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Outlast Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

This is a walkthrough for the game .Outlast Walkthrough It’s designed to walk you through specific chapters in the game and offers additional insight and tips. The chapters are named after the stages in the game.

This guide to Outlast is the complete walkthrough with authorial tips on going through the different stages in the game. The chapters are named after the stages in the game.

The game won’t tell you when one chapter ends and another begins, but you can see it while loading. For better navigation, the locations of documents and batteries have been listed in a separate chapter.

The survival horror is called Outlast. You play as a journalist trying to find out what’s going on within a psychiatric institution. You will be moving from one location to another through doors and passages and hiding from the enemy, just like the journalist doesn’t fight at all. Q:

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8 – Underground Lab Outlast Walkthrough

If you want a real challenge, play on Insane mode. Try using chapter select to replay sections of the game you’ve had trouble with. Brightness and gamma should be maxed out, and the screen should be very dark to mimic nighttime levels of visibility.

You can easily navigate in dark areas, and you can also increase the brightness of your TV if you want. Don’t worry about running out of batteries, as this feature automatically switches off when you’re not watching.

The best place to hide is in a locker. Enemies only open nearby lockers, and never the one where you are hiding. You can sometimes avoid being detected and rush through an area, which will get you, past enemies. You can lure them away from main objectives such as buttons or switches.

Enemies can’t follow you when you’re in certain places. That’s usually when you return to an earlier area or squeeze through a gap. It’s much more effective than hiding because they get rid of you immediately. 

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Chapter 1 – Administration Block

Chapter 1 – Gameplay Introduction. You should be able to see your first document, which you can collect in your own time during the game.

When you leave your car and head to the left, you should see a gate with a hole in it. Go through the hole, and continue straight until you reach aboard. Climb up to the top.

If you’re ready to move forward, the next step is to get to the path. Take the path, go to the end and the door on the right, and crawl up the air vent as shown.

You will go through the air vents and dropdown. You’ll enter this room and see a person impaled on a sword. Take out your camera, and that will be your note. Once you leave the room, you will see your first threat.

No matter what happens, don’t worry. You won’t die. Go down the path and squeeze through the shelf and he will take you out and throw you down. You’ll meet a person called Father Martin as he will guide you throughout the game.

When you complete the mission, walk to the left of the door and down the hallway until you see several people in wheelchairs. Go through the door and into the computer lab.

You don’t need to sneak to get into the room. From the corridor, enter the next room. You’ll find a guard’s corpse with an access card to the main door. Take the stairs up to the first floor, then enter through the unlocked door to the corridor. Follow that corridor until it opens to the second floor.

Check the main hall for the psychopaths you saw earlier. One of them might not be so calm, so be careful. In the main hall, approach the reception desk and take the documents.

A security guard will ask you a series of questions. Make sure you give the correct answers. The elevator you need is the one on the third floor.

The power will go off in a few minutes. Hiding in one of the two lockers, exit the room and head to the basement. When the psycho enters and leaves, exit the room and head for the basement on the right.

This is a guide on how to open the doors on this level. Go down the stairs, and if you fit through the crack in the wall, you’ll find a document on the right. Go past that to find the generator, which will tell you to start the pumps. Go around the generator and through the door on the right, by the stairs.

Start the first pump, hide in a locker and wait for the first enemy to enter. When they’re inside and check a locker, run away. Then wait until there’s nobody in that area, go to the next room and start the second pump.

Head to the second pump and make sure you don’t get caught by one of the Bat-Wielders. They won’t be able to see well in the dark, so if you see one coming, slip into a locker, and he won’t detect you.

At this point, it may be worth using a flashlight to look for a dimly lit corner. Once the two pumps are running, and the only indicator light is the one on the left, there will be only one indicator light to turn on.

If you have two batteries in your locker, hide them until the guard comes and checks the lockers. Then, run and closed the door, so he didn’t notice the batteries.

If you’re the target of many bat-wielding villains, you’re in real trouble. Remember that you only have a limited number of hit points. The best defense is a good offense.

Turn to the right and backtrack, then turn right again and run towards the front door of the building. Go past the generator power control unit, push it quick, then head back to the room where you entered and interact with the computer.

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Now, look around the new courtyard – there are several of the ones attacking you, but they won’t be evil towards you this time. Once you exit the room, jump down.

You won’t die, but you will be badly injured. It would help if you crawled out from under the blood, turned right, then climbed up the wall.

Two guys are waiting for you there, and one of them will scream at you. Ignore him, turn around, and go out the door you came in. Go straight on, and follow the path to the end.

The next door is locked, and it’s too high for you to climb. You can only turn left and continue walking forward. You’ll see another lunatic talking to a wall.

Next to him is a hole that you have to jump into. Once you do, you will be on another level and will be able to see a hallway with another inactive decontamination chamber. Get the documents to the left of the man before you jump.

Once you’ve made your way through, go across the table and open the door labeled “Exit.” Walk along the corridor, and you’ll see the exit sign, which will guide you out of this puzzle.

Be very quiet. Two enemies are lurking there. The first one will not notice you if you do not make any noise; the second one is in the control room at the end of the corridor. The second one will see you immediately, forcing you to run.

The closed decontamination chamber doors are your ticket to the next room, where you can hide and wait for the lunatic to leave. When you hear the door open, get the hell out of there!

Turn the control switch to open the chamber and go into it. Walk along the corridor, past the closed door to another security room, and behind the grate, you’ll see the same naked men as before.

Turn right, grab onto the ledge, and walk along the wall towards the windowless, windowless window. Approach the door that requires the access card, and move forward. It will be dark inside the room, so don’t try to move without your video camera.

Once you’ve reached the end of the path, follow it to where you see some guys taking their clothes off, then stop. Then one will grab you, and the rest will attack you. Be careful, though – a blow, and you’re dead.

This book is one of the few that helps you know the truth about yourself. It will help you understand why you’re experiencing these issues and also teach you what the answers are and how to start implementing them in your life.

This room has batteries. A hallway leads to more security rooms on the right, and in the far left corner, a corridor leads to another security room. A while later, you’ll reach another decontamination chamber. But as you activate it, an old, very familiar fat man will start banging on the window glass.

Look up quickly, as a flapping ventilation panel might appear to be something else! Jump in as fast as you can, and don’t look back. You’ll make it into the vent before your pursuer has a chance to catch up.

In time, you’ll find a way out. Climb down into the corridor and run for the grates. Your opponent is in the security room, so instead, run to the chamber. Unfortunately, the chamber will blow up right before you’d want to go through it, and you’ll be thrown back out the window and several levels below.

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Outlast is a first-person survival horror game that has its roots in traditional survival

l horror games.

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