Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough

Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough

Pokemon is an insanely popular Japanese mobile phone game series that has been around since 1997. Light Platinum is a new version of Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough Black and White, and while many fans were disappointed with the original versions, it looks like Light Platinum has done a great job with its graphics and gameplay.

Pokemon is a popular form of video game entertainment. There are many different Pokemon games, but they are almost not completed and can not play perfectly without any bugs. Only a few Pokemon games are strongly supported by many Pokemon fans, including Pokemon Ruby Destiny, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Gold… The original version of this sentence may have been too much for you, but it was a lot more direct than the rewrite above!

Pokemon Light Platinum is a remake of Pokemon Ruby Version. Features in the completed version include a new story, a new Pokemon Generation 4th, a new move type, new moves, new music, and more! Thanks, WesleyFG, for creating such a fantastic Pokemon game!

Region and Pokémons of all Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh). You can have trips to another area. You can catch all Pokemons from different regions.

All new sprites, all recent events, and all new tiles. We’re excited to release the game to our fans and the Nintendo 64 community with this new version.

The Story – Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough 

You wake up in a mystery place & witness a fight between Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. “It must be a dream,” you think. It is time to get back to sleep!

Where are you, and what is going on ? You get message from the Professor that he is in trouble. Only you know about the secret language of Alpha, a language passed down by your father.

It is the only key of solving the problem. Was the dream of owning a Pokémon, traveling the world, and saving it from extinction a meaningful experience to you? Then why not share that secret experience with others?

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Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough

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Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is a Pokemon Emerald-inspired ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby. It features stunning graphics, a new music theme, and an excellent event system that allows players to customize their battles.

The old and original Ruby version is already a pretty cool game, and now you can make your version of the same, and it will be that much better.

If you play Pokemon Light Platinum, you will be drawn into a cycle of addictive gameplay that will keep you playing for a hours on the end. If you decide to try Pokemon Black or White, you might find that the experience is more similar to the previous versions, but it’s hard to resist the urge to continue.

This is where you can find what’s unique about the game and a few other interesting tidbits about the game.

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Features – Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough

Included New Region ZHERY. Included New Leaders and Elite Four. In the included New Rivals. Pokémons of all Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh). You can trips to another area.

Can Catch All Pokemons Legendaries. Includes All-New Sprites. Includes All-New Events. Had All-New Tiles. New Final Event: The final, easy to play, save and enjoy with your Game Boy Advance emulator – VBA, not of hard to play like DS game.

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