Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough

Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough| Part 8: Captain Acerola’s Trial Explore the haunted ruins of a Megamart in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in Captain Acerola’s Trial. Send your trainer into a dark, ghostly room that looks like it hasn’t been used since 1987.

Defeat the spooky Totem Mimikyu and complete some urban exploration in the abandoned Thrifty Megamart in Acerola’s Trial in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. With your Poke Finder, Acerola sends you into the dilapidated supermarket trial that’s all about ghost hunting, and you’ll need to locate three ghosts and snap some shots.

Mimikyu is one of the hardest Pokémon to fight in Sun & Moon. You should train yourself to get an excellent chance to win. Steel type Pokémon are safer to use in the first.

Decidueye gets an easy way to end Mimikyu, but the rest of the starters won’t be so lucky. In Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon, you will follow the adventures of several young Pokémon Trainers who are on a quest to capture new Pokémon. You’ll get to experience recent locations and people and see all of the notable characters in this series. The game is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Akala Island Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough

1. Akala Island. Part 1 – Lake Shore View. Part 2 – Black Stone Bay. Part 3 – Misty Island. Part 4 – Route

2. Part 5 – Route

3. Part 6 – Route

4. Part 7 – Brooklet Hill. Part 8 – Route

This part is easy and fun, and even kids could do it. Part 15 is also in that section.

Part 15 – Olivia’s Grand Trial, Part 20 – Akala Outskirts, Part 16 – Kekaha, Part 17 – Olokea, Part 18 – Kona City. Part 21 – Hano Beach, Hano Grand Resort, Part 22 – Olivia’s Grand Trial.

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Guide and Walkthrough

Pokemon Ulta Moon Game Guide and Walkthrough contain the following:

Everything you need to know to get started playing Pokémon GO. From getting started with the game to tracking your progress and battling wild Pokémon to catching and trading the virtual creatures. There are also tips and tricks to help you with your adventures, including how to unlock secret areas and use Pokémon to help you battle your foes.

The complete postgame walkthrough for the Pokémon League Champion battles will show you how to play and win every battle! This is the ultimate guide to winning your Pokémon League battles.

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Walkthrough | Part 8: Captain Acerola’s Trial

Walkthrough | Part 8: Captain Acerola’s Trial You’re blasting through the trials now. The subsequent trial leads you to the spooky abandoned Thrifty Megamart, where the Ghost Type trainer Acerola sends you in search of the spooky Mimikyu.

The shorter route down is my favourite option. There are many Pokémon to catch (Pikachu), and you can grab some valuable items, like the TM70 Volturn Energy.

Defeat the Team Skull Boss Guzma in the battle against him. If you defeat the Team Skull Boss Guzma, he’ll give you a particular item.

The main Pokémon to use is Golisopod, which unleashes powerful physical moves and often unleashes Sucker Punch, hitting first and dealing more damage if you’re about to attack. Golisopod is weak to Electric, Flying — anything that Bug Types are vulnerable to. It is substantial to Grass and Fire.

You have to bring the correct item to defend against the annoying Air Slash attack from Guzma, and after that, you’ll receive the Z Crystal that’s made for the third stage of your starter Pokémon. After that, Lillie will arrive with Acerola, a Trial Captain.

He’ll tell you where to go — travel down Route 16. Route 16 is on the road north of Malie City. You can find the TM74 Gyro Ball along the centre of the route and a Hidden Machine.

If you defeat the Bewear trainer in the Safari Zone, you’ll also get TM66 Payback, which you can beat the Bewear Trainer again, even if you don’t have a TM66 Payback. You’ll find Route 11 on the plateau you need to cross to get to Route 12, and Hapu will give you the Mudsdale Ride Pager, allowing you to travel the rocky terrain.

You’ll have to do a lot of travelling and exploring. It’s a long road, so go slow and take some breaks along the way. When you get to Aether House, to the northwest from the old ruins PokeCenter, you’ll need to heal at least once to be able to enter the trial.

You’ll meet many strange characters along the way — the Ultra Recon Squad, Gladion — but you’ll only have to fight wild Pokémon and wandering trainers. You can’t encounter them in Aether House.

Talk to Acerola in Aether House, and on your way out, you’ll encounter a Team Skull Grunt menacing Lillie and Cosmog. After a quick battle, Acerola will lead you to the trial site — it’s on the road just south of the Tapu Village PokeCenter.

In his time as a Pokémon trainer, he discovered and captured several new Pokémon and helped in the discovery of some others. He also became one of the first trainers to challenge Team Rocket, with whom he now competes in Pokémon tournaments. 

Chapter 14 – Pokémon League

Chapter 14 – Pokémon League. Mt. Lanakila. Necrozma. Elite Four Moline. Elite Four Olivia. Elite Four Acerola. Elite Four Kahili. Hau.

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Ula’ula Island Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough

Ula’ula Island. The first part of the island will take us from Malie City in the island’s center to Malie Garden in the northwest.

Part 26 – Haina Desert, Route 15, Abraca Forest, Route 16.

The Route 17 path, Po Town, Shady House, Aether House, Malie City, Nanu’s Grand Trial.



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