Myst Walkthrough

Myst Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Myst Walkthrough: The note that you found on the ground led you to the fore chamber. There, you counted the switches and put them in the “on” position (lever up). Now go back to the fore chamber beside the dock and put the number of switches in the panel beside the stairway.

You will then see a message from Atrus. Go into the library and put the red and blue runners in the red and blue books, independently. The person in the textbook should now say,”Hello,” How are you?”, “I’m fine,” and”I’m good. 

Go to the elevator and use the buttons on the wall to go up one floor. You’ll be able to see which floor you’re on when the elevator reaches that floor. Use the elevator to get to the bottom that has the book.

Find the four books on Mechanical, Stones, Channelwood, and Selenitic. & also Press the picture of the door in the library.

Mechanical Age in Myst Walkthrough

In this game, you’ll start in an island area that looks like an old-fashioned railroad station.

The Clock’s switches change the hour, minute, and second hands. For instance, you could hold the “9” button to make the second-hand spin fast.

Once you get it, go to the giant gears by the dock, where you will find the linking book to the Mechanical Age.

Go to any of the main rooms inside the castle until you face one of the thrones. There will be a room with a door behind the throne.

Go into the room with the blue page. Take a quick look at the imager there to learn what controls do and write down what noise corresponds with what direction.

Myst Walkthrough

Stones Age

After you’ve taken the green and yellow pages to the planetarium, make sure the lights are turned off, and place them on the two seats to the left and right of the chair.

Use the stars to mark off the month on your calendar. The next step is to go to the library and find the book with the same amount of stars in the back.

You know the three buttons on the console by the birdbath? They’re easy. All you have to do is press them at the same time.

Go to the ship, enter the door & then you will find the linking book to the Stoneship Age. Once in the age, go to the telescope and write down the degree for the lighthouse.

Pump it out! Pump the water out of the lighthouse! You’ll get there in no time with a little bit of effort.

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Channelwood Age

After you’ve returned both runners to their books on Myst, go to the cabin in the forestland. Open the safe on the wall, snare a match, light it, and place it in the furnace. 

Do you know what we’re going to do? We will remove all those extra spaces in our content and see how things look! Once that’s done, we’ll check that we can still scroll and everything else is still good to go.

Then go outside the cabin, and get to the big tree as quickly as possible. Go through the passageway in the tree & also wait until you find the book that’s linked to the Channelwood Age.

The first thing you should do in the Channelwood age is going to the rocky island and turn on the hose there. Also, pull on the switch on the creator that turns the windmill. 

 On the device on the ground & use the unheroic blotches to line up with the pipe you want to run electricity through. The sound of water handling means that it’s going through that pipe. 

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand the complete walkthrough.

Selenitic Age

After getting the first page, go to the brick shed on Myst. There should be three doors, which open to reveal controls. Press each control one by one and note the voltage reading.

After pressing the combination of buttons that equals 59 volts, turn the circuit breaker off and back on again to reset it. If you happen to go over 59 volts, you’ll blow a fuse. You can fix this by climbing up the brick towers and throwing the switches.

The first step to getting a keyboard is to get the right amount of it. That can be done by looking at the number of keyboard keys on the keyboard you have. Once you’ve reached the right amount, return to the library and begin to page through the Selenitic book. Find the part with the keyboard and write down the number of the key you’re looking for.

Now, in this space where your rocket is located, you must press the keys on the keyboard and place the same sound on the panel. You can either memorize the sound of the keyboard or count the keys going from the left, including the black keys and then count the same number of notes from the bottom of the panel going up.

Enter Channelwood

Rotate the chart until it stops at the hexagon at the bottom-left, and enter the secret passage. Go up the elevator, and note the key behind it. Leave and go to the cabin. 

 A button, a small white forecourt with the textbook”724, “sits just above the mammoth”Tower of Hanoi” mystification. 

 When the banging stops, move the wheel left for 20 turns, also snappily exit, turn around and go down the path to the right of the cabin. Enter the tree when it’s moving down. 

 Still, turn the wheel again, If you miss the tree. However, press the white button to go back, If it takes you up. Enter Channelwood at the bottom. 

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Channelwood – Myst Walkthrough

Go around the windmill. At the bottom, turn the handle,and leave. However, go back and turn the handle again, If you don’t hear water. Go to the coming junction and look at the switch. Turn the handle to the right and go left; set the handle to the right and go left. Go to the liberalism, set the handle to the right, and go left, go right, set left, go right, set right. 

 Pull the handle at the end of the path, also continue to the end, turn around, and go left. Extend the pipe, also go back to the alternate junction. 

Step one, enter the elevator. Step two, close the door and pull the handle. Step three, exit the elevator. Step four, go straight to the round hut. Step five, turn right and go to the square hut. Step six, go right through two roundhouses. Step seven, pull the handle, and a door will open. Step eight, turn around and go straight to the square hut.

The above describes an algorithm that moves a character from a particular location on the screen to another location by following a series of instructions. A

End Game

Listen to both brothers & also to be informed about the final page behind the fireplace. Then you need to read the last book on the middle shelf.

On page 158, the diagram is located on the right side of the page. It depicts three different activities and the steps required to complete each one.

Listen to Atrus, then, from the two half notes you found earlier, make sure all of the Marker Switches are on, and lower the one that’s by the dock.

You can save some time and energy by skipping some of the backstories. The green book is a story that other people have written about a thousand times.

To trigger a Marker Switch puzzle, you’ll need to set the clock tower to 2:40.

A more efficient version of the above that considers the direction a character is moving and the fact that the surface faces different directions at different times is as follows.

Turn on the second page and follow the instructions on the second page to go back to the top, turn right, then up the stairs. Go left, then right, and up the stairs to exit. Turn right and enter the channel word.

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