Lieat 2 walkthrough

Lieat 2 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Lieat 2 walkthrough There are three characters in the game: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, and

You have a second chance. Talk to Keith. Defeat the Little Lies: “the wolf’s scary” and “didn’t go outside”. After defeating the Little Lies, talk to Keith again. Now you can leave. Try to leave. Read the book on the table near Keith’s room.

Exit the room and try to go into Rachel’s room. Defeat the three Little Lies. After defeating them, try to avoid the big Lie on the way to the Kitchen. Go into the back door in the Kitchen, still avoiding the big Lie.

Head to the Back Alley. As soon as you get there, fight the LiarLiar.

Day 1 -Lieat 2 walkthrough

Check the drawers for the knife and macaron. Go outside and go inside the house with the white boxes in front.

Check the drawers to get a big liar and a dragon aura. Talk with the girl Carol. After talking to her, go to the house with a guy in front of the door. Before speaking with him, carefully examine what’s around the house. Check out the broken light to get a legendary cake and a legendary knife.

Talk with the man. His name is Keith Rimfire. When he gets home, he finds his girlfriend, Carol, there. She has left. He goes outside and finds Leo. Leo and I have left. The informant, Carol, is now in a position to talk. Talk with her.

The blue-haired girl’s name is Rebecca. She’s an information informant who will take you somewhere if you are interested in playing a game. There’s a library here where you can talk to Levin, the cat. Now, go back and see what the blue-haired girl tells you.

Hup, hup… “Ha!” –Carol. Choose “Behind”, and you’ll get a Cookie. Go to Keith’s house and talk to him. Efina will make him tell her three lies. Defeat the one that is a lie: “I finished making dinner!” Talk to Keith after defeating the Little Lie.

We learn that Keith has a sister named Rachel. Go to the very left and look in one of the cabinets. There’s candy in one of them, so you should take it once you find it. You’ll obtain tea candy.

Talk with Rachel. She’s hiding something. Defeat the Little Lie: “No! No!” Go back to Leo and Efi’s rented house and talk with Leo.

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Night 2 -Lieat 2 walkthrough

Go to the next room. Defeat the Little Lies: “the wolf’s scary” and “didn’t go outside”. After defeating the Little Lies, talk to Keith again. Try to leave.

Go into Keith’s room and read the dark book on the table. Exit the room and try to go into Rachel’s room. We are defeating the three little lies on the way to the Kitchen.

Turn left when you go inside the door in the Kitchen and go straight to the shelf of books. As soon as you get to the town, go to the back alley and fight the LiarLiar.



2. This game is incredible! It has everything I love in games. Graphics, gameplay, and most importantly, the music. I hope that someday it will get a sequel.

3. Is this game on Steam?

4. Hey there!

I think that not paying the 2.99 price tag makes me a cheapskate. (I was in a financial rut and didn’t want to sound like a bum asking for three bucks off before the sale started.) I am going to check out the person and their website, though.

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Lieat 2 walkthrough

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