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Melty Blood Tier List – A to Z

The Melty Blood Tier List is the definitive list of tier distributions for all characters in Overwatch ranked play. This blog will be regularly updated with the current rankings and any significant changes.

The Melty Blood Tier List is our weekly article series ranking the top ten teams in Smash 4. Each unit is rated based on their overall performance throughout the week and not just their placings at individual events. We hope this article will allow you to better understand the world of competitive Smash.


History of Melty Blood Tier List

I’m posting this primarily because of no page on the Internet documents all of the game’s official or accepted tier lists. Hopefully, the search engines will pick this up so that more misinformation doesn’t get spread.

So, in the early versions, characters are listed out in order of popularity from the top of the leaderboard to the bottom, which isn’t exactly how you’d design a game, but it shows us what’s up in the game’s history. And then there are two small cards to show that you can take whatever random thing you want and use it to spice up the game. Rewrite: So, what we have here is a simple character card, and it’s a bit of a placeholder because it’s still a work in progress. Rewrite:

ReACT was an awesome old-school game with great gameplay. The first version of ReACT was released back in the mid-90s, with the final version in 1999. In the beginning, ReACT had some issues, but the improvements in the later versions were more than worth the wait. Akiha was the most dominant character in the game, as her high damage output and high/low mixup, plus her best defense modifier, made her a very formidable opponent.

When I was at college, I watched tournament replays during the night, and I remember seeing Akiha mirrors in a bunch of matches. Some players who were not used to being so open and relaxed in the game would often break a mirror on purpose.

Wars, Shiki Tohno, and the maid part were also considered pretty good. Now comes the main games, where MB was no longer a doujin game and became an arcade game. Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version, AThe only tier list made during this time was from Arcadia… I forgot which issue it was from.

Tier List Analysis – Melty Blood Tier List

No one is safe from competition. Any character in Street Fighter V can take down the other fighters. It’s not a matter of which character can kickbox you or which special is the best. Every character has the tools they need to compete with anyone else.

Miyako and Kouma break the shield meta by executing a variety of good grabs. Their superior offensive execution allows for an easier time than average in hitting the opponent’s shield. Shiki, meanwhile, does it all, making him the clear top dog. Shiki is the best character in the game, thanks to significant frame data, strong combos, and an install that enhances all of his tools.

Scrawl, the top-seeded League player in Season 3 of The International, has received much attention for his unorthodox playstyle. While a large part of his success is due to his unusual and often unique hero pool, there is still a part due to his distinctive playstyle.

Baby has a super unblockable route for consistency. As long as you stay on Baby’s path, the rest of your team can’t unblock you. 2a236 is essential because it is a consistent spacing for his. You’ll want to keep that spacing as you add his to the mix. The max dash distance is weird, but that should get fixed soon. I’m also aware of how strange that part is. There’s a lot of irregular spacing in this file, so make sure you don’t make any of that too inconsistent!

Saber is one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter 5, but she can be inconsistent. While she doesn’t have the most excellent recovery options, she has high damage output and can hurt opponents if she gets into a good fight.

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S Tier

Akiha Tohno – Following her father’s death, Akiha takes over as Leader of the Tohno House. She is adamant about upholding her family name and will go to any length to do so. Kohaku – Kohaku is an expert in pharmaceuticals and has worked at the Tohno household since childhood.

Red Arcueid: Not only is she able to throw firebombs and summon bizarre flora, but she can also wield a longsword as well as other weapons to assist her in battle.

1. Saber is a knight in shining armor who carries the holy sword, Excalibur. She has a secret of her own to solve, and it’s not going to be easy. To find out what this secret is, you’ll have to play Shin Megami Tensei IV. Check out some of our other articles: Shin Megami Tensei IV Class Tier List

2. Deep Rock Galactic Class Tier List

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Which Class should you choose?

A Tier

Miyako Ariyama – Miyako is the Ariyama family’s eldest daughter. In conflicts, she employs the Bajiquan combat style and lets her combat talk for her. Shiki Kishima – Shiki is the Kishima household’s youngest child and Kouka’s self-proclaimed younger sister.

Shiki Tohno is half-human, half-demon, yet his fighting prowess prevents you from seeing his human side. Shiki is the Tohno household’s eldest son, the Ariyama family raised.

Death appears to him as a series of points and lines. If you come up against him in battle, you’ll be able to see his death eyes. Ciel works for a company called Burial Agency as an executor.

Her appearance may lead you to believe she is forgiving, but her actions speak volumes. Anyone she discovers to be a heretic will be hunted down and destroyed.

B Tier

Shiki has been assigned the task of executing a particular Church’s agenda. Although he has always wanted to learn to control his telekinesis powers, he was forced into becoming a priest. And to continue learning about his abilities and helping others with their problems, he joined the Holy Church.

Volvo Arkhangel is a dead apostle resurrected from the frigid wastelands of the far north. While he is a dead apostle, he has no mercy for anyone who opposes him and will not hesitate to end you with a single blow.

He uses blood as fuel. He converts it into heat by using it. He employs these frigid and fiery elements of his personality to help him turn the fight’s tide.

Hisui – Kohaku’s younger sister and another maid in the Tohno family. She isn’t as aggressive as her sister, but underestimate her, and you will lose in no time.

Arcueid Brunestud is a member of the True Ancestors’ royal family. She isn’t your average vampire, though; she can withstand direct sunlight and is on a mission to find the Dead Apostles.


The best team in the world is the Melty Blood team. They are the best in the world at what they do.

Melty Blood’s tier list is the best in the world. If you’re looking for a team with a solid core of players, the Melty Blood team is where it’s at.

Melty Blood’s tier list is one of the most balanced tier lists globally, with just enough offensive and defensive strengths to keep them in contention at all points throughout the game.

 Melty Blood’s tier list is one of the most balanced tier lists in the world. If you’re looking for a team with a solid core of players, the Melty Blood team is where it’s at.

Melty Blood’s tier list is one of the most balanced tier lists in the world. 





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