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Minish Cap Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap walkthrough is a game many fans have loved. This is especially true for those who grew up playing NES games. Many of these kids who played video games before the internet became mainstream had their first introduction to Nintendo through this game. So, it has this mighty nostalgic pull for people. And it’s an excellent game to boot!

Minish Cap picks up where Four Swords left off. This game is set in the same world and takes place shortly after the events of the last game. Minish Cap is a classic top-down Zelda game that features a side-scrolling perspective. It also returns to the series’ formulaic top-down dungeon crawl structure but adds more exciting gameplay elements.

The protagonist Link acquires a magical talking cap named Ezlo, who can shrink him to the size of a Mini-Zelda. It was well-received by critics. The game was called the 20th best Game Boy Advance game in IGN feature and was selected as the 2005 Game & Also Boy Advance Game of the Year by GameSpot.

Minish Cap Walkthrough

Gameplay – Minish Cap Walkthrough

Minish Cap has no real connection to any other Zelda games. If there’s a similar game, it’s the Wii port of a GameCube game, not the original.

Minish Cap is a new skill that allows you to shrink yourself down to Minish size through portals. You’ll be able to explore dungeons independently but only be as big as one of the larger dungeon entrances.

Link’s size can make a massive difference in the environments he can access and travel through. For example, a small portal that would be inaccessible to Link in his usual size can be used by Mini-sized Link to traverse a larger environment that might be impossible for him to reach in his regular-sized form.

Link can normally walk over a puddle that will be too deep for a Mini-sized Link to cross. And he won’t be able to collect anything either since the Gust Jar, and the Pacci are also items found in Zelda games. But don’t worry – there are other fun things to collect!

This is a game with multiplayer capability in a single-player experience. The way it was also designed, you can also create multiple copies of Link by finding the hidden items in the game. This is similar to how the four swords games play, but here, players must find and break the artifacts into two fragments and use the fragments to make multiple copies of the character.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

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As a big fan of the series, I was excited to see what Nintendo had in store for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After all, it is the biggest Zelda game since Link to the Past and features some of the most fantastic gameplay from Nintendo. The title has become one of my favorites for 2017 so far.

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