Little Nightmares 2: Crossing the City – Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In this Little Nightmares 2 walkthrough, we describe what to do in the fourth chapter – The Pale City. If you need help with something else in the game, try asking on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. You might also ask an official question at the forum.

This walkthrough will help you navigate the challenges you’ll face as you move through the city, and includes information about how to access the elevator that will take you to the transmission.

Game Introduction – Little Nightmares 2: Crossing the City Chapter 4

Little Nightmares, the hit puzzle platform game released in 2017, is getting a sequel. The new game, Little Nightmares 2, will follow the story of Mono as she tries to escape The Maw – a place where creatures are known as “The Nomes” live who have been forced to serve the whims of The Lady, the mysterious and horrifying proprietor of the estate. Fans of the first game will likely find much to enjoy in the new instalment, which looks set to be even more unsettling.

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First Elevator

It’s an introductory section where I begin with a quick elevator ride, right after you’ve burned your opponent in the furnace. To get out of the hospital, you must get to the door. She’s not just going to open the window for you, but she’ll be happy to help. Once you manage to get out, you will need to deal with heavy rain.

The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t require any kind of skills. You don’t need to go online to find a random player and then wait for him to come to you. At some point, you’ll arrive at a run-down staircase. Go up the stairs until you are unable to continue. Look around for an open door that has the way to go to one of the apartments.

You should simply proceed through it to progress further. Eventually, you will reach the top of the ladder, which is where the next roof is. You must then jump onto the roof of the second story and enter the next apartment.

You won’t be attacked in this apartment, and all you have to do is run toward the open door located to the right of the room. Opening the bathroom door will be your next task. The person in the bathtub won’t look up at you when you sneak in through the ventilation shaft. You just need to run and go into the elevator shaft. You will end up on a higher floor.

It’s very easy to complete these tasks to reach the next floor. You just need to follow the instructions to enter the elevator and push the button to activate the lever. Do you see this way you’ll reach the next floor? When you arrive there, however, you’ll suddenly realize that you can’t get out of the elevator. You need a key. Going down the elevator, you’ll notice a hole to the right.

Leap out of the elevator and move up the boards to arrive at the opening in the divider. This will take more time to the right floor. But to open the door, you’ll need to find the key to unlocking Six. You will need to continue without her for a while, but it’ll get better in time.

Glitching Remains

Before you continue, head towards the foundation when you initially show up in the city. You ought to see a sewer vent close to the back that Mono can move into. Jumping into this will cause you to die, so take the ladder down to find your first Glitching Remains.

A man in a suit is standing over the body of a woman. As he falls to the floor, he says, “I’m sorry, but I have to do this because she died so that we can all live, and as long as you believe in that, then there will always be hope. Wait for it to leave before following it into the next room. You’ll find the guy is dead with their head held up to a TV Go into the next room and look on the left to find a note that says, “Follow me!

People who have no eyesight are not very dangerous, but they make quite a bit of noise, so use your Six to sneak past them. Go through the other room and use Six to unlock the door. Don’t bother with the person watching television in the bathtub. You’ll get stuck in a ventilation shaft, and you can’t jump out of an elevator shaft without proper training. Get out of the bathtub by crawling through the vent. Then follow six across the vent shaft to the other side and jump into the elevator.

Use your claw to pull yourself through the hole and then climb up the wood planks to the ground level. You’ll need a key to unlock the elevator gate to reunite with Six, so head across the hallway to the office on the left. Open the bottom-right drawer to obtain the key.

With her help, open the elevator gate for Six. After she exits pull the handle in the elevator to send it down, but don’t let go until she pushes the lever on the left. Then, pull the lever on the right to raise the elevator so you can jump on the top.

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Television Madness

As you make your way down the stairs, you see a children’s room on your left. But don’t go in there yet, as you need to find the flashlight before continuing.

Turn down the hallway and go into the living room. When Six comes to pull you away from the television, there’s a little character named Mono who is scary. You don’t know where this guy is coming from, but his appearance is terrifying.

Just like you, we need to regain control of Mono before it gets to you. Run. Back out into the hallway and duck under the bed in the children’s room. The Tall Man will turn Six into a Glitching Remains before vanishing. Go back to the living room and interact with the television twice. After the first time, the second time Mono will see himself inside the television. Now go to the lever near the television, turn the wheel and jump onto the roof above.

Now, get into your virtual reality machine and go back to the TV. Get in and find the remote control and turn it on. It will let you adjust the volume of the TV. Turn on the TV near you, interact with it to warp upstairs, and jump down into the garbage below. Before you go through the vent on the right, turn the TV on above you!


Key. The key will be near the drawer where you open the elevator door. You’ll need it to open the elevator door and let Six out. To the top of the building. Go straight to the elevator, and press the button for the roof. Head to the roof and you’ll have access to the ladder. This will take you to the top of your game. Turn right at the end of the hallway.

Crossing the rooftops

Once again, you’ll be going out into a rainstorm. You must jump across the rooftops to reach the next apartment. As you go, you’ll also have to avoid some traps and solve some puzzles.

To reach the balcony you’ll use the wooden ornament right next to the door. Then you must grasp the lever and slide it away from Six, so she can grab onto it. When Six grabs the handle, you’ll need to turn the lever the other way to take her to the balcony.

Don’t worry, she won’t leave you alone. Now, you need to grab her hand by jumping towards her while running. Afterward, you will spend some time climbing ladders. If Six is lost somewhere, just call her out. When you’ve had your fill of climbing, it’s time to start making your way to the right. You’ll be able to find the next window easily enough. Once again, you need to keep an eye on where the holes are going to pop up next, but running quickly will open up most doors.

The Transmission

The Transmission. You are a prisoner at a large company. You see the door slowly closing behind you. Don’t look back ad run fast as you can. Once inside, you’ll witness another transmission. If you like this sort of thing, give the game a try. It may be a little more challenging than other games, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be in a familiar hallway. It takes a little bit of practice and determination to reach the door and open it.

When you’re behind your next opponent, be ready to dodge and dodge and dodge again. As soon as he gets out of the TV, runs for the exit. He will come after you, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. I’m going to run into the children’s room and hide under the bed. It’s the only way to avoid death.

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Hat 1

To find the hat you’ll first need to find an unlocked cart (it may be locked if the room is closed). Once you find the cart push it over the top section. When you reach the center push the cart to the far left into the open vent you found at the start.

The TV that’s stuck in the vents needs to be repositioned. This way, it’s no longer blocking the vent. Use the cart that’s next to it to clear the gap. Once you’ve cleared the gap, jump across to the other side. Go right until you reach the area where the cart and television are. Get into the hanger and ride it to the next set of apartments.

Hat 2

Find Hat 2. You’ll find the second hat on the shelf by the window you climbed through. Using the shopping cart, reach the shelf so you can grab the hat. In the toy store, move to the right and grab the shopping cart.

Take the ramp off the cart, slide into the water, and cross over to the next shelf. Pause for a minute to situate yourself before jumping across onto the truck and afterward onto the following shelves. Don’t worry, it’s safe. Then drop down and head into the next room. Put some stairs in your garden. If you don’t have any, use your sofa or a chair. The goal is to get to the other side of the room.

After you’re confident you can do it, go back to the lever, turn the power on, and make your way to the TV. When you warp through, you’ll arrive in front of a huge group of hypnotized people. This game lets you do just that! To distract all three closest shoppers, warp into the store, break the TVs, and save yourself before the swarm of angry shoppers reach you.

From the room you warped into, go right and look at the television when Six is appearing. Unfortunately, he will be grabbed by the Thin Man before she can escape. When this happens, the ax in the wall will fall. You should run out of the room and get some scissors immediately.

If you see him exiting the bathroom and entering the hall, quickly climb up the ladder and onto the window sill. After climbing off, look for the exit that leads to the other side of the train. Go through this exit and continue through the train cars to trigger another chase scene. This is a relatively easy level. Just follow Six’s instructions. When he starts moving up, you’ll have to move with him to the next roof. After a few minutes, you’ll crash the train.

Whenever he reaches out, follow his moves, and then make your own, so that you don’t get hit by the next attack. That is, like tuning a television: follow the pattern of the one who’s trying to throw you, not the one you’re watching. Little Nightmares: 2 Chapter 4 has now been out for a little while, and we’ve seen a few different walkthroughs and tutorials out there.

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