Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

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1. Infinite Ammo – How to unlock

2. Dog Tags (Customization)

3. Chris Chapter 5 (Story mission walkthrough)

4. Jake Chapter 4 (Story mission walkthrough)

5. Jake Chapter 5 (Story mission walkthrough)

You’ll discover a top-down view, an in-depth walkthrough, and a list of weapons, items, skills, achievements, game modes, etc.

In Endgame, you’ll need to solve the mysteries of a creepy mansion before the evil Doctor Musiker. You must also decide whether or not to go it alone and what to do if you are not the last survivor.

Resident Evil 5. Game of the Year. Best Survival Horror Game Ever. Capcom’s greatest game ever. The 5th must-have instalment of the Resident Evil series. It’s the best of all time.

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General Tips Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

This section contains the following QTEs. Players should familiarize themselves with each to increase their combat score. Use them to unlock additional costumes and weapons. Look for Serpent Emblems throughout the game.

Playing split-screen with your friend makes the gameplay easier since your friend can be more helpful, cooperative, and loyal than an A.I. partner. However, skills like Lone Wolf, Field Medic, and Team-up only work in single-player mode. Q: How do I change the font colour of all the text in a cell in excel without affecting the formatting of other cells?

In the console, the two thumbsticks can be used simultaneously during QTEs to increase the speed of completion. This prevents your Character from taking too much damage when playing on harder difficulties.

Melee moves are designed to strike an opponent without giving much time to react. A dash attack combined with a melee attack is usually deadly. You can perform a moving gesture by pressing the right directional key and pressing the corresponding face button in a sequence. A moving gesture is easier and faster than performing a regular attack gesture.

If you’re playing with another player, use 9mm ammo to kill zombies and 10mm ammo to kill J’avos. Heavy weapons such as the elephant gun are also good for the tougher enemies.

Players should memorize the button combinations to mix, place in packs, and drink herbs to take action in combat quickly. When obtaining herbs, players should immediately mix them with another herb and place them in the pack to keep some Item slots free.

OR, The player can combine 2 or 3 green herbs to make tablets, and if a player wants to use skills during gameplay, he should combine them using skills like Defense, Physical Combat Gauge, Lock-On, Firearm, Infinite Magnum Ammo, Melee. Q: Why is this question not protected? I flagged this question for moderator attention a while ago as it was being closed to be on-topic.

Players also need only to obtain ammo for their most-used weapon. If they don’t use certain weapons, such as sniper rifles or assault rifles, the players do not need to obtain any ammo for those weapons.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Resident Evil 6 Game Guide

Resident Evil 6 Game Guide: S.T.A.R.S.! Resident Evil 6 guide is a very detailed and richly illustrated walkthrough, prepared especially for all players who have problems completing this demanding and extensive game.

A comprehensive Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough by I.G.N. – includes tips, tricks, solutions and a gameplay walkthrough to help you complete the game and achieve the highest possible scores! Q:

This guide is packed with tips and secrets for playing the game. It includes a complete walkthrough of the four campaigns and a full list of every single secret.

Solutions to in-game logic puzzles. Help to find useful items and ammo. Resident Evil 6 is the longest and one of the most difficult parts of the series. Still, you’ll have no problems getting rid of all enemies and preventing the transformation of the people into bloodthirsty zombies.

Michal “Kwisc” Chwistek, translated by Maciej “Elrond” Myra.

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The Longest Night

Once you’ve started playing, you’ll unlock the story-related trophy. To complete chapter one of Leon’s campaign, you’ll have to complete the tutorial and then play through the prologue and all three chapters of the main quest. Q:

The trophy will unlock when you complete the first chapter of the game. You’ll encounter Gun Shop – in which you’ll have to fend off waves of zombies. There are also First Aid Sprays available to use.

Once the first wave of enemies is defeated, climb the ladder to the next level. On Professional mode, due to the very tight spaces, this fight can be quite challenging, especially if you can’t get out of the way of the enemies’ melee attacks.

While the other survivors don’t get much more out of it, they are happy to drop it eventually.

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Stuntman Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough

To defeat 20 enemies using the Hydra, you must be playing as Helena. With the Hydra, perform a quick shot by pressing + simultaneously. She will quickly fire a shot at the nearest enemy.

This method takes skill and strategy to complete, but it’s not hard to do. The best way to complete this is to use the thermal scope, which fires a beam of concentrated heat. It will take two or three shots to kill 20 enemies. Be sure to be playing as Piers.

Aim down the scope, press to change to thermal scope, and headshot a J’avo from 50 metres away. If you’re having trouble hitting them with headshots from that distance, try going prone (by pressing and ) to help stabilize the sight, or you can purchase the ‘Eagle Eye’ skill (3,000 skill points) for an extra level of magnification.

Go to the beginning of chapter 2, then go back as far as you can, and then move forward as far as you can before heading shooting the farthest J’avo you can see.

Check out the demonstration video below to see how this technique is done—credit to PowerPyx for the video.

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