Photo Hunt Walkthrough

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

First Steps – Farming Stats & Money: To help you with your farming career, we would like to share with you a little information. For starters, this is an introduction to Farming and money. After some time farming, you will be able to buy everything from the shop. All the items available in the shop are worth 100 gold coins.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Lina

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Lina. Meet her in the classroom (evening – weekday) and complete her 4 rounds of literature questions. If you have prepared literature in the Library, you will know all the correct answers; if you don’t: First: Wrong, Wrong, Right, Wrong, Wrong Second: W, W, R, R, R Third: Count as correct, W, R, R, W – Ask Jennifer (library evening) for help > Take pictures in the morning (park – requires 24 photography skills) > give them to Jennifer next evening Fourth: R, R, W, R, R – Give it to Lina First: Wrong, Wrong, Right, Wrong, Wrong Second: W, W, R, R, R Third:

Attend classes to get the gym membership. Go to the Gym this afternoon. Meet her at school (afternoon). Her Ending: Visit her at the Gym (evening) until you unlock her house.

I’d go to her house on a weekend afternoon and unlock all the available scenes.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Fiona

The school has a photo hunt, and Kevin wants to find the missing Headmistress. Talk to Kevin and find out where he was before starting the game. Head to the Headmistress’s office and meet Fiona. Go to the bathroom and talk to Bobby. Talk to the other kids.

Use Fiona twice. Convince her to forgive you; you can play squash with her; requires 19 strength. Photograph: requires 31 photoshoots

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Monica. Visit her (Headmistress’s office). Help Kevin in the bathroom. Hang out with Kevin at least ten times until he is accused of cheating, then visit Monica (her office in – Morning), and be careful because there are two different paths depending on your next choice.

Photoshooting: requires 31 Photography Massage her: Buy the massage set in the pawnshop > massage order (requires 18 Int): Buttocks, Hips, Feet & Neck (don’t touch abdomen) Unlock her dormitory: Hack the computer (Teachers room – morning), then you can: Install spy cameras: Buy them from Scott (Alley) Naked man: Requires to talk to Tobias (Digital Arts) about Apologies Leave a gift:

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this video to understand the complete walkthrough.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Monica

When Monica first opens her Headmistress’s Office, it’s empty. Help Kevin in the bathroom. Don’t hang out with him because you’ll be in trouble with Monica later if you do.

It’s time to play Photo Hunt. Headmistress has called you in the morning to find out what you did the previous night. Be extra cautious when going through the house, as there are two possible paths depending on your previous choices.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Rachel

There are four ways you can get in at the start of the game (on PC). The first is by hacking, the second is by having 20 hacking, the third is by buying $10 worth of hacking in-game, and the fourth is by spending $100 & getting 20 hacking in real life (before you start the game).

Talk to Adrian and go to the Alley and buy the mask. Visit the Red Maiden (Weekday morning), and have a coffee or ice cream. Try all the available options, and use all the ones you need until you unlock the cafe, so explore all the available options to choose Let Her Go Home Cafe: Buy her orange juice or chocolate bar, complete the gymnastics event and support her.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Evelyn

Evelyn is the best. She always looks amazing; she has so many cool clothes and outfits. There are many things you can do, but the key is to be patient and find the right clothes and hairstyles first.

Meet Evelyn at home on weekends evenings to meet Alice and suggest Alice pose for you (requires Mini Photo Studio). Give Alice a phone and play all the side events with her. You can play poker and invite her to pose for a photo session 3 times.

Talk to Evelyn at her job, and she’ll become your model; give her the clothes and then unlock 3 photo sessions.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Jennifer

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Jennifer. Jennifer > Library (evening). Jennifer > Learn from a Book > 8 Choose Library. Invitation to the art club: Meeting Rose > 15, then visit the art club with Jennifer, Rose & talk about the Library, then go to the art club again with Jennifer.

As they were leaving the school, the children met up with their friends at the nearby park and played table tennis. After playing for a while, Evelyn asked Jennifer to be there again. This time, however, Evelyn was playing with her friend. Evelyn quickly left to join her friend, and Jennifer was still sitting on the swing when the man walked by.

Welcome to the house of Kagerou-sama, home of the greatest ecchi anime series of all time, Negima!? I’m so glad you’ve joined us! I’m your host, Kagerou-same. This is the best anime ever.

If you need a quick end game guide, this is the most updated and comprehensive list. It will also answer all of your questions.

Dreams of Desire. Summertime Saga. A wife and mother. Milf In Time. Being a DIK. Midnight Paradise. Melody. Daughter for Dessert. Become a Rock Star. Lewd Island. Lancaster Boarding House. City of Broken Dreamers. Man of the House.

Waifu Academy is dedicated to helping you build a healthy relationship with your waifu. The foot of the Mountains is dedicated to helping you improve your martial arts. A mythic Manor is a place where you can come to study and practice magic. No more Secrets is dedicated to helping you find your true path. Acting lessons are for those who want to become actors. Your cute roommate is your best friend, but also your mom or dad.

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Chapter 1: The Willow Tree

Take TRACTOR KEY (A), then SLIPPER (B). Then take SLIPPER (C). Go to PHOTOS 3/4 (D).

Use a Red Valve, walk down, use a Wire, place a Red Valve, and use a Welding Torch.

This scene is all about the use of screwdrivers. It shows how to use a screwdriver to loosen the nuts of two different types of wheels and how to lift the hood of

Go to the cemetery; play METAL SPARROW (V); then receive the casket key; open the door and use the key; use the tusk photo; get the

Remove banner; take Z1. Place MALCOLM’S WATCH. Solution:

Enter (O). Take Lore Cards 2/9 (@2… Take POTATO (P). Look at note (Q). Go to Cemetery.

Find Malcolm’s Workshop. Put BOOK WHEEL 2/2 (V). Solution (W). Select Page; put PHOTOS 4/4. Solution (X).

Walk down. Go forward to Main Street.

Chapter 2: Main Street

Chapter 2: Main Street Look at note (A). Take ROCKET PROPELLER (B). Place POTATO (C) and flip (D). Take NEON SIGN (E). Walk down.

Move ladder (II). Place FLAG PIECE 1/3 (R). Solution: (G-L)-(M-N)-(M-O)-(K-L).

If you’re running late, take the BUS (U). Go to Main Street. THE BUS on BROKEN BUS STOP; receive BROKEN BUS. Place BUS (V). Solution (W).

There are many different types of clocks and timers you can buy and use. All have different numbers you dial and wires you cut. Watch the time limit, and if time runs out, new symbols will appear.

1. Place the coins in the slots in the order they appear for you (

2.. Solution for C3: dial

3. Take two coins (B, C). Take (D) and find it on the board.

1. Insert your symbols into the slots in the order they appear for you (1-

2.. Solution for A1: dial

3. Take coin (B) and insert (C).

1. Insert the coins into the slots in the order they appear (1-

2..Solution for B4:Dial

3. Take coin (C) and insert (D). Select (E-F-G-H).

Take CONTROL, KNOB. Walk down. Place SHOE. Go to Shoes. Play HOP; receive CUPBOARD KEY (P). Go to Pawn Shop. Take CONTROL KNOB (Q).

Return to Irving’s Pelt Store. Place CONTROL WHEEL (R). Walk down. Place CONTROL WHEEL (P). Press button (S) once the ship is the inside target (T). Play HOP (U).

To be eligible for this project, students must be enrolled in grades 3-12. They must read and discuss this lesson in class, take quizzes, and answer a short essay.

Solution (A). Buy CUSTOM TUSK (B) at Irving’s Pelt Store. Place it in your cart. Enter (D).

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Chapter 3: Trophy Room

Select the axe. Place the axe on the PEACOCK lever. Take the silver label. Walk down. Put the silver label on the handkerchief. Go through. Take the spools. Put the spools into the spool rack.

1. Go to Theodore’s study. Open. Flippie switch (M). Play Hop (N); receive monkey weights 1/

2. Take piano hand (O); take bird journal (P). Go to (Q). Place bird journal. Select 1-

3. Take razor (R).

Go to Trophy Room. Use RAZOR; take METAL BEARINGS 2/5 (S). Place MONKEY WEIGHTS 2/2; solution (T). Go (U). Take HUNTER’S FLASK, BOAT KEY, and METAL BEARINGS 3/5 (V).

The GO button will start the game. Use it to move the character to the letter X. Go to the note at the bottom of the screen. Click on the METAL BEARINGS 4/5 symbol in the note. Click on the OLD BUN 1/3 icon in the note.

The best solution is a boat key that uses a screwdriver blade, an old tin opener, and some fishing line. According to Mod Apk King Use a wire hanger to bend a metal bracket into the shape of an anchor and attach it to a board to make a handle for the key. Attach a fishing pole to the handle, and voila!

Go (H). Place OLD BUN 3/3; swap last two (I). Enter (J) for a HOP; receive RUSTY NAIL GUN. Take NAIL GUN BATTERY (K).

Use Nail Gun (L). Go (M). Take Lore Cards 4/9 (@4… Take BASEBALL CARD 1/2, FRIDGE MAGNET 1/2, and OIL CAN (N). Use Can Opener (O); take Coded Heart.

Place SCALE DIAL; select 2x (Q1.; take STARTER ROPE (R). Use OIL CAN (S). Solution one:

You’ll see solutions one and two (B-H and J-M) before you arrive at solution three (J-K and L). Walk down.

Chapter 4: Trailer

Chapter 4: You’ll learn how to make a video trailer for your product. You’ll also see how to put it on Amazon so people can buy your product in the future.

Go to Backyard. AIRSOFT PELLETS in AIRSOFT GUN. Take LOADED GUN. Use a LOADED GUN; shoot two targets (Q).

Go (V). Use LUG WRENCH (W). Go (X). Give THEODORE’S MONEY (Y). Take FAKE TEETH 1/4 (Z). Enter (Z1.

Go to Trailer. Place FRIDGE MAGNET 2/2; swap magnets (D). Take LETTERBOX COMBINATION (E). Go to Lover’s Nest.

Go. Plugin your cable box. Hit pause and select channel 13. Turn the volume up. Turn off VCR. Press the remote button to select. Press M for the menu. Press 4 for the cable box program guide.

Open order: package, take tire pump, code heart, select 1-8, enter (r), open door (s), take rubber chicken and pink bow (t), place gear stick (u).

When I was a kid, there was one TV show that I always watched, and it never seemed to get old for me, even though it was really silly. It was called Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Go to Alvin’s room. Place ball launcher. Rotate obstacles—select electrician. Take wire cutter. Walk down. Use a wire cutter. Go.

Chapter 5: Vermont Avenue

Vermonter Avenue takes fake teeth. Place pink bow. Take the winding key. Go to Alvin’s room. Use the winding key. Go to Vermont Avenue. Place iron pacifier.

This is how to properly rotate keys in the animation program for a better effect. Select a scene. Then take FAKE TEETH 3/4 and VOLUME SLIDER (Q). Go to (R).

Walk down. Use GRAPPLING CHICKEN (V). Play HOP (W); get PIGGY BANK. Go to the testing room.

Go to Testing Room. Place the CLOCK HANDS (A) on the blackboard; take the CIGAR CUTTER (B) and place it in your left hand; walk down.

Confession tape? Volume slider? A fake set of teeth? It’s a confession, a tape, and a train wagon – but there’s something else.

Go to the testing room. You’ll find a solution, Train Wagon, on the board. There are also solutions to all of the other problems. Solution one is on the board. Take this train wagon.

Choose all blue balls (A-D) and select blue balls (E-H). Press green balls (I-K). Press red balls (L-M).

First, press the blue button. Then type in GHCA (first letter of name). The maze will appear. Now, press the orange button to take CONTROLLER BATTERY.


Chapter 6: Boyle Greenhouse

Lore Cards – Chapter 7, Section B: Boyle Greenhouse. Lore Cards are the answer to our problems. If we put them into practice, we will win the game. Here’s how to place the correct Lore Card in the correct spot.

On entering Boyle Hall (A), walk across the threshold and look at the note: ‘Enter Boyle Hall (B). Take DINNER BELL and MIRROR SHARD (C)—open the door. Place PRESSURE VALVE (D). Walk down. Place PRESSURE VALVE (E).

Place MAID’S SCHEDULE; rotate arrows as shown (C). Play HOP (D); receive MAID’S KEY. Walk down. Use MAID’S KEY; take SALT BAG (E). Go to Boyle Hall. Use SALT BAG (F).

Type D-O-Y-B-L-A-D-S (W). Take OATH OF FIDELITY (X). Place ESSENTIALS (Y). Rotate to position and slide the ball—solution (7.

Go to the MUSEUM, get a ticket from the ticket machine (s), enter it in the box (t), then go upstairs and look at some artwork (a-c-d-b-d-b-d-b-d-b).

Hop on (K), press fuel gauge (G), look at rearview mirror (F), go (H), and use red car key (E). Go left twice (L). Press the X button (T), and take the car plate (Q). Open cabinet (R).

Walk down. Place KING’S CROWN and QUEEN’S CROWN (Q). Take ELECTROSHOCK WEAPON (R). Place X BUTTON (S). Select 1-8. Take FLAMETHROWER 1/2 (T). Go (U).

There are lots of different ways to get started using AutoCAD. I’ll show you three of them. First, I’ll show you how to light up the first block in a group. Then I’ll show you how to drag those blocks up to where they should be.

Push-button 4x (G). Go (H). Take Lore Cards 9/9 (@9. Take PHOTO FILM (I). Place CAR PLATE (J). Mark squares (K). Take ALVIN’S JACKET (L). Walk down twice.

Use the photos of the ropes, fire, and defibrillator. Then walk down the steps. Now use the fire extinguisher to open the door. Use the defibrillator. Go to the room and use it on the man. Now leave.


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