Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

Princess Peach has been kidnapped again in the Game Boy Advance remake of the classic video game Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough. But don’t worry; this guide to the Game Boy Advance version of Paper Mario includes a full walkthrough to help you& also uncover all the crystal stars and tips on using each of Mario’s sidekicks to their fullest potential.

As with its predecessor, the new Paper Mario game has an innovative, high-concept storyline. Unlike other platformers on the GameCube, however, it uses paper as its central theme, so much so that the entire game is playable on a sheet of paper.


The Super Mario RPG was an excellent RPG featuring the most famous videogame character of all time, who attempted to save a princess. The game itself had a lengthy 30 to 40-hour campaign and offered some of the finest RPG gameplay available on a home console.

You’re right! Mario’s job is not to rescue the princess every day. However, rescuing the princess and traveling the world are two of his most important responsibilities. His quest also involves assembling the seven Crystal Stars and exploring what lies behind a door that only opens once a millennium.

He’ll meet many people while on his travels. There are friends, and there are foes. He’ll become a professional wrestler. He’ll learn how to use his body to become a plane, a boat, and a tube. Most importantly, he’ll have the most impressive mustache in video games.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

He will do it all without saying a word – what a majestic joe! So if you want to get through & also game with cuts, indeed whackier than the notorious”Spoony Bard”of old, this is the place to be since Gamespot’s unofficial companion to Paper Mario 2 features a complete walkthrough, including tips and stats for every master monster you will find, as well as details on how to unleash the game’s secret character. 

Read this guide and learn how to get the most out of your teammates in combat, what Badges you should look for, where to find all of the Shine Sprites, and much more. Enjoy! Q: How can I test that my database has been restored to its previous state? Is there a way to test if my database was restored to its previous state after being backed up (either automatically or manually)?

Characters – Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

Mario’s journey is made up of characters. They’ll bring various combat and field abilities to the table. However, you’ll use different partners’ abilities more often than others. So, it’s worth learning their moves and play styles so that when a partner comes up missing, you won’t have to be left in the dust!

One of the most important aspects of your characters is their ability to be upgraded. You can do & also this at Merlon’s shop, directly next door to Frankly’s house in Rogueport. To upgrade one of your partners, you’ll need three Shine Sprites found across the game world. (Check the Miscellaneous chapter for a complete list of Shine Sprite locations.) After an upgrade, a character will gain more health and attack power and new combat ability.

In the late game, you’ll be able to upgrade all of your characters again, giving them more health and offensive capabilities and a final combat move.

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

Attacks And Abilities

Attacking: Mario’s basic jumping attack can hit an opponent twice if you hit the A button just before it lands. Useful against air opponents & also opponents in the rear lines.

The super boots give you the ability to use the Spin Jump in battle. It’s not all that useful in most cases, but you can use it to do one more damage to an enemy with a little practice and skill.

Spring Jump (4 FP): The Spring Jump ability is much harder to time correctly than the previous two jumps because you take a couple of seconds to land on your target’s head. If you can time it properly, though, you can deal a lot of damage, and it appears to penetrate through your opponent’s defense, but don’t quote us on that.

Pressing the default Hammer will cause Mario to strike the enemy with large damage. Pressing it again will cause Mario to cause multiple enemies to be pushed back to the ground.

This is the best weapon to use against those that flee after the Super Hammer or even when using Mega Bomb. It’s a beefed-up version of Super Hammer, which takes the damage inflicted on the enemies in the rear.

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Although this is a less powerful ability than Koops’ Power Shell ability, you’ll only use this when you have no other means to knock foes backward, such as in Koops’ case. Enemies that are rooted in place, like Chomps, will not be knocked backward by Super or Ultra hammer attacks.

Koops in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Walkthrough

Koops. He’s got a strong main attack, and it’s easy to get Stylish and two fantastic FP attacks that damage all ground-based enemies.

His weakness is that he can’t attack flying foes; when you see a Paratroopa or other aerial threat, you’ll want to flip it for a Goombella or someone else that can harm it. He’s the only one in your group who gets a Natural defense, but, on the other hand, he’s also vulnerable to being flipped on his back when an enemy attacks by jumping.

Koops is a good combat asset, especially when he can retract into his shell and shoot himself out at enemies. He can retract into his shell and shoot himself out at objects and enemies when you’re on the screen. If you hit an enemy with Koops, you’ll get a First Strike and some free damage.

But you might be asking,”Why is this capability important? I am only using it to get a many effects; is not that useless?”Well, then is the reason numerous switches will also spark the movement of another item, and you will need to use Koops’levitation capability for these. 

 With this skill, you will be suitable to shoot Koops toward the elevator switch, hold the button while Mario makes his way to the top of the elevator block, and also release Koops to turn on the lights. Veritably handy! 

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Battle Tactics

The Paper Mario series does not occur in a fantasy world but is rather a light-hearted Mario game with some light RPG elements and allows for a bit more freedom than the classic platformers. The combat system is straightforward to learn, which makes this game particularly easy to pick up and play, yet it offers enough depth to keep players busy for hours.

In this game, you must gather and grow herbs, flowers, and trees from which you will be able to craft potions and healing salves, so you’ll always have something to cure the injuries you might incur on the battlefield.


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