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Re 7 Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Re 7 Walkthrough Welcome to Neoseeker’s Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide! This guide covers all aspects of the game including a full Resident Evil 7 walkthrough of the story mode and all collectibles. If you follow this walkthrough you should be able to find all collectibles as you play and unlock many of the achievements/trophies. Please edit the guide or contact me (Berserker) on Neoseeker if there is anything you would like to add or any advice that you would like to give.

The Story -Re 7 Walkthrough

Ethan Winters views a recording of his wife (Mia) that tells him to not come and look for her and to stay away. That was three years ago and now he receives an email from Mia telling him to come and get her in at a derelict plantation in Louisiana. Ethan ventures forth to save his wife but eventually gets caught by the Baker family (the owners of the plantation) and must fight for his life against this psycho family and some creatures called the Molded while trying to escape and find Mia. RE7 once again returns to its survival horror roots and this time we get to experience the terror through a new first person perspective.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Collectibles -Re 7 Walkthrough

All collectibles in RE7 are listed in their own section based on the type of collectible. Collectibles are provided with full detail and plenty of pics to help you find every one of them easily.

Extra Content (DLC)

The extra Download Content (DLC) for RE7 is covered on the pages below. Bedroom is on the Banned Footage V. 1 collection and Daughters is on the Banned Footage V. 2 collection. Not a Hero is the free DLC campaign for RE7 that was released in December 2017. End of Zoe is the final DLC campaign in the season pass that was released in December 2017.

The back yard -Re 7 Walkthrough

Take the red dog’s head upstairs and install it into the Cerberus door to escape. Well, not escape, per se, but at least you’re outside. Turn left on the porch and take it to the far end to pick up a green herb and some gunpowder. Your goal is that trailer in the middle of the yard, but there are some things to grab first. Counterclockwise around the yard.

The trailer

The trailer in the middle of the yard is your next safe room. Pick up the broken handgun from the bed to your left. Use the repair kit to turn this into an M19 handgun, which is more powerful than the deputy’s G17 handgun that you’ve been using. (Sadly, you can’t reclaim any ammo already loaded into the G17 we tried. )

The three bird cages two right in front of you when you walk in and one on the table to your right are where you spend your antique coins. Pick up the antique coin from the table by the 44 Magnum. This should bring your count to seven. This is, sadly, not enough for the Magnum, but it is enough for a stabilizer, which decreases your reload time.

On your way out, Zoe will call again with information about where you’re going next.

Re 7 Walkthrough
Re 7 Walkthrough

The safe room

Turn left in front of the inventory box and look to the shelf slightly above your head and destroy the Mr. Everything statue. Get the backpack off of the table behind the tape recorder this will expand your inventory by four slots. Leave anything you don’t need in the inventory box. Keep your burner parts and fuel we’re about to go find the last piece.

The burner nozzle and flamethower

Return to the gallery and exit out the door. Use your knife to kill the bugs that fly through the window. Enter the dining room. There’s some solid fuel in the wardrobe. Turn right to find some shotgun shells in the pile of crates. Ignore the door on your right there is a swarm of bugs just on the other side.

Use your knife to attack the spiders on the locker. Get the strong and regular strength chem fluid from inside.

Head out onto the deck and turn right. Kill any bugs you see along the way and follow the wall around to the right. Pick up the psychostimulants and the lock pick out of the orange box. Turn around and head to the other side of the door. There’s some gunpowder on the windowsill.

Head back to the door and turn left. Kill the bug on your left, then take the walkway to the right. Inside the building at the end, grab the green herb on the left and then the burner nozzle from the table. Assemble the burner grip and burner nozzle into a burner to create a flamethrower.

Head back outside along the walkway and turn right at the intersection. Now you can try out your new flamethrower on the bug nest. Nests are very flammable, but they’re also armored. Once you set one ablaze, hit it with a shotgun blast to destroy it if you don’t destroy it, it’ll grow back rapidly.

There’s nothing else to do out here at the moment, so head back to the old house.

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The cellar

Burn the swarm that greets you in the dining room. Use the lock pick to open the drawer for a first aid med. Then backtrack into the guest room (the hives and TV room) for some more collectibles. Burn the nest in the middle to get at an orange box with a green herb (and some bugs) inside. Turn and burn the spiders off of the locker for more burner fuel.

Head back to the living room. Burn out the nests, and you’ll expose a tunnel into the cellar. Behind the nest in the center of the room, there’s more solid fuel in a drawer against the left wall, there’s more burner fuel in a crate on the ground against the right wall and there’s some chem fluid in a crate on the ground in the middle (it’s easy to miss).

Head into the cellar through the tunnel. Turn to your left on the stairs to see another Mr. Everywhere. Continue down the hall to the door and look to your left again to grab an antique coin.

Go through the door into a workshop and grab the stone statuette from the bench. Then turn to your right to talk to Mia.

It doesn’t go well.

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