Murder Inn Walkthrough

Murder Inn Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Murder Inn Walkthrough We must enter the mansion first and find the code. We should go to the kitchen and find a key. We can use a skeleton key if there is no key to enter.

It’s the summertime. Tap on the door and use this code – 6673 to unlock it. Once inside, you’ll find six pictures. Try to collect a star from the picture frame near the lamp.

Put all photos of the family on the board and then go back. Get the dog’s chew toy and give it to him. Open the drawers and get the fireplace matches.

You can use it as a fireplace. You burn the candle using the fireplace matches. When the candle burns out, tap on the bell. ⇒Adventure escape-murder inn walkthrough part 1 of chapter 1 completed. Part 2 – Step 1.) Requirements – 3 dinner plates, three napkins, and three wine glasses.

Dinner plates –. Sofa – tap on the pillow to uncover. Refrigerator. The sofa and bed are on top of the table. The table has glass on the top. Napkins –. Window. Tissue box. Candles –.

Get the key from the table and open the drawer near the refrigerator. Get the flowerpot and use it on the wine glass on the table. Open the drawer and get the fishbowl. Use it on the wine glass.

You are now ready for chapter 1 of Adventure Escape – Murder Inn. First of all, you have to put all the objects in the right place so that everyone can use them. Here – that’s it. Step 2.) Put all the items on the table. Serve the food to all people according to their wants.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 1 First, follow the tutorial and once it’s finished, tap on the ‘WINTER INN’ sign and count the number of each letter. You get 6-6-7-4.

If you touch the door and enter code 6674, you can get into the house. You’ll find all the pictures and the chew toy on the coffee table. Put the chew toy on the floor so that it gets picked up. Finally, open the drawer and find the matches.

Tap the board on the floor, and arrange the pictures on it like this: Light a match, and use it on the candle in the fireplace. Then, ring the bell in the corner.

You’re now in the kitchen. There are several things you need to do. First, get the key. Then, take the dish behind the pillow. Get the fishbowl and the pot lid into the cabinet.

Pick up the plate, then look for the wine glass. Take it and put it in the cabinet, then pick up the flower pot and bring it to the living room. Look for the napkin in the drawer and place it in the sink.

There’s one in the tissue box and one in the chandelier, and you can use the lid of a pot or the base of a flowerpot to lift each object.

This is now the moment you’ve been waiting for! Get the things you need, and put everything on the table. The plates should look like this:

Gameplay and Story

Gameplay, story, graphics, and sound. In addition to all these, the game takes you to a snowy environment where someone invites you to solve a dark mystery of murder among buddies. The story starts with college friends who reunite at a remote mountain lodge without having information regarding the dark mysteries and secrets that goes deep.

After the game reveals that one of your friends died in a skiing accident last year, everyone claims their innocence, but something is lying.

Therefore, a detective is hired to search the clues and interrogate the suspects to find clues and capture the culprit. Join Kate Gray on an epic adventure to see if you can solve a strange mystery or not.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Walkthrough Study Room

It’s an interactive tutorial walkthrough that will guide you through solving a series of puzzles, mysteries, and other fun stuff as you uncover information and answers.

Apart from that, you can use the touch screens to perform actions and tap the items to interact with to complete objectives. At the start, you might be able to interact with Linda, who said how strange it was that Frank said he would be here reading.

There’s a small box above a table with a magnifying glass. Use the key to open both table drawers where you found a box holding six coins.

Both drawers of the table hold six coins of two different types. A purple-colored box is laid on the table, containing six coins of one cent. You can figure it out in a better way using the magnifying glass. A briefcase is kept on the floor, protected with a dial lock.

When the third digit is dialed (the three-digit number is 446., open the case and pick up a book. Pick up another book from the lower part of the cupboard, where you may see a flowerpot. Please pick up a Paper Clip from the main table and add it to your inventory.

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Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 5

Adventure Escape Murders Inn: Chapter 5: Pick up the orange and purple towels, open the cooler and get an ice cube, tap on the jacuzzi and turn the temperature up to HIGH, then put the ice cube in the jacuzzi and take the key once it melts.

The green towel is inside the house. Grab the green towel, then grab all the towels in the house. Now, count the towels. There are two blue, one green, two yellow, three purple, three pinks, and two orange. Remember that and go back to the jacuzzi.

Tap the controls and copy those colors. Pay attention to the pattern of the water. You’ll need that later. At this point, head over to the frozen house. Please pick up the Ice Skate and tap on the ice cubes because it’s a puzzle.

In the end, you will be able to break open the door with the ice skate. Have a look at the snowflake. Look at the jacuzzi. Do the snowflake-like this: Go into the house. Take the basketball and the shovel.

Use the basketball on the loose plate on the ceiling and take the plastic key. Use the key on the snowblower and the shovel to remove the metallic plate from the ground. Lastly, look at the tools and pay attention to the shapes, numbers, and directions.

Do you know how to do the puzzle? Go ahead and solve it like this: Tap on the puzzle on the ground and use the tools in the app.

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Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough 

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 5 A new chapter begins once you find the jacket. The game intends to take you to a beautiful room, where you find a bowl full of fruits kept near the lamp. There are only a few pieces of furniture and scenery, and it’s hung on the wall.

You’ve reached the final stage, and the challenge is to locate all the hidden objects. They’re all there in plain sight, so you have to use the clues to spot them. Have fun!

Collect the key and add it to your inventory. Use the key to open the cabinet and pick up a letter inside the cabinet. Slide the curtains to find binoculars and add them to your inventory. Use the binoculars to see outside the window where you discover moving chairlifts, and your goal is to note down the numbers written behind each chairlift.

You can find a phone inside the cabinet, asking for a code. Enter the code you found behind the chairlifts, 3795. Once done, the game will bring the ladders down to climb up to the next room.

Tapping the ladders leads you to a secret storeroom where you find many things, including Christmas lights, a video game controller, and a magic wand. To start the game, you need to collect the items in the storeroom.

Put up your Christmas tree when you get home from work and connect the lights with the TV. Start playing a mini-game featured on the left wall. When you are done, fill the empty boxes with items and start and solve the puzzle.

The bookshelf near the TV is a good place to start. Pick a key up from the bookshelf, and use it to open the briefcase at the end of the bucket. Inside the briefcase, there are many items to collect, including the numbers of the players in each album, which you can use to win the game.

Now, back to the main room where you opened the locker, found the room number, and got into the room. Adventure Escape Murder Inn takes you to a new room once you open the lock. Solve the mystery by finding hidden objects and clues to figure out what happened in the room.

The game doesn’t have a system to highlight the names of objectives you must find. Therefore, you should work your way to find what you have to find and how to solve objectives. The game is full of furniture, clothes, and other things.

The first thing you’ll encounter may be a clock as you enter the room. Set the time (03:50. To open a secret box containing a key to collect. Use the key to open the drawer on the right side of the couch and collect the video game cartridge.

Go back to the storeroom where you found a game controller and turn on the TV. Put the video game cartridge in the tray, connect the remote controller, and start playing the game to solve the puzzle. Play the mini-game to get the passcode that you need to open the locker on the right side of the drawer from where you got a video game cartridge.

1. Enter the code “240” to open the drawer and pick up a piece of paper written by Emma. Tap on the table next to the guitar where a board is laid written two things, such as Lose (

2. and Sell (

3.. Open the briefcase under the bed, having two security locks.

You’ll need to enter the code as follows: 5317 and 3351. You’ll get a briefcase that holds a letter. Read what it has written on it. That will add a few hints to your meter and takes you to the next chapter, where more challenges await you.

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