One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List | Best Character Tier List

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List – 2022. This One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List includes every single character in the game and a few hidden gems.

One Piece Bounty Rush is a 2018 mobile game based on the One-Piece anime series. It’s a pirate looting battle game with all original One-Piece characters.

You’ll have to form a four-person squad and then use each person’s skills to plunder the riches. It would help if you assembled the most robust pirate crew possible.

You’ll be the leader of this ship-bound crew. To capture valuable ships, you’ll have to fight other ships. This battle will take place in a famous One Piece battle arena.

Defeat the enemy, and claim the treasure. Following that, the characters’ levels will increase and their abilities.

Going through the game, you’ll unlock the different locked characters until you reach a specific tier in-game. You can read our One Piece Pirate Warriors Tier List here.

S Tier Characters – One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List

S League Characters. All of the characters in S League that we have stressed are fantastic. There are no more characters in Bounty Rush than S Tier characters if you want to claim the title of every battle.

 3rd Anniversary Thank You Campaign #2A new Extreme Legendary Character arrives! The Dressrose Boss Battle and an Aquire Medals Event to create Event Medals are on now!

Watch Video Tier List Here

watch this video to understand the complete Tier List.

Name Class Element
30 Million Berry Bounty: Monkey D. Luffy Attacker Red
Arlong Pirates & Captain: Arlong Attacker Blue
Navy HQ  & Captain: Smoker Defender Green
Red-Haired Pirates & Sharp Shooter: Yassop Runner Green
The Seven Warlords of the Sea: Dracule Mihawk Attacker Red
Drum Kingdom & Former Ruler: Wapol Defender Green
Girl from Syrup Village: Kaya Defender Blue

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Season 35 Tier List Ft HubGang – One Piece Bounty Rush TierList

Season 35 Tier List Ft HubGang – One Piece Bounty Rush TierList. That Sabo dishes out the damage that people have been underestimating. But IDK if Rayleigh deserves to be in the same class as Shanks and BB.

He can’t play a football game if he doesn’t outplay every opponent, but he’s also as durable as paper. He was once considered one of the top-tier players in the world but has been overtaken by some top-tier players. His best days might be behind him, but his influence continues.

I’m a big fan of Kaku, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have other options for my team. However, with all due respect to Kaku, he’s still not even close to the best player in the league.

You have to pay me before you try to judge me, okay? We play it here, not who is best or trash.

The second skill is terrible, and Sabo and Blue Ace are very similar, just that one is ranged the whole time. I make a lot of kills with Ace. If the tier list has all ultra rares or just the usable ones, I don’t know, but maybe he and Kidd are not on it because judgment isn’t yet entirely out on them.

Pirates have recently been climbing the ranks. They’re lurking on the docks.

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List

Name Class Element
5ft Hammer: Usopp Attacker Blue
Climate Baton: Nami Attacker Green
Krieg’s Pirate Armada & Admiral: Don Krieg Defender Green
Arlong Pirates & Officer: Kuroobi Defender Blue
Slip-Slip Fruit: Alvida Runner Green
Arlong Pirates & Officer: Hatchan Attacker Red
Black Cat Pirates / Former Captain: Captain Kuro Attacker Green
Buggy Pirates & Captain: Buggy Runner Red
Baratie & Head Chef: Zeff Defender Red
Baroque Works & Frontier Agents Ms Wednesday Runner Blue
Krieg’s Pirate Armada / Battle Commander: Gin Attacker Red
Navy HQ & Master Chief Petty Officer: Tashigi Runner Blue
Arlong Pirates & Officer: Choo Attacker Green
Veau Vengeance: Sanji Defender Blue

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Tier List – Tier 1 Characters Details

ONE PIECE Tier List – Tier 1 Characters Details: – Crocodile – C Crocodile is a blue-element defender character who tops the character rankings. Make sure to level him up first if you have this character. His stats are pretty good; attack, HP, defence.

Trait: Boosts the skill’s cooldown, increases the SP of the first hit, recovers HP when KO an enemy, boosts the cooldown reduction speed of skill 1 when the team has more treasure secured.

Enel: Green is one of the best ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters. He is an Attacker with Mid and Long Range attack that deals with Shock, Reduces Damage Received, Dodges Enemy Attacks without taking damage, and Inflicts Shock when receiving damage. He also has traits that reduce damage received, Increases Damage Dealt when you are Near Enemy Treasure, and Boosts Cooldown Reduction Speed.

Mihawk -Dracule Mihawk is another top-tier unit with excellent attack stat and skills. Its element is Red, and its type is Attacker. It has an extended range of attacks and goes toward close-range opponents to attack. It has a high chance of landing a critical hit.

A: There isn’t much to this character. He’s got two skills, one of which doesn’t work very well and one slow skill and requires him to be near his treasure. But if he’s ever near his treasure, he does do good damage. B: He’s another best attacker in the game, but his stats are lacklustre compared to the others. But he’s fast and has an ability that works well.

Element is the water type. Mihawk is the fire type. Both Arlong and Mihawk have similar stats and traits.

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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Tier List – Tier 2 Characters Details:

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List – Tier 2 Characters Details: – Robin(30M Berry Bounty) –The best character for tanking! You can do the job by yourself!

When you play against a crocodile, you need to be ready for anything. It will help if you put it in the middle tier because it has a powerful hitbox and a knockback effect with a stunning element. Element – Green.

He has self-healing skills. Hyssop can heal himself as well as other characters. Yasso heals other characters when he attacks, and the damage is permanently reduced, so Yassop doesn’t have to worry about healing his teammates.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Tier List – Tier 3 Characters Details: 

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Tier List – Tier 4 Characters Details: – Shanks –Shanks’ stats are not great, but his skills have a massive knockback effect. Kaya –She can heal allies and increase the ally’s speed. Team Boost Skill – Recovers HP.

Rest four characters.

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