Ori And The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Ori And The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough is an indie title from Moon Studios and has taken the gaming world by storm. A delightful title with plenty of depth and charm that shows just how much care has been put into crafting a great game.

You play Ori, a little forest spirit who has been lost from the Spirit Tree during a storm. Your mission is to return to your forest home and save it from imminent danger.

You’ll gain more abilities as you go and be able to spend experience points on three different skill trees. While this adventure game is incredibly fun, it is also quite challenging.

You’ll get to explore a beautiful world full of intriguing objects, interesting puzzles, and even secret areas. If you enjoy the original version of Ori and the Blind Forest, you’ll love this second installment.

Prologue – Ori And The Blind Forest Walkthrough

The prologue consists of moving your character left or right. At the start, move east down to the swallow, then jump over the small log. Keep going east, and Ori will appear. We’ll be spending a lot of time with her.

After the small scene, you control Ori now. Head east to leave the cave. Outside, continue east to find Naru. Ori gets on Naru’s back, and you control both of them now.

Continue east to a small pond, which stops you from going further. You see a couple of amazing cutscenes in which Ori and Naru build a bridge! After the scene, you control Ori again, who has a bunch of apples.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Go west, over the bridge, and read all of the text as you continue walking. After another scene, you control Naru in the cave.

After the events in the first game, Ori is now trapped in the Sunken Glades. The game will be a bit different from what you expect, so this tutorial section needs to be re-written.

Swallows Nest & Level 1: Sunken Glades

Welcome to the Ori and the Blind Forest walkthrough! This is a ‘No-Deaths’ walkthrough of Ori and the Blind Forest, so no one needs to worry about dying. Here are the Prologue levels of the game: Swallows Nest, Tree of Life, The Forest of Light, The Well of Sight, and The Great Barrier.

After a soul link revival in The Secret World, Ori continues his adventure in the first level, starting in the Sunken Glades area. Here, at 10:00 minutes in, you’ll find an Ancestral Tree that will teach you how to wall-jump.

Game Saves Tip: You can place a Soul Flame (invisible flame in the world) wherever you like. It will always remain, even if you switch your game off.

The Soul Flame system allows you to celebrate the accomplishment of conquering a particular puzzle or battle while ensuring you won’t have to go back and do it all over again the next time you die.

If you want to add more abilities to your character, the best way to do so is by spending the ability points you’ve earned. You can only add to a skill tree from the bottom, but there are different ways you can invest those points.

Ori And The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Level 2: Hollow Grove

The Spirit Tree sustained the three Elements of Light, and in turn, they brought balance and kept the land of Nibel safe until Kuro stole the Spirit Tree’s light.

Ori is now going to visit the three trees in the forest: The first one is the Tree of Fire, located in the middle of the Forest of Woe. The second one is the Tree of Water, located near the end of the Forest of Woe. The third one is the Tree of Wind, located near the end of the Forest of Woe.

The Element of Warmth, beneath the fires of Mount Hour. The first light we will find in the “Hollow Grove” beyond the “Spider Coves” atop the Gino Tree where the waters once flowed.

To get to the location of the Spirit Tree, you must first travel through a series of dangerous areas such as the “Hollow Grove” and “Thornfelt Swamp.” The video will show the steps you’ll need to take to find the Spirit Tree.

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You’ll later in the game be able to open that door. It unlocks as follows: You have to jump on a blue flower to get inside by flipping a switch in that trunk. You’ll need a Stomp Ability which you will get later in the game.

Level 3: Moon Grotto

The Gino Tree section of the game is our first big challenge. This is where we’ll meet some new characters in our story. We’ll also learn about a brand new world map that we can explore.

Our objective in this game section is to recover the Water Vein. We’ll learn a new skill to accomplish this task – Double Jump! In this video, we’ll see how to make the jump, and then we’ll use it in Level 3 to regain the Water Vein.

This gem will help you find the Gino Tree.

Level 4: Gino Tree – Ori And The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Ori’s goal here is to reach the high point of the guns tree.

The Gino Tree is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool used by the Water Vein to detect when an opponent has been hit with the Water Vein. As it happens, the Water Vein is also a very powerful tool. The entry/restore feature of the Water Vein allows it to easily and quickly enter a player and perform its function.

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Upon revisiting the “Thornfelt Swamp” area, we find and enter the Gino Tree, only to find out it’s rotten inside. It’s time to head back down.

Part two of level four is where Ori must run to cleanse the Gino Tree’s heart, making his way through a sea of water to reach the top.

As impossible as the Ginso Tree climbing section may seem, please try again. You CAN climb a tree in due time!

The “Spirit Flame” is one of Ori’s main attacks. It fires flame sparks at nearby targets. It’s great for those tricky times where you’re stuck in a room, and the only way out is over the wall.

This is the attack button for the flame attack that Ori uses during the game’s first level. It’s a quick way of knocking down obstacles.

The ability to explode and the ability to destroy walls and ceilings are just some of the power-ups that Ori can obtain during the game.

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You can stomp and butt-smash to make holes in the ground, walls, or floors.


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