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Metalgearsolid 4 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Metal gear solid 4 Walkthrough. History Talk (0. This is the complete walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. There are plenty of weapons to unlock as you play through the game.

If the game gets more complex, you’ll see a “more difficult” setting link below the word “help” for each level.

Metal gear solid 4 Walkthrough Guide

It doesn’t get any better than Metal Gear Solid 4. It has everything from action, stealth, and story.

It’s time to step into the shoes of Solid Snake in the ultimate stealth-action game of the year. This Metal Gear Solid 4 guide includes a complete walkthrough of the single-player game with tips for defeating bosses, locating hidden weaponry and items, and conquering the game’s most challenging sections.

We’ve included lists of unlockables, including emblems, weapons, FaceCamo, iPod tracks and how to obtain them, and a collection of Easter Eggs and secrets. You’ll also get tips on obtaining the coveted Big Boss emblem and strategies for battling your friends and enemies on Metal Gear Online.

GameSpot has a Metal Gear Solid 4 guide. You’ll find tips on the single-player game, including handling the bosses, maintaining stealth, and finding vital weapons and ammo.

Metal Gear Solid 4’s multiplayer mode, Metal Gear Online, offers many unlockables. You can unlock emblems, weapons, items, costumes, FaceCamo, and iPod tracks.

Big Boss Emblem Tips: The Boss Emblem is the pinnacle of Metal Gear Solid 4 rewards. Look here for tips on acquiring it! Easter Eggs and Secrets: We’ve compiled a list of Metal Gear Solid 4 Easter Eggs and secrets.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Metal gear solid 4 Walkthrough Game

In this video, the story of Solid Snake, a legendary operative of the FOXHOUND, is told. The colonel is briefing Snake on the mission.

When the credits start playing, you’ll see that Solid Snake infiltrates the Shadow Moses facility. Now, Colonel Campbell calls you on the codec, explaining how it works. “Select” is for making calls, and “Recieve” is for receiving calls.

Don’t worry. These are simple. X is to crouch. When you move while you’re crouched, you will crawl. Square is to do a chokehold. The circle is to hit the action button. Triangle is to go into first-person mode.

You’ll be safe if you crawl underneath and pole to the left. Since the elevator isn’t in that direction yet, you’ll have to wait for it to come down to the surface before leaving the cave.

You can either wait in this little corner where no one can see you. Or you can go up to a guard and get detected… as I did. xD After evading the guards and getting out of the ALERT status, I ran around, trying not to get noticed.

A minute or two later, the elevator comes down. Don’t forget your swimsuit under your clothes this time! You will emerge after the elevator descends and Snake takes off his gear. BAM! METAL GEAR SOLID: TACTICAL ESPIONAGE.

It’s a good thing that I’ve gotten you started, though I know you’re eager to explore. Let’s see what you discover as you play this epic, open-world, stealth action game.

Metal gear solid 4 Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Introduction. This Metal Gear Solid walkthrough is divided into six total pages. You can jump to nearby pages of the game using the links above.

Metal gear solid 4 Full Game Guides

Full Game Guides. A guide, walkthrough, or tutorial for most any game on PC. The principles can be sorted into cheaters, Walkthroughs, Tutorials, etc.

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metalgearsolid 4 walkthrough

Metal gear solid 4 Patriots Video Game

The Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a game genre Action developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 3 on November 30, 2009, in Europe. The game was released in North America on December 9, 2009, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots – Official Website.

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Metal gear solid 4 Guide & Walkthrough

About Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Game Guide & Walkthrough Author: Przemek Zamecki for Translator: Maciej “Von Zay” Makula last update: May 5, 2016 Guide contains :

If you see any corrections that need to be made to the guide, let us know by leaving a comment below.# This file is part of OpenMediaVault. # # @license http://www.gnu.

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Metal gear solid 4 Boss Battle

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough Guide: Complete Walkthrough & Tips For Every Act & Boss Battle By Iain Wilson is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Guide Solid Snake through Kojima’s epic journey with our complete walkthrough of every mission and boss fight. Could you get it here? Q: MongoDB: What happens when the collection size exceeds the maximum number of files allowed?

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