Pokemon Rocket Edition Walkthrough

Pokemon Rocket Edition Walkthrough

Pokemon Rocket Edition Walkthrough ROM Hacking is a long-running tradition in the Pokémon community, and it continues to this day. Here’s a ROM hack of Pokemon Rocket Edition, an upcoming version of the popular Pokémon Game Boy / GBC title.

I found the Easter Egg next to the guy in the hideout who stole from the little girl Susie right at the start. It was a rare candy. I started my playthrough and couldn’t find anyone else who had it.

Cr@p, this is 2 years old? How have I not heard of this game? By the way, what does POC mean? I googled it, and it means a person of colour. I’m starting to think this was written for an earlier hack; I had access to all hideout areas, except for Giovanni’s office.

My Clefairy even came from the game corner! I’ve found two moonstones on Mt. Moon, and I’m trying to fight Red to win the match.

My second moonstone is hidden on a rock in the same room as the super need. Just turn right immediately after entering his room before going upstairs to talk to him. A picture of it would be great. I can’t access a school computer so a picture would be nice.

So, you have to have 171+ different species if you want to play post-game? Do you think I’m an idiot? I’ve fought 100 of them and still haven’t stolen one. It’s only members.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Updated Rocket Edition POC Guide

The updated Rocket Edition Guide is finally complete! You can now get a ton of Johto Pokemon and steal from anyone for a lot more Pokemon. It’s time to start up the Rocket Edition challenge and try to catch all the Pokemon.

How does one surf? I already beat Koga and found the HM03S in the Safari Zone. But I never managed to get it for myself. You get it after completing the Prof. Oak mission as part of the main story.

Thanks! I’m glad you found the book helpful. The scientist who gave you Fly gave you the guide. It’s awesome. As for how you get money, I’d start grinding for Pickup Meowth in Orre and then use the nugget you earn to get the Dratini.

Did you have any difficulty getting through the first section? It’s straightforward to get the necessary money for everything from the Have Corner while you’re grinding everything else.

Members of the Webinar Series were able to watch and participate in a live online webinar hosted by David Pogue, the Senior Reviews Editor at the New York Times.

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Pokémon Go is a game for Pokemon fans. You’ll have to play all the games above to find them. You’ll also want to watch this video to see how much these Pokemon look like real-life Pokémon.

The next game in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Theta Emerald Renew, is next month on Nintendo DS.

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The main character is a Pokemon that’s fused from four different species.

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