to defeat the Kraken. You’ll see the cutscenes. Then you will have to go after the Black Pearl. As you approach the Kraken, it will grab the Black Pearl.

Just aim and shoot! The Kraken will block your field of attack many times during the battle, and the Flying Dutchman will also appear from time to time to disrupt you. If you’re fast enough, timing is everything.

It will either fire at the Black Pearl or you when you hit it. If you hit the core, you can destroy it very quickly. It’ll come back in seconds, so rinse and repeat until the Kraken is down.

After the battle is over, Luxord reappears to get the chest from Jack Sparrow but fails to do so.


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